How To Remove Wood Stain From Clothes

How To Remove Wood Stain From Clothes


Woodworkers commonly use wood stains in creating new colors on their wood projects. However, wood stains can spill or splash on clothing, which leaves behind a wood stain, ruining fabrics and garments.

When it comes to wood stain formulas, they either come in oil-based or water-based formulas. Wood stain removal is virtually impossible once it dried and hardened.

With this being said, it is important to treating and remove the spill or spot before it dries out.

In this post, let’s learn how to remove a wood stain from clothes.

What are the Things You’ll Need for This Tutorial?

Before you take anything and rub to the wood stain in your clothing, you have to prepare what you need. Generally, you need to wash your garment using a color-safe bleach. Household remedies can also be used such as acetone or mineral spirits. You need gloves and mask if you are handling harmful chemicals.

What are the Steps to remove Wood Stain From Wood?

Step #1

Treating and washing the wood stain immediately is very important. The faster you get rid and wash the clothing with wood stain, the easier and more possible to remove it. If you find the wood stain has already dried, you can still wash it out., however, it might not be effective.

Treating And Washing The Wood Stain Immediately

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Step #2

Do not rub the wood stain, otherwise, it will just make the stain bigger and it may just spread to other the parts of the garment. If you rub it, there’s a possibility of pushing the wood stain deeper into the fabric fibers. If you need to rub the wood stain, just rub the stained portion of the cloth against itself, leaving the unstained part of the fabric alone.

Do Not Rub The Wood Stain

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Step #3

Wear gloves when you are treating stained clothes. Wear protective rubber gloves to remove the stain so your skin and hands are protected with any harmful stain-removal products

Wear Gloves When You Are Treating Stained Clothes

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Step #4

Pre-Treating Wood Stain and Spot-Cleaning

Check and test the stains on different parts of the clothing. If you’re trying out various cleaning techniques, you may ruin the entire garment. First, test the cleaning agent on a less visible part of the garment before applying to visible areas. Test on the inner part of a pocket or inside of the hem, most especially if you are planning to use mineral spirits or bleach to clean the stain.

Pre Treating Wood Stain And Spot Cleaning

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Step #5

Pre-treating the wood stain using a stain removal pen can also be done. Just simply press the tip of the stain removal pen directly on the wood stain, releasing the cleansing detergent, and holding the garment in both hands. Rub the stained part repeatedly.

Using A Stain Removal Pen

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How to Remove Garment Wood Stain Using Mineral Spirits

How To Remove Garment Wood Stain Using Mineral Spirits

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  1. Scrub the fabric with mineral spirits, which is a form of paint thinner by starting dampening a clean cloth.
  2. Rub the cloth with mineral spirits in a circular motion.
  3. Keep rubbing until you see the progress.

How to Remove Garment Wood Stain Using Acetone

How To Remove Garment Wood Stain Using Acetone

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  1. Acetone can be used on a water-based stain spot. Pour an acetone onto the wood stain, then blot it with an acetone-soaked cloth or rag.
  2. Begin at the outer portion of the wood stain, moving your way inward.
  3. Place paper towels underneath the wood stain before applying the acetone. Doing so will help to soak the acetone and the wood stain from underneath, protecting the surface of what you are using to clean it.
Place Paper Towels Underneath The Wood Stain

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How to Wash the Garment

  1. Let the stained clothing soak in a cleaning solution for 3 to 5 hours.
  2. Wash the stained garment separately and not to mix with other clothing.
  3. Set the laundry machine for a small load.
  4. Place the wood stained clothing in the laundry machine on a warm cycle. You can include a regular laundry detergent but no need to add additional cleaners.
  5. You can use 3⁄4 cup or 180 mL of bleach that is color-safe.
  6. Do not dry the stained garment not until the stain has been fully removed. Using the dryer will only work the stain further. Check the wood stain if it is completely gone before throwing the garment in the dryer or just let it air dried.
Use 3⁄4 Cup Or 180 Ml Of Bleach

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Using The Dryer Will Only Work The Stain Further

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It is now easy to remove a wood stain from clothes with the availability of color-safe bleach. Never allow the wood stain to dry because it will be harder to remove it. Did you learn and enjoy reading? Great! Share and like this post and leave a comment below!