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How to Cut Thick Wood With Circular Saw – Step-by-Step Guide


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Be it cutting steel, masonry, ceramic tile, or wood, a circular saw is the first choice when it comes to cutting such materials. It is a very convenient tool for woodworking projects. In fact, it is the go-to tool for every woodworker when it comes to cutting thick wood.

A circular saw is a lightweight tool and is usually powered by electricity. Its lightweight makes the tool easy to transport from one place to another place which is quite tough when considering a table saw. It comes in different types for cutting different materials but a handheld type is the preferred one when it comes to cutting thick wood.

If you are looking to carve out items from thicker wood then you need to be well acquainted with using a circular saw. This article will help do exactly that. It will help you in learning how to cut thick wood with circular saw.

7 Steps On How To Cut Thick Wood With Circular Saw

Choose The Right Saw

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Picking the right saw is important when it comes to cutting thick wood properly. There are many things to consider while picking the right saw such as considering a right-handed or left-handed circular saw. Based on your dominant hand, pick either the right-handed or left-handed circular saw. Your dominant hand goes on the trigger or the power button of the tool while your non-dominant hand is placed be on the auxiliary handle of the circular saw for stability.

Apart from different types of saws, you also have the option to choose battery-powered or corded saws. Now, if you are working on a short woodcutting project then a battery-powered circular saw is the ideal pick. This is because you can charge it once and use it for a short duration of time. You don’t have to continuously plug the tool into the socket for cutting the wood.

On the other hand, if your woodcutting project is for a long duration of time then using a corded saw would be the best pick. You can plug the tool into the nearby socket and continuously work with it without worrying about the tool getting shut.

Measure The Saw and The Wood

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Before you start cutting the thick wood, it is important that you measure the size of the blade and the thickness of the wood. If the thickness of the wood is double the size of the blade then it becomes difficult to cut the thick wood using the circular saw. So, it is better to measure the wood thickness and the size of the blade. If you find the thickness of the wood is double the size of the blade, you have the option of replacing the blade. There are different sizes of blades available to pick from.

Place The Wood On A Proper Stand

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After matching the size of the blade and the wood, you now require a stable base such as a table to place the wood. Doing so will help you in cutting the wood perfectly. Make sure to use a stable base whose dimensions perfectly fit the size of the wood.

If you are unable to find a table then you can place the wood on the floor and use foam boards. All you require is to ensure that the wood is placed on a stable base so that the wood can be perfectly cut.

Mark The Area Where You Want To Cut

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Next, use a pencil to mark the area on the wood where you want to cut. Doing so will ensure that the wood will be properly cut and there is no wastage of the wood.

Before cutting the wood, make sure the saw blade is in line with the markings. If it is not then the cutting of the wood would be not precise.

Adjust Blade According To Wood’s Thickness

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After measuring the thickness of the wood and marking the lines on the wood, it is important that you adjust the blade of the circular saw with the thickness of the wood. Usually, a blade of the circular saw can cut up to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) of thick wood. However, it is better to know your saw and adjust the blade according to the thickness of the wood. Otherwise, a blade of different sizes will be very difficult in cutting the thick wood precisely.

Keep Safety Gear Before Cutting

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Once you start cutting the wood, there will be sawdust all over the place which could probably get into your eyes and can cause injuries. So, before you start cutting the wood, make sure that you have all the safety gear required.

See that you wear safety goggles. This will protect you from the dust that could fall into your eyes. Also, ensure to wear a mask that will prevent you from inhaling the harmful dust.

Even while cutting the wood, the saw machine can make a loud noise. Use earbuds to protect your ears from loud noise.

Begin Cutting

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After everything is in place, start cutting the wood. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position and you are holding the saw steadily. Also, check the base where the wood is placed is stable. Now, press the trigger so that the blade starts functioning. But ensure that you press the trigger before placing it on the wood. Take the circular saw and align it along the drawing lines and start cutting the wood.


Circular saws are used for cutting different materials. Some materials that are used to cut include steel, masonry, and wood. But when it comes to thick woods, circular saws are the preferred tools to cut them perfectly. Now, if you are looking to cut thick wood, the above article on “how to cut thick wood with circular saw” will help you do exactly that.