Seal Wood Coasters

How to Seal Wood Coasters – Step-by-Step Guide


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Can you imagine a life without wood coasters? Think about a life without coasters, and you can hear Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S getting a heart attack!

Jokes apart, wood coasters are a great addition to your day and tables. See, these add accents to your setting and make it look just perfect. Coasters, in general, help you remove the element of water rings on any surface. In other words, no mess whatsoever!

That said, all you need to do is find the right way to seal the coasters. So, if you’re looking for the right answer to how to seal wood coasters, then you’re in the right place.

So, let’s dive into the steps!

Steps to seal wood coasters: How to do it

Sealing coasters is relatively easier than other woodworking things. If you’re looking for the answer, then here is what you need:

  • A clean rag.
  • A paintbrush.
  • A sanding paper.
  • Clear varnish.
  • Old newspapers.

Step 1: Prepare the space you will work in

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What you need to do is, work with the area first. You should clean the room or space you want to work in. Next, make sure that you cover the space. All you need to do is spread out some old newspapers to set up your workspace.

Once you’re reading with the workspace, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Sanding the surface

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The next step is to sand the surface. Make sure that you sand the wooden surface lightly. This will help you to eliminate any kind of defects on the surface of the coaster.

If you have more than one coaster, you can simply sand all the coasters together. This will help you to keep your work aligned.

Make sure that you wipe the surface and take away the sawdust before moving on to the next steps on how to seal wood coasters.

Step 3: Appling the clear varnish

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The next step in our how to seal wood coasters guide is to make use of the wood varnish that you have. You should remember to clean the surface, or else it will get caught in the varnish.

So, dip the paintbrush in the clear varnish and apply it to the surface. Remember to go along with the wood grain. Make sure that you don’t apply the varnish in the opposite direction.

If you don’t want to make use of a regular varnish in a tin. Simply, make use of a varnish spray. This will help you get the clear coat in evenly.

You should apply at least two coats of varnish. This will last longer.

When you use a sealant, remember to sand between the coats. Sanding between the coats helps you to get an amazing look in the end.

Also, when you coat the coasters, ensure that you add the same number of layers on the back as well. This will help you to improve your coaster’s look as well.

What else to know about sealing wood coasters?

When you need to think about sealing a wood coaster, you will need a few tips. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that sealants look better on untreated wood!

The answer to how to seal wood coasters for better and shiny coasters is to use them on unfinished wood coasters. This is because the edges and the surface of untreated wood are that it absorbs the sealant. And this is what gives it a good look.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you can even apply a wood stain on the coasters as well. This works the best on untreated wood coasters. Or if you have coasters made out of wood branches, even then you can add a layer of wood stain on the surface.

What to know about sealing wood coasters?

Apart from knowing the answer to how to seal wood coasters, here is what else you can keep in mind:

  • You can create designs on wooden coasters. If you want a chic or artistic look on wood coasters, drawing will help. Or you could even emboss the wood with a sharp tool. You can write quotes on the surface or you could draw something simple!
  • If you want a colorful wood coaster, you can simply add different colors to the wood surface. This will help you to improve your wood coasters’ look! You can use any color or paint type that is compatible with the type of wood you use.
  • When you make use of varnish, remember you can switch the sealant you use. You can simply look into a variety of options that work well for sealing the wood. Also, using any kind of sealant will do the job. But the difference would be in the finish. Plus, different sealants last for different times, so keep that in mind as well.
  • When you decide to follow the steps to how to seal wood coasters, the most important thing to note is the sealant should be dry. Different sealants have a varied drying time. So, keep that in mind. You can find the details of drying time on the label of the sealant.
  • You can even make use of acrylic paint on the surface. If you want pretty-looking coasters, then using pretty colors and designs will make you make creative and unique wood coasters. This will help you bring your creative side out.
  • Apart from knowing the answer to how to seal wood coasters questions, there’s more to know. Once you apply a coat of sealant, it will make the coaster waterproof. Just remember to apply sealant on all the edges of the wood coaster as well.


When you follow the how to seal wood coasters guide above, remember to keep the surface clean. If you do not clean the surface, the dirt or other particles will get caught in the sealant and become visible. Also, allow the sealant to dry out properly. Do not rush to make use of the wood coasters when the sealant is wet.