How To Build A Wall-Mounted Desk

How To Build a Wall-Mounted Desk | DIY Project


Have you ever tried making a wall mounted desk? It is really a very good support, and it is very easy to make. In your home, you definitely need to keep all the reading stuff and the material on any table. Here I am sharing with you a tutorial in which you can watch the making of that wall mounted desk. It is manageable and durable and you can put things on it. It is affordable to make and looks very elegant. Such kind of a wall mounted desk is rarely seen in houses. However, it gives you a lot of comforts. So, be ready to make it in your home. You can also keep your decorations on this desk.

So are you ready to make a wall mounted desk? If yes, then let’s start it. First, gather the material and the tools that are essential for making it, and then proceed with the method. It’s very easy to gather the material and you can get it from a nearby shop. Do not depend on the wholesaler for purchasing the material as it is not the right person. So, just be careful while purchasing the required material and tools.

Items Needed for this Project

Here is the list of materials and tools you will need to complete this DIY woodworking project.

Material Required

You would need the following material and tools for making a wall mounted desk.

  • Drill machine (having 3 types of needles and a chisel shape needle)
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Pieces (2 pieces of 24 inches, 2 pieces of 23 ½ inches)
  • Rotator saw machine
  • Goggles
  • Mask
  • Wood Polish
  • Brush
  • Wood Smoothing machine

Tools Required

  • Pencil
  • Nails
  • Measuring Tape
  • A tool for making holes
  • L-shape, scale to make a 90-degree angle
  • Clumps
  • Clips

You can get all this material and tools from a nearby hardware shop. The shop keeper should be the most trustworthy and the material should be of high quality. Do not purchase the material from a wholesale market. Remember, if the material would be outclassed your wall mounted desk would be also great. So, carefully select all the material. While purchasing the needles of the drill machine you should keep in mind that they are 3 types, so purchase all of them. The wood polish should be the top class and of high quality. Ask the shopkeeper to cut the wood pieces of the same length that are described.

Step 1: Making the L-Shape Stand

Step 1A Making The L Shape Stand
  • Cut the wooden pieces to 24 inches long with the rotator saw machine.
  • Cut another 2 pieces of 23 ½ inches with the rotator saw machine.
  • Then, with the help of a hole making tool make holes in the wooden pieces.
Step 1B Making The L Shape Stand
  • Join the two wooden pieces with each other with the help of wood glue.
  • Then clamp the L-shape stand with the table and with the help of drill machine screw the nails into the wooden pieces to give them strength.
  • Repeat the same process in the making of another L- shape stand.
  • With the help of the L-shape,scale check the 90-degree angle of the two L-shape stands.
Step 1C Making The L Shape Stand

Pro Tips

  • Be careful while using the rotator saw machine.
  • Do not apply so much glue on the wooden pieces.
  • Use the drill machine carefully while fixing the nails.
  • Do not forget to check the 90 degrees angle of the L- shape stand. It is compulsory.

Step 2: Making the Brackets of the L-shape Stand

  • Take a wooden piece and with the help of the measuring tape and pencil mark 7 inches on one side and 6 inches on the other side.
  • Keep the wooden pieces on the L-shape stand and make angles on both sides.
Step 2A Making The Brackets Of The L Shape Stand
  • Cut the wooden pieces according to the angles with the rotator saw machine. Then attach them to the L-shape stand with the wood glue.
  • Make holes in both the wooden pieces of the L-shape stand with the help of a drill machine.
  • Clamp the stand and the brackets with the table and then screw the nails inside the wooden pieces to give strength to the brackets.
  • Repeat the same process with another L- shape stand.
Step 2B Making The Brackets Of The L Shape Stand

Pro Tips

  • Use sharp edge blades to cut the lumber smoothly.

Step 3: Making Holes in the L- Shape Stand

  • Mark ¾ inches dot outside and inside the brackets on the wooden pieces.
  • Then attach a chisel shape needle inside the drill machine.
  • Drill to make the holes but not fully.
Step 3A Making Holes In The L Shape Stand
  • Then attach a needle to the drill machine and make another smaller hole in the first one.
  • Repeat the same process and make such holes inside the brackets and outside the brackets on the wooden pieces and on the upper part of the L-shape Stand.
  • You have to make 4 holes like this in one L-shape stand.
  • Insert clips inside to check the measurement of the holes.
Step 3B Making Holes In The L Shape Stand

Pro Tips

  • Make sure that when you insert the chisel shape needle inside the drill machine, it should be fixed properly.
  • Do not make holes fully with the help of a chisel shape needle.
  • Remember to measure the holes of the wooden pieces with the clips.
  • The measurement should be accurate while making the holes.

Step 4: Finishing

  • With the help of smoothing machine smooth the both L-shape stands.
  • Apply the wood polish with a brush.
  • Then attach the stand to the wall to complete the wall mounted desk.
Step 4A Finishing 2

Pro Tips

  • Wear a mask and Goggles while smoothing the stands.
  • Cover all the sides of the stand while polishing.
  • Do not fix the stand near the fireplace.
  • While using the smoothing machine smooth all the edges.
  • Do not put wet or sticky objects on the desk.
  • Polish it once after every 6 months.
  • Be careful while taking the measurements of the wooden pieces.
  • Do not exert pressure on the wall mounted desk.
Step 4B Finishing 2

Youtube Video

This tutorial is related to the link below. This is a great guideline for you if you want to make a wall mounted desk in your home. In this link, there is a step by step procedure for the making of a wall mounted desk. It has inspired me to write this tutorial. This tutorial is created and uploaded by Rick. Just have a look at this video and follow the steps mentioned in it. It is a good start for you.

Step 4C Finishing 1

Helpful Tips

For your children, it is very easy to keep their things on this desk. Instead of purchasing the expensive wall mounted desks from the market, you can have a new and versatile wall mounted desk of your own. Only a little effort of yours can save your’s money.

  • Do not put heavy objects on the wall mounted desk.
  • Do not put wet objects on the desk.
  • Do not fix it near the fireplace.
  • Do not allow kids to jump on it.
  • Mend it immediately if it got broken.
  • Always purchase the material from a reliable shopkeeper.
  • Remove the stains immediately if you put a cup of tea on it.
  • Always use gloves while polishing the stand.
  • Learn some basic skills of woodworking before starting any project.
  • Observe your friend or anyone in your neighborhood while making the wooden projects.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. The wall mounted desk is very easy to make and it looks very elegant. The making of this desk requires no extra effort. The procedure is also not very lengthy. Just have a look at the step by step procedure of this tutorial and inform us with your reviews and comments. We are waiting for your comments. If you have any query regarding the tutorial you are free to ask. This desk is easily manageable and you can keep your stuff on it too.

So, have a look at the tutorial and get the good ideas regarding woodworking. First, you have to gain some experience on woodworking and get some basic skills, then you can make your own projects. So, have the courage and start making your own wall mounted desk. I am sure you would find it very easy and simple to make. If you want any guidance, then we are ready to help you out. Just watch the tutorial and start making your first project. Your kids would also enjoy having things on this wall mounted desk and it would be a good surprise for your guests too.

Additional Resources

I am sharing some additional resources in order to enhance your knowledge. There are some videos and pictures, through which you can get more information regarding the wall mounted desk. There are some sources in which different pictures of the wall mounted desks are displayed, and in some of the links there are some videos through which you can get some more information about the procedure of the wall mounted desk. These resources are just for your help. On the internet, you can find a lot of information and pictures, so just have a look at these links.