How To Remove Gorilla Glue From Wood 1

How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Wood


Gorilla Glue is a strong adhesive that can be used on a variety of materials including metal, wood, plastics, acrylic, ceramic, leather and more. This glue is used by many for basic repairs; it bonds well and quickly too.

But despite its versatility, there is a flaw in the formula of Gorilla Glue; it is very hard to remove!

If you stick this glue to wood; you will surely end up removing the wood surface because it is really strong. So is it possible to remove Gorilla Glue on wood?

Removing Gorilla Glue from wood made easy

Gorilla Glue formula is very strong which is why it can bond metal to metal, wood to wood. It takes special techniques to remove this glue’s residue from wood. You have to be careful to remove only the glue and not the wood surface or finish.

Things you will need

  • Paint thinner
  • Acetone
  • Commercial super glue remover
  • Sandpaper 80-Grit
  • Paper towel
  • Putty knife
  • Paint scraper
  • Chisel
  • Power sander


Removing new Gorilla Glue

As soon as you find Gorilla Glue drippings on wood, wipe away excess glue with a paper towel. Before using any kind of treatment, remove as much of it as you can using regular means. Use a disposable cloth to remove more residue. Use a cloth that you won’t mind throwing away.

Wipe Away Excess Glue With A Paper Towel 1


Place acetone on a paper towel and use this on the glue. Acetone is known as nail polish remover and thus can be used to remove the hard glue. Nail polish remover is available in supermarkets and drug stores; make sure that it contains acetone. Remember to dampen the paper towel and not completely soak it. Act fast because acetone evaporates quickly.

Place Acetone On A Paper Towel And Use This On The Glue 1


You may also use paint thinner because this is stronger than acetone. It is used the same way as nail polish remover but you have to be very careful because it can fade the color of painted wood and dissolve the varnish of finished wood.

Use Paint Thinner 1


You may also use a commercial super glue remover. This is sold at most home improvement stores. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the super glue remover product. Do not combine this product with other super glue remover formulas like acetone or paint thinner.

Use A Commercial Super Glue Remover 1


Once the glue has been lifted off by any of the previous techniques, scrape the remaining glue with a putty knife. Place the putty knife flat against the wood and then dig the blade into the glue to remove it. Don’t be in a hurry to remove this residue or you’ll risk damaging your wood. If there is some residue left on the wood you can apply more acetone using a paper towel to loosen this again.

Scrape The Remaining Glue With A Putty Knife 1


Finally, you can finish any residue by sanding it off with sandpaper rated 80-grit or higher. But don’t rub too much because sandpaper can damage the wood if you aren’t careful. Remember to just rub out the glue but stop when you reach the wood.

Sanding It Off With Sandpaper Rated 80 Grit Or Higher 1


Removing dry glue

For dry glue, use a paint scraper to remove most of it. A paint scraper is perfect for removing large chunks of glue. Place the wood you are working on a flat surface if this is possible. Hold the blade end flat against the wood. Dig the blade into the dried glue and move it along the wood to remove a large portion of the glue. Most of the Gorilla Glue will come off in a long strip. After removing a strip, go back over any spots still with large amounts of glue residue.

Use A Paint Scraper 1


Use a chisel to reduce smaller amounts of glue. A chisel is used as a paint scraper but it has a handle and is narrower, therefore, it can reach areas that a scrapper won’t be able to. Scrape off the glue the same way you did before.

Use A Chisel To Reduce Smaller Amounts Of Glue 1


Use sandpaper to sand off the remaining glue. You can use folded sandpaper or a sanding block from a home improvement store. A sanding block is better if you want to focus on a small area, a corner or a very difficult area to sand.

Use Sandpaper To Sand Off The Remaining Glue 1


Place a sanding block on top of the glue and begin scrubbing the spot where the Gorilla Glue has settled. Apply pressure as you do this to be able to break through the glue. Right after the initial sanding, the glue will naturally peel off.

If all else fail, use a power sander to sand the area deeply and efficiently

Use A Power Sander To Sand The Area Deeply And Efficiently 1



Removing Gorilla Glue is very challenging indeed. This glue is among the strongest, therefore, it’s very hard to remove it without lifting the surface of the wood. But there are ways to remove residue from Gorilla Glue but you need to be very careful or risk damaging wooden surfaces permanently.