Replace Rotted Wood

How to Replace Rotted Wood Around Window – Step-by-Step Guide


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If you live in an area that is prone to rain, then your house must be at a risk of lot of precipitation. This means that the pretty wooden windows of your abode are at a huge risk of being rotted. Generally, the old house ae at more risk because their window is made of hard wood. Modern homes are generally at a lesser risk because of the new technology. Now, rot-proof materials are used to build the house such as aluminum and vinyl. Windows are at a higher risk of water congregation. This part of the house needs the utmost care because they are exposed to rain and hail. Thus, you must take preventive measures to prevent the wooden windows from being damaged.

Detecting a rot in the wooden windows can be a very challenging task. It is so because the moisture can secretly make its way in the crevices of the wood. The moisture continues to make the wood hollow and saggy from the inside without being noticed. Sometimes, till the time you notice the damage, it is too late! You can check the quality of the wood by pressing it with a screwdriver. If the texture of the window turns out to be spongy, then it is an indicator of wood rot. Lower corners of the windows are more prone to wood rot. Windows that do not have a coverage of an overhang tend to rot the most. If you notice a certain part of the sill missing or chipped, then it is also an indicator of wood rot.

The only coverage or protection that the wooden windows have is primer or paint. These materials are very much prone to being chipped off and tend to erode with time. So, you must check and repair the rotten parts of the window to make sure that it lasts for the years to come.

How to Replace the Rotten Wood Around the Window

After detecting the rotten wood around the window, the next difficult step is to find out how to med the damaged part. The kind of repair the window needs depends on the degree of the rot and this tells a lot about how to replace rotted wood around window. If the rot is minor, then it can be fixed with the help of epoxy wood filler. But, if the damage is of a much higher degree, then you will need to create a wood insert. This method is intensive and it will need some carpentry skills on your part if you are trying to do the task on your own.

Step 1: Remove the Rotted Part of the Trim

The first step is to remove the rotted part of the window to make way for the new part.

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Use a hammer/chisel and a prybar to remover the rotted part from the rest of the window. You can remove all the rotten part in one go if you can get the prybar behind the surface of the part you want to remove. If the degree of the rot is intense, then you will need to remove the rot in sections with the use of hammer and chisel.

Step 2: Clean Up the Hollow Gap Left Behind

Once you are done with removing the rotten part of the window, you need to clean the debris or any leftover parts from the window area. Pull out the loose nails or any other material that may come in way while doing the repairs.

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During cleaning, you must also check the condition of the area underneath such as paint or housewrap. If you notice further damage, then it will be a nice idea to use some window flashing tape in order to prevent further damage.

Step 3: Measure the Rot Wood Piece that You Removed

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If the rotted piece that you removed is intact, then you must consider measuring its dimensions. If the rotted piece is not in one whole block, then you should measure the gap or the different pieces one by one to get the exact dimension. You must also pay special attention to any details such as mitered corners, as they need heed in your process of how to replace rotted wood around window.

If you have luck, then you will have a large chunk of rot wood in one piece to measure. It will ease and hasten up the repair process regarding how to replace rotted wood around window. This will make the process of cutting the wood easier and you will get the lumber piece of the required dimensions.

Step 4: Cut the Wood to Size

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The next step is to cut the lumber as per the dimensions you took in the previous step. Using a table saw will make your work easier if you need to make rip cuts. You can also perform this task using a circular saw if you follow the proper usage guidelines.

The wood that you plan to use should be of superior quality. It should be naturally rot-resistant, waterproof, and should hold the paint for a very long time. Cedar and Douglass fir some of the best options. Both are rot-resistant and tough. Cedar wood is softer and easier to work with as compared to the wood of Douglass fir.

Step 5: Check if the Cut Part Fits Well in the Window Gap

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When you are done cutting the lumber as per the measurements required, you must check if it properly fits in the gap. This also includes checking for any mitered cuts. The lumber should be cut neatly so that it fits the gap precisely. The piece should fit snugly in the gap. It should not be too tight, as then it will not properly fit in the gap.

Step 6: Primer/Paint and Fasten the New Part in the Window Gap

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The last step of how to replace rotted wood around window is to put primer and paint on the new wood part and fix it in the window gap. Drive in some extra screws into the new part so as to secure it well. Using caulk both internally and externally will further strengthen the new part into the window.

Hopefully, you got a good idea of how to replace rotted wood around window.