Rockwell Rk7866 Belt Disc Sander

In-Depth Review: Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander



Rockwell Rk7866 Belt Disc Sander

TheRockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander is like having two sanding and finishing tools in one. There is no need to purchase a disc sander and a belt sander; all you need is in one handy, tough machine. I have been working with wood for years but I am still searching for the best tool of the trade. I have had my fair share of quality tools and have used some non-quality ones and I must say that I have found my combination belt and disc sander in the Rockwell RK7866.

This sanding machine has a sanding table for beveled edges and a belt platform for horizontal and vertical sanding. It also has a very powerful motor which I like so much. You can finish your project in half the time because you won’t have to look for the tool that you need to sand off surfaces.

It has a quick release tension belt lever to allow you to change belts easier and of course the Rockwell RK7866 has a disc and belt platform for easy sanding. It is not complicated to use and does not look intimidating like other combination sander machines. These are what I like most about this sanding tool.


  • Adjustable platform from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Vertical and horizontal sanding
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Quick-release belt tension lever for easy belt changes


  • Noisy to use


One of the most satisfying parts of working with wood is watching it form into the project you have been planning on for months. There is pure satisfaction as you chisel¸ cut and sand off unwanted bits and rough edges and of course there is the unexplainable feeling of working with wood. Every woodworker would also agree that quality is impossible when you don’t have quality tools.

The Rockwell RK7866 looks and feels like a sturdy and efficient tool. The body is very compact with no protruding and weird attachments jutting out of the tool body. This combination disc and belt tool is now part of my collection and I have used it a lot of times since I purchased it last year.

The first day I bought it I was sure that it will give me hours upon hours of quality use and I was not mistaken. I was able to complete more projects and was able to finish more jobs compared to using separate tools and far more compared to manually sanding surfaces. I am sure that I would be able to use this combination tool for many more years and projects to come. 

Who Is It For?

The Rockwell RK7866 is a combination sander tool built for the seasoned woodworker. It is for anyone working with wood that needs a tool for precise sanding and finishing. Because it is a two in one tool, you will save time and money from getting your projects done. It is a combination tool that will let you work with ease and with quality outcome each time. If you have used other sanders before, or you have used belt sanders and disc sanders, you will surely find this tool a good addition to your tool collection.

If you are a beginner woodworker then you will find his tool easy to use and easy to assemble. The Rockwell 7866 will only take a few seconds to assemble and will be easy to install new sanding belts. It has a quick-release belt tension lever which lets you change belts fast.

And of course, this is a good tool for students in their crafts class. It is so straightforward to use and will never be too confusing or intimidating for beginners. This sander also has a sanding table with a miter guard for precision and this teaches students and interested hobbyists on how to use more complicated sanding and finishing tools.

Buyer’s Guide

What benefits does this belt sander have?

  • Easy to adjust platform

The Rockwell 7866 has two spacious tables/platforms which can be adjusted to meet very intricate demands of any project. You can adjust the belt platform from 0 to 90 degrees for full horizontal or vertical sanding; no need to use a handheld sander to get irregular pieces done. The disc sanding table may also be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees making this a good table for finishing beveled edges. You can count on this sander to provide you with good, precision work each time.

  • Easy to adjust sanding table

The sanding tables are very sturdy and can be adjusted easily. You can also remove it if you do not want to use it. Easy adjustments simply mean that you can work on tasks easy and will never have to take more time for setting your tools. Finally, taking the tool down and storing it away is also easier.

  • Heavy duty motor

One very important part of any power tool is its motor. This mighty combination sander has a 4.3 amp heavy duty induction motor which means you get tough performance each time. It is dependable and will get the job done; no stopping, pausing or worries when you are finishing your work.

  • Quick-release belt tension

No need to worry if you have never used a belt sander before since this combination tool has a quick-release belt tension system that will make belt changing easier and totally uncomplicated. Just press the lever and the belt instantly comes off. Place the new belt and lock; you are now good to go.

  • Compact design

The Rockwell 7866 combination disc and belt sander is easy to use and is easy to take anywhere, at home or at the worksite. It may weigh a lot, it weighs 41 pounds, but this is because it has to hold down and avoid unnecessary movements when it is being used. It has a compact design which does not have any parts moving unnecessarily and thus eliminates noise and vibrations.

Things to consider when buying a belt disc sander

  • What job do you need to get done?

So what do you really need in a sander machine? The kind of job determines the tool. If you are sanding or finishing a small project or a simple piece then this combination tool could be a good choice. But if you are sanding a large area like a table, a deck, a bed board or a door, it would be better to use a handheld sander instead. Having a good idea of the demands of the woodworking project that you plan to do may get you an idea as to what type of sander machine to use.

  • Should I get a combination sander?

This is totally up to you but I do recommend using a combination sander since this is a two in one tool and thus will save you time, money and effort in the long run. But of course, the type of project determines the type of tool. Working on decks, large surfaces and projects that need continuous sanding may need a handheld belt or disc sander instead.

  • What handy features should I look for?

There are lot of unique features in sanders and combination sanders but the first feature that you should always check is the overall construction of the tool. It has to be compact yet easy to maneuver. Look for wider and more accessible sanding tables and areas; this will let you work with any piece in the most efficient and precise manner. Look for easy belt changes and of course a tool that will fit most belt and disc sizes.

Product Details

Rockwell Rk7866 Belt Disc Sander


Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander is a combination belt and disc sander that will let you finish any woodworking project with ease. It has a simple, compact and robust design that will let you work confidently and efficiently with the ease of using two tools in one machine. The belt sanding side has a platform that adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees ideal for horizontal and vertical sanding and therefore you can finish irregular projects or pieces with ease.

The disc sanding side has a mitered table that may be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees. You can work easily especially on beveled edges. It has a powerful 4.3 amp induction motor with a heavy duty design. You can depend on this motor for any tough projects and jobs plus will let you work with ease.

Finally, the Rockwell 8766 is the only combination disc and belt sander with a quick release lever that will let you remove the sanding belt easy. No more worries about taking too long for belt changes and even disc changes too with this totally unique feature.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 10.6 x 21.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 41 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 41.4 pounds
  • Color: black and brown
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Adjustable belt and disc tables
  • Great for horizontal or vertical sanding
  • With powerful 4.3 amp motor
  • Quick-release belt design
  • Compact design


  • Noisy when used

Reviews / Testimonials

The Rockwell 8766 is one of the most popular combination disc and belt sander making great reviews and ratings online. It has been highly-rated for its compact and simple design as compared to combination sanders with complicated enhancements and features. There are reviews that praise this sander for its efficient motor with reviewers saying that it has not failed them even once and that they have used this sander for many projects without any mishaps.

Talk about ease of use, it is a sander that is easy to use and with only a few switches to get things going. Woodworking does not have to be complicated, in fact, it has to be enjoyable. Working with a simple yet powerful tool is truly a huge satisfaction and therefore, many woodworkers agree that the Rockwell 8766 is the ideal tool for all applications.

This sander is also notably sturdy and this is because of its heavy weight base weighing about 40 pounds, many reviewers find it ideal for any project especially work that requires continuous sanding. It won’t make unnecessary movements which will most likely affect the outcome of your project.

But there were also a few negative remarks when it comes to the Rockwell 8766 combination sander noise. Users found it noisy under all conditions and are very loud even during light sanding. I took this comment as well as all the positive comments from other customers and still went ahead and purchased this sander. Now, I am very happy with my choice. It is an efficient and powerful machine. It could be noisy but what kind of power tool is not noisy at all? For all its worth, it is a good addition to my power tools at home and in my shop.

Alternative Choices

1) Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander

The Grizzly H3070 is a belt and disc sander with a 1/3 HP motor at 110V at 3450 RPM. This is a convenient and versatile sander that can be titled at 45 degrees. The belt sander table size is 5 1/8” x 5 1/8” while the disc sander table is 4” x 7 5/16.” You will have more room to work with its removable belt platen and idler roller guard. You won’t have to manually sand anymore now that you have this reliable, heavy-duty combination sander.

2) JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42 – Inch ¾

The JET-J41002 is a combination disc sander and belt sander that have a lot of tricks up its sleeves. It has a miter gauge that is capable of turning and locking for common angles (45 degrees to the left and right). It has an abrasive belt unit that allows the user to use the tool as a jig saw, a coping saw or a hand file ideal for removing material and for finishing. It is versatile and will allow you to reach hard to reach areas, finish odd-shapes and angles. It can grind, sand or finish with its efficient miter gauge.

3) Goplus Belt and 5-inch Disc Sander

This Goplus combination disc and belt sander has a powerful 1/3 HP, 110V single-phase motor that with speeds of 3450 RPM. Its belt sander table is wide at 5” x 5” and its disc sander is at 4” x 7 – ¼.” It also has a removable belt platen and idler roller guard.

4) RIKON Power Tools 50 – 151

The RIKON Power Tool 50 – 151 is a powerful combination belt and disc sanding tool with a belt table that can tilt from 0 degrees to 45 degrees, has a belt tracking knob and a safety on and off switch. A convenient dust port will be able to remove dust from the working area fast.

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative ChoicesPrice
Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc SanderCHECK PRICE
JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42CHECK PRICE
Goplus Belt and 5-inch Disc SanderCHECK PRICE
RIKON Power Tools 50 – 151 BeltCHECK PRICE

The Final Cut

The Rockwell 8766 combination belt and disc sander is my choice and I hope that you would also consider this tool as your next finishing or sanding power tool. There are many reasons for my choice. First of all, it has a compact design that makes jobs easier. No hanging parts or hinges that will only complicate its use.  But of course the belt sander and disc sander table and platform may be adjusted to meet the demands of your project.

Just by looking at this Rockwell combination tool, you can tell that it’s well-made and will be able to provide you with years of use. Start the motor and you will feel and efficient motor that can will let you finish any project with ease.

The sanding tables are ideal for doing precision work with the miter gauge ready to take on any kind of complicated design. It is also very easy to switch belts and to change it if necessary. This power sander has a quick change belt system that will let you change belts just by pulling off a lever. It is easy, fast and efficient. You will be ready for your next project in no time. Clean up when the day is over too since you can simply hide this tool in your shed; it won’t take up too much space.

Although there might be complaints as to how noisy this machine is, I have no qualms about it. All that matters to me is that it gets the job done perfectly and fast and I think fellow woodworkers would also agree that this is true. There are many alternatives or combination power sanders but the Rockwell 8766 is the ideal one for me. I would recommend this for new woodworkers and for professionals and hobbyists alike.