What Is Cedar Wood

What is Cedar Wood?


Cedar wood may be one of the most popular natural wood materials used in making furniture. Because of its rich color and durability, it has been commonly used in making floors, decorative accents, and furniture. Most cedar wood furniture can last for a long time and may be used indoors or outdoors because of cedar’s strong qualities. Read on for more information about the infamous cedar wood.

What is cedar wood really?

Cedar wood can grow all around the world but the most popular species are native to North America. What makes cedar wood good hardwood is that it has low density and this makes it easy to carry and use anywhere.

Cedar wood can trap heat or cold easily, therefore, it is a good insulator. Cedar can help you save money on heating costs in the long run. This wood is straight and will never warp making it a good material for furnitures like tables, cabinets, chairs, and desks.

Cedar also comes in varying colors. You can find cedar wood in white, red or yellow and in case you want your project painted, you may do so because it can easily accept paint and stain. This type of hardwood is very durable therefore it can also be used outdoors. It can be a material for outdoor furniture, for constructing patios and gates.

Most hardwood is hard on the outside but can be susceptible to rotting on the inside. But not cedar wood. It can dry out quickly and is resistant to pests and mold. You can use almost all kinds of tools to work with cedar. However, you must not use unprotected screws and nails since these may corrode when in contact with cedar.

Uses for cedar wood

One of the most popular characteristics of cedar is its scent. It leaves a fantastic woody scent making it a good wood to use for smoking food. Still, there are amazing characteristics of cedar which have made it the wood of choice when making all kinds of items including musical instruments, wooden souvenirs, and gift boxes.

Take note that there are different types of cedar wood with varying characteristics like strength, resilience, color, and density to name a few. Understanding these different varieties of cedar will help you decide the ideal building material for your specific project.

Most types of cedar is a softwood and comparable to pine in terms of hardness. Cedar is stable wood, resistant to expansion with changes in temperature and moisture and resistant to cracking. This combination makes cedar wood easy to use and is reliable in building furniture. Aside from these, cedar is also popular for its aromatic characteristics.

Clothing storage systems made from cedar wood

Possibly the most popular use of cedar wood is clothing storage. You can find cedar wardrobes, trunks and chest of drawers in almost every furniture outlet. Cedar makes a good clothing storage system because of its natural aromatic properties that keep clothes smelling fresh and clean. Thujaplicin is the natural chemical that makes cedar smell and this is also a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Aside from its aromatic properties, there are cedars that have insect repellant properties which will help protect your clothing from pests and mold. Cedar is usually used as interior panels to be used as a liner, but some types of cedar are tough for use in building entire pieces of furniture.

Shingles made from cedar wood

Another popular use for cedar wood is making shingles which can be used on both exterior walls and roofs. Because of cedar’s softness, the wood is easy to divide or split which is making wood shingles. The wood’s antifungal qualities make it resistant to rot therefore it lasts for a long time outdoors. Cedar is light and shingles will not add to a load of a roof or wall.

Cedar wood musical instruments and paneling

Another great use for cedar wood, especially Western red cedar is building musical instruments. This type of cedar has resonant qualities that make it perfect for making musical instruments. Combined with being light and stable, it can be a good material for making guitars, violins, and wood stringed instruments. These features make western red cedar a popular choice for interior paneling in rooms and corridors.


Cedar wood is a versatile natural wood that has natural beauty and strength. It is a material that makes great furniture, musical instruments, and building material. It is resistant to rot and pests making it a good outdoor furniture and building material as well.

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