Wood To Stucco Wall

How to Attach Wood to Stucco Wall [Step-by-Step Guide]


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Stucco is prepared by mixing aggregates, a binder, and water in particular proportions. It is a construction material that is used to coat walls or to create designs and sculptures. Stucco is also known as render.

If you have been doing some DIY projects and stuck on this question- how to attach wood to stucco wall, continue to read this article till the end. There are various types of wooden materials that can be attached to a stuccoed wall. Construction adhesives are enough if you are planning to attach lightweight items like a letterbox, nameplate etc. Even decorative items made of wood can be stuck easily on stuccoed surfaces using construction adhesives.

However, if you are planning to attach heavy or load-bearing wooden items like shelves, racks, then you will need to use other techniques. You will need heavy-duty wall studs or wall anchors to fasten them.

Tools Needed

To use the method of construction adhesive, you will need the following ingredients- scrub brush, cleaning solution, acetone or isopropanol, vacuum cleaner, tack cloth, construction contact adhesive. You will also need a pencil to put the marks and a measuring scale to measure.

To use the method of wall anchor, you will need the following ingredients- wooden fastener/anchor (to hold heavy objects), drilling machine, screwdriver, screws, toggle bolts. All the bits for the power drill too are required to drill different types of holes. Of course, you will need measuring tape to ensure correct measurements are done and a pencil and marker pen to make the markings.

To use the method of the mount to stud, you will need the following ingredients- Mount to studs, drilling machine, screws, screwdriver. Measuring tape, pencil, and marker pen to make the markings are the same ingredients that were used even in the method of using wall anchor. All the bits for the power drill too are extremely important.

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Step-by-Step Instruction- How to Attach Wood to Stucco Wall

There are three ways of how to attach wood to stucco wall. Let’s look at all of them one by one.

Construction Adhesive

Step 1- Clean the Stucco Wall

This is the most important step to ensure that your wooden object will remain fastened to the stucco wall for a long time. You will need to use a scrub brush and cleaning solution on the stucco wall where you have planned to install the wooden object. First remove dirt, loose particles, moulds, grease, mud, mildew, grit, etc. from the installation area. Wipe the installation area with a tack cloth and let it dry. The ground for how to attach wood to stucco wall is ready.

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Step 2- Clean the Wooden Board

After you have cleaned the stucco wall, it is your turn to clean the side of the wooden object which will be used to apply adhesive. You can use acetone or isopropanol to clean the wooden surfaces. With a dusting cloth remove all the dirt, grease, mud, debris, and loose particles. Then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it further. Finally, use a piece of tack cloth for the final cleaning of the wooden surface. Cleaner the surface, the better the adhesion will be.

Before starting the process, read the instructions for the construction adhesive to create an estimation. You need to note down the adhesive’s set time, any object which may hinder the process of adhesion, or any other special instructions.

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Step 3- Apply Adhesive

Squeeze an ample amount of adhesive onto the wall first and wait for a few seconds. Then apply onto the side of the wood which needs to be attached to the stucco wall. Press the wooden item to the stucco wall and wait for the entire duration of the adhesive’s set time. If the time is long, you may ask your children or family members to change hands. And once the adhesive dries up, you are all set. The wooden decorative surely will look amazing if installed in the correct horizontal line.

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Wall Anchor

Step 1- Mark Location on Wooden Surface

You will need to insert a fastener to attach a heavier object to a stucco wall. First, you will have to mark the location of the wall anchor on the wooden surface. Use a tape to measure and a pencil or marker to do the marking.

You will need to attach a wood bit to the power drill now. Make a hole through the wood using the drilling machine at the mark. Press a pencil through the hole on the wooden surface and create a wall anchor mark on the stucco wall. The process of how to attach wood to stucco walls to mount heavier objects might be getting clearer in your head now.

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Step 2- Drill Stucco Surface

Now you need to attach a masonry bit to the drilling machine. Drill a hole through the stucco wall where you had put the mark to attach the wall anchor. Now the final bit will be to place the screw through the hole which you created on the wooden item and use a toggle bolt.

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Step 3- Tighten the Screw

In the last step, pierce the toggle bolt into the hole in the stucco wall. Use a screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise until the screw-head appears flat against the wood. This will anchor the wooden object securely to the stucco. Now observe the wooden rack or bookshelf from a distance to check if the alignment is horizontal.

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Mount to Stud

Step 1- Mark Stud Location

Studs should be spaced 16 inches (41 cm) from each other throughout the length and breadth of the stucco wall. Mark the locations on the stucco wall where you will be placing your large wooden object.

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Step 2- Drill Hole in Wood

Now you will need to attach a wood drill bit to the drilling machine. Drill a hole through the wooden object which you are going to mount. Attach a masonry drill bit to the power drill. Pierce a hole through the stucco wall where you had placed the stud mark.

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Step 3- Drill Hole in Stucco Wall

The length of the screw and the depth of the starter hole should be equivalent. Now drill a starter hole into the stud.

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Step 4- Attach Nut Driver

Finally, attach a nut driver to the drilling machine and align the hole in the wooden object with the hole in the stucco wall. Align the wooden object, stud, and stucco wall and drive the screw into the stud. You need to repeat this process for all the holes which you had created in the first step. Check out the final outcome of the large wooden object being attached to the stucco wall. This might be a large artifact, a huge wooden board for sticking items, etc.

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Benefits of DIY projects

For the last one and half years due to the pandemic, people across the globe are unable to go about their regular work. Children and teenagers are unable to go to schools and colleges. Working professionals most of the time are working from home. Finding the right workmen too has become difficult as they have migrated to other cities in search of occupation.

So, in this article, you learned about all the three methods of how to attach wood to stucco wall. If you hire a construction worker to do this work, you will have to shell out a good amount of money. Why not use that money to do some investments for the future, or save for a vacation with the family? Doing woodwork in the free time is not only a good hobby, but also a great way to enhance your craftsmanship.

If you are a business analyst, banker, sales professional, or in any other white-collared job, you must be spending most of your time in front of your laptop. Your primary job will be to analyse data, send e-mail, setting up meeting with clients, creating power-point presentations etc. You do not get an opportunity to work with your hands.

A hobby like woodwork, sculpture, making clay pots etc. gives you an opportunity to work with your hands.


These kinds of hobbies improve your motor skills as you need to focus on alignment, measurements, develop skills for painting, etc.

Picking up these kinds of skills will always come in handy. Not only the process of how to attach wood to stucco walls, but you can also focus on attaching marble, ceramics, Plexiglass, and other items to your wooden furniture. That will enhance the look of the items in your home, and you can create new items by following the DIY instructions on YouTube channels.

Warren Buffet always said, ‘’never depend on one source of income”. During the pandemic when many people associated with the travel, food, fitness, and wellness industries and many other industries lost their employment, this prophecy came true for all of them. Some professionals who were good at other skills were able to do a career shift. But the ones who were unable to pick up new skills had to struggle a lot. Hence, take up these projects as enhancing a new skill, and if you find yourself enjoying a lot, then set up an online portal for selling them. Happy Crafting!!!