How To Remove Wax From Wood 1

How to Remove Wax from Wood


Wax is good when it’s used to polish wood but leaving a pool of hot wax, just like melted wax from a candle is unforgiving for wooden furniture. When left for a long time, wax can lead to discoloration of the area. Removing hardened wax won’t be that simple anymore. You need to apply some techniques to remove wax from wood. This guide will show you how it’s done.

Removing wax from wooden surface basics

Remove candle wax as soon as it happens but, of course, wait for it to cool first, but don’t wait a day. It’s easy to remove this early, you can even pinch wax with your bare hands. But if you wait longer, wax can create wax stains that would be very hard to erase.

Things you’ll need

  • Ice cubes
  • Plastic ruler, old credit card
  • Cream furniture wax
  • Hot water
  • Dry cloth
  • Commercially-prepared stain removal products
  • Goof Off

Removing wax stains on wood

Harden the wax using ice cubes. Just take one cube and apply this over the area.

Harden The Wax Using Ice Cubes 1


Step 1

After the ice has melted, try to scrape off the wax using a hard thin plastic tool like a credit card or plastic ruler. The wax will surely be easier to remove after it has been exposed to cold.

Scrape Off The Wax Using A Hard Thin Plastic Too 1


Step 2

Repeat as necessary.

Step 3

Once you have managed to remove the wax, you may now apply cream furniture wax to polish the surface of the furniture.

Apply Cream Furniture Wax To Polish The Surface 1

Removing wax from vinyl floors

Step 1

Use hot water to soak the waxy spot. Let hot water remain in the area for about five to ten minutes.

Use Hot Water To Soak The Waxy Spot 1


Step 2

Remove the wax with a dry cloth.

Remove The Wax With A Dry Cloth 1


Step 3

You may repeat the steps until you have completely removed the wax.

Step 4

Use multipurpose remover like Goof Off to get rid of any waxy residue that remains on wood.

Use Multipurpose Remover Like Goof Off 1


Removing wax basics

Remember that you are going to remove the wax and not the surface of the wood furniture so don’t strip. Stripping removes the original finish of the furniture. The wax buildup that you see after you have removed the hardened wax is an indication that your finish needs cleaning and not a complete stripping.

You can remove wax from furniture in two ways and these are according to the degree of staining. If you try to remove the wax by buffing and don’t get the results you want, then use a wax removal product instead.

Buff your project

Use a soft cloth to buff the surface of the furniture. Choose a lint-free, clean and smooth piece of cloth to buff. You need to remove accumulated dust which is common. You have to wipe off accumulated dust and grime each time. And when you buff the piece, do it in circles applying light pressure on the piece.

Continue buffing and wiping until the surface is smooth and the waxy residue has completely disappeared. If the buffing cloth starts to become dirty, replace it with a clean piece. Do not reapply excess wax, just buff the piece and shine.

Removing excess wax using commercially-prepared products

When the wax has completely penetrated wood and it has become very old and hard, remove it using commercially-prepared products especially –made for wax removal. There is a wide variety of wax-removal products in the market as well as from furniture stores and hobby and craft stores.

Aside from removing excess wax, commercially-prepared products can remove dirt, oil, and wax. Apply only a thin layer or a small amount on a clean cloth. Do not apply directly on the surface of the wood but on the cloth and then buff.

Keep buffing until you have seen results. If you are looking for natural wax, you can use beeswax or carnauba wax. With these products, you will be able to remove deep-seated, old wax from furniture and restore it quickly.


Wax from melted candles should be removed as soon as possible because when this hardens; it can cause discoloration and can affect the stain or polish of your wooden furniture. And in all wood treatment techniques, always be careful. Just remove the stain but never use too much pressure that you are already removing the polish or finish of your wood.