What To Do With Wood Chips From Chipper

What to Do with Wood Chips From Chipper?


So you have a pile of wood chips after a felled tree has been chopped down.

What do you do with these chips?

Do you burn them, throw them away or is there a better way to use wood chips?

Freshly chipped wood chips have many uses; this guide will help you out.

How to use wood chips

Don’t just throw that pile of wood chips! You can use these chips for the following outdoor projects:

Wood chips for your garden

Wood chips can help you maintain the health of your flowering plants. You can use wood chips as ground cover on your flower beds. Simply spread these on the soil or on top of soil inside pots. The chips will help the soil to retain moisture. This also helps to keep weeds from growing as well. No need to use weed killers or harsh chemicals to get rid of weed in your garden.

Aside from keeping moisture in the soil, wood chips can keep the soil warmer and absorb water to slow down the evaporation process in soil. Your plants will have more water and moisture so there’s no need to water frequently especially during the hot summer months.

Use wood chips to make compost

Use your chipper to shred and mix wood and other compostable materials. Breaking down and mixing these materials can make decomposition quicker so you can use your compost in your garden in as quickly as 14 days. With this method, you don‘t need to purchase fertilizer plus you can recycle wood chips as well.

Use wood chips to make mulch

Some wood chippers come with a shredder attachment so you can create mulch from the wood chips and other organic matter like dead leaves and grass cuttings. This mixture will work wonders for your plants because these will grow stronger and healthier. Again, there is no need to buy expensive fertilizer or use chemical fertilizer on your plants. This is a good way to recycle the wood and other organic wastes.

You can make wood chips out of fallen trees; no need to deal with rotting trees or logs that can only pose a safety risk in your garden. You can use a chipper to make mulch any time and in any season

Use wood chips to make pressed wood

Manufactured wood or engineered wood is very useful and is made by pressing wood particles together with such as wood chips. An example of pressed wood is wood pallets. You can learn how to make this type of wood so that you can manufacture your own wood pallets.

Pressed wood can also be used to make decorative wooden items and small furniture. You may also find pressed wood making other industrial items.

If you are not interested in manufacturing pressed wood then you can sell your wood chips to companies and businesses that may need them.

Use wood chips to manufacture bio-fuel

When processed using enzymes, you can turn wood chips into fuel. This is a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular fuel. This is called bio-fuel and can burn brighter, stronger and more efficiently compared to other fuels. And since bio-fuel burns more efficiently, this can help protect your engine in the long run.

Processing wood chips to make biofuel is not a simple process and needs time, practice and the right equipment. But no doubt that this can significantly reduce your fuel requirements and save you a lot of money in the future. If you have a lot of wood chips then this may be a good project to engage in.

Using wood chips for smoking and grilling food

Depending on what kind of tree your wood chips came from, you can use these when smoking food or grilling. Use a handful and remove debris, soil and dead leaves from the wood chips. Soak these for about two minutes and then remove from the water. Use this in your grill.

You can also place fresh wood chips in an aluminum foil wrapper. Make sure all the chips are inside and then seal it. Use a small knife to poke holes on the packet and place this in a corner of your grill.


Wood chips can be very useful. It can be used to make fertilizer or mulch, as biofuel, as a cover for the soil to prevent water evaporation, for making pressurized paper and also as a smoking or grilling accessory. With all these many uses, you should never throw wood chips again.

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