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How to Cut Letters Out of Wood – Step-by-Step Guide

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In the age of metal and plastic, wood objects have an essence of their own. Wooden letters are one such objects that are good playthings and showpieces to have around. You can even learn yourself to cut letters out of wood. The process is very simple and does not need much time and equipment.

In this article, we’ll learn how to make letters out of plain wood piece. The wooden letters are made out of high quality plywood by many wood cutting tools. You can use scroll saw to cut letters out of wood. It’s simpler than you thought and it is worth trying for. The steps involved include marking out the words on wood, cutting them out finely, and finally, giving them the finishing touch by hand sanding. You can also paint and redesign the wooden letters the way you please or want them to look according to your interest,

If we learn how to cut letters out of wood, then you can use the wooden letters for decoration purpose in the house, office, school, etc. The wooden letters also help in learning the words. Just simply hang them on the walls in the room of the kids. The wooden letters can also be used in the kitchen area as signs.

Things/tools/equipment we need to accomplish the task – how to cut letters out of wood

  • First, high quality plywood is needed
  • Second, the fine working condition scroll saw
  • Third, a dark pencil which could draw and stay visible on wood also
  • Fourth, the sand paper for giving the final touch to the letters

While selecting the equipment, keep in mind to choose the right supplies and tools before you start doing the work. Also, don’t choose the low quality wood, as there would be a higher chance of it to breaking down in between the cutting process which will waste your time and efforts. Also, check the working condition of scroll saw, otherwise, there’s a chance of wasting the piece of wood.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Quality Wood to Cut Letters Out of Wood

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Choice of the appropriate wood is the initial step for cutting the wooden letters. Mostly, regular plywood is available at the wood shops. The plywood is mostly filled of cracks or chips, and is even harder for paper sanding. So, higher quality plywood is needed to be bought from the plywood store. European plywood is great to cut the letters out of plywood.

Step 2: Beginners Must Start Practicing First on the Scrap Plywood

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The main plywood could be very expensive and you might not want to take risk of wasting or breaking it. So, try cutting the letters on a scrap plywood, or left out plywood in the house, which has no particular use in any work. This would make you handy with the scroll saw and is also great for the practice. So, making yourself acquainted with the task first is the preferable choice. Photos could give you the slightest idea for it. Keep in mind the safety precautions for the scroll saw.

Step 3: Design the Letters on Paper

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Now, you have to make the paper letters with pencil and put them on the plywood. You can take the computer printed letters out of the printer and paste them on the wood. You can also bring the stickers of the letters from the market. You can find the desired size of the letters in the market. Self-made font is the handy thing in which you could do the work without going to market. If the computer or printer is not available around, then self-designing is the best way to accomplish the task – how to cut letters out of wood,

Step 4: Stick, Trace, and Copy Paper Letters on Plywood

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Once you got the letters, make sure the alphabet is imprinted on the wood as it was on the paper. Also, you could mark the perimeters on the plywood with the help of the pencil. Be aware that the alphabet is as clear as it was on the paper. The lines must be well designed so that you won’t face any problem in cutting. Sharpening and sanding of the letters can be done at a later stage. It is okay if your pencil draws inside the letters lines.

After this step, most of the task is done and you can get ready to cut letter out of wood with a scroll saw.

Step 5: Cutting Letters Out of the Wood

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In the process of how to cut letters out of wood, this is the most focusing and careful part of all. Pay a little more attention and take some guidance for it. Especially, if you do not have any prior experience with the the scroll saw or cutting of wood. Also, pay some attention to your surroundings and to all the safety needed about equipment. Cut the letters the way they are. Concentration on using the scroll saw is needed so that the letters do not loose their shape and size. This is the most important step in the process of how to cut letters out of wood.

Step 6: Sanding and Shaping the Letters

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After this step, when you are done with cutting the letters, it is time to shape and smoothen its rough edges by sand paper. A plain sand paper will do. Also, you could use the nail file to smooth the curvy letters like S, U, O, G etc. After sanding the letters finely, the excessive sand dust can also be cleaned off.

Learning how to cut letters out of wood is a fun and enjoyable process. Plus, it is an exciting process to draw the letters out of wood by your own hands and skills, Cutting letters out of wood could also be a great activity for kids. You can also carve your name out of the wood. You can hand these wooden names at the front door of your house. Wooden letters are also unique gifts to present someone special.