Avanti Saw Blades Vs Diablo Saw Blades

Comparison Review: Avanti Saw Blades vs Diablo Saw Blades



Power saws won’t be good for cutting without a fine quality blade and when it comes to circular saw blades, two distinct brands stand out: the Avanti saw blades and the Diablo saw blades. These two powerful brands are known for saw blades with tough power, clean cuts, and versatility. I have used a number of power saws but only a few choices when it comes to saw blades because I believe that saw blade should never be just any kind of blade.

Take the Avanti saw blade for instance. This is a saw blade made for table saws and miter saws and is known for its fine quality cuts. It is a blade mode from carbide-reinforced steel that can eat through a variety of materials. If you are looking for blades that will reinvent your power saw then the Avanti should be your choice.

Meanwhile, the Diablo is not so far behind. The Diablo is from Freud, known for its Italian quality and design. This blade has unique laser cut stabilizers that reduce heat and noise and makes the blade true and straight. It’s a blade that will remain cool despite the long tasks ahead.

This is a comparison review of the Avanti and the Diablo saw blades. This review will help you find the ideal blade that will suit your woodworking needs.

Avanti Saw Blades vs Diablo Saw Blades

ProductAvanti Saw BladesDiablo Saw Blade
Product Dimensions12 x 12 x 1 inch10 x 10 x 0.2 inches
Weight4.8 ounces
Number of Teeth60 teeth50 teeth
Good FeaturesMade from carbide reinforced steelWith PermaShield Coating
Ratings5 out of 55 out of 5
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buying Guide

The best blade for the job depends on a variety of factors. The right kind of blade must be used for any application to create effective results and to protect your power saw as well. Here are a few features to watch out for.

Choose the right blade size

Circular blades are available in a variety of sizes and the most common one for circular saws and table saws are standard 7 – ¼ inches. There are also a table and circular saws that have 10” to 12” diameters which will work well in cutting a variety of materials.

Do you need wood cutting blades?

Wood cutting blades can be construction blades or plywood blades. Construction blades have more teeth to give you a finer cut. These usually have 40 or more teeth and have deep gullets to remove wood chips and sawdust away from the blade. Plywood blades are made of high-speed steel with very small teeth with up to 160 per blade. This lets the blade cuts finer and thicker materials.

Do you need metal cutting blades?

Metal cutting blades will be able to cut copper tubing, aluminum siding and aluminum flashing like ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Metal cutting blades are usually very abrasive, toothless and are not interchangeable. Most tool sets come with wooden and metal cutting blades.

Do you require masonry cutting blades?

This type of blade will be able to cut concrete blocks and natural stone. These blades are toothless and made of fiberglass-reinforced silicone carbide abrasive. These can cut blocks, brick, limestone, granite, concrete, marble and glazed ceramic tiles.

The right blades with laser cutouts

You may have seen holes at the middle of the blade body and these holes are not just for design. These holes reduce the heat that builds in the blade as it spins. These also reduce noise and vibration to improve blade speeds and to make a saw more efficient. There are four small holes while some have three or more large laser-cut holes.

What We Looked At


Quality saw blades have the toughest and the most durable material, a number of materials that the blade can cut, the appropriate number of teeth according to the blade’s application, the more depth and the size of the blade.

The Avanti saw blade has a number of winning qualities. First of all, this can fit any type of miter saw or table saw. Next, it has a fine finish that can allow the blade to resist corrosion. Finally, it can slice through almost all materials including hardwood, softwood, plywood, and molding. The Avanti saw blade could, therefore, be the winning partner for your power saw.

Meanwhile, the Diablo circular blade is an Italian-made blade that with 50 teeth and laser cut heat expansion slots so these can expand and resist heat build-up. These are called stabilizer vents which can keep the saw stable and quiet and move with less vibration. All these make a good quality blade to be used on any cutting tool that needs a 10-inch saw blade.


Both the CMT and the Diablo 10-inch circular blades cost around $40. You will be able to save money by purchasing more blades in discounted packs of three or more blades.

Blade Size

The Avanti and Diablo circular blades are available in a variety of diameters and blade teeth. The latest Avanti is a 10 –inch saw blade with 60 teeth. On the other hand, the most updated Freud circular blade is the Diablo 10-inch 50-tooth combination saw blade. Both blades are available from local shops or from online sites as well.


The Avanti blade is lightweight but durable and is made for a variety of tough applications. This will work with a variety of circular saws, table saws, and miter saws. Meanwhile, the Freud Diablo saw blade weighs  4.8 ounces. Having a lightweight blade reduces strain on the cutting tool. This will also improve cutting and precision.

Why Use the Avanti Saw Blades and Who Is It For?

The Avanti saw blade is for people who work with wood as well as other types of material. it is for contractors, woodworkers, hobbyists, and carpenters who use power cutting tools like miter saws, table saws and more. It is for people who want precision in every cut and for people who don’t want to deal with a lot of material wastage.

Short Review

The Avanti saw blade could be the circular blade your tool needs to make excellent cuts. It is a saw blade that can reinvent your old tool. This blade has a fine finish to prevent corrosion which is the usual cause of blade failure. It is made from strong carbide-reinforced streel so you can bet that this is strong as it is very effective in cutting different surfaces. The Avanti saw blade has 60 very sharp teeth that can cleanly slice through any material. Be it MDT, softwood, hardwood, molding or plywood, you can count on the Avanti blade to deliver a good performance. Upon closer look, you will find four expansion slots that will help the blade expand and contract when used. This reduces less vibration, noise and overheating. You will have a trusty tool that will make perfectly straight cuts each time when you use the Avanti circular saw blade.

Main Features

  • This is a 10-inch blade
  • This has 60 sharp teeth
  • This can cut a variety of materials including MDT, hard or soft wood, plywood, and molding
  • With four expansion slots to reduce noise, vibration and enhance straight cuts
  • Will make precise and clean cuts all the time

Q & As

Where can you purchase Avanti saw blades?

You will be able to purchase Avanti saw blades by buying these online or by purchasing from local stores that sell Avanti blades. Be careful when you buy circular saw blades; always insist on genuine blades every time you make a purchase.

How do you clean an Avanti saw blade?

Clean your saw blade regularly and preferably after use. Use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe the blade dry. You may also use a small soft brush like a worn out toothbrush to remove fine dust and dirt on the blade and your cutting tool. Never use water and soap or any cleaning solution to clean your blades. In case your blade breaks or chips, remove it immediately because this can wear your tool down and can even cause an accident.

How do you install an Avanti saw blade?

Install an Avanti saw blade like you would install a regular blade to your power saw. Remove the worn out blade using a wrench or tool; simply loosen the nut on the blade and remove the worn out one. Once the worn out blade is out, replace it with a new one. Check the power tool manufacturer’s guide on how to change the saw blade for the specific tool.


  • With unique expansion slots that improve performance.
  • Can cut through different materials including soft and hardwood.
  • The Avanti saw blade is made from carbide reinforced steel.


  • The Avanti may warp and break because it’s very thin.

Why Use the Diablo Saw Blades and Who Is It For?

The most updated Freud saw blade is the Diablo and it is for people who want quality cuts no matter what kind of material. It is the blade for contractors, woodworkers, and homeowners. The Diablo is for people who want more value for their money because this is a blade that will stay cool and calm even when you use this for a longer period of time. So if you are looking for an efficient and cool blade under pressure then the Diablo could be your kind of circular saw blade.

Short Review

The latest Freud saw blade is known as the Diablo. It is a blade made in Italy. It is sharp to cut through different materials and to be used for all kinds of projects but it also has special features that will keep it cool even when constantly used. The Diablo circular saw blade has laser cuts along the saw body that stabilizes the saw. These cuts will improve blade temperature, reduce noise and vibration and prevent warping of the blades. You will be able to get straight lines and precise cuts each time using the Diablo circular saw blade.

Main Features

  • Made in Italy
  • With laser cut stabilizers
  • Reduces vibration and blade temperature
  • Reduces blade warping
  • Cuts deeply and precisely
  • With 50 blade teeth
  • With a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made of carbide

Q & As

Where do you buy Diablo circular saw blades?

You will be able to purchase Diablo circular blades from online shopping sites that sell Freud blades as well as from local hardware stores and power tool outlets. No matter what, buy only genuine Freud blades.

Can you use soap and water to clean Diablo saw blades?

Always use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe away dust and grime in case your blade gets dirty. Never use soap and water to clean it because these could lead to corrosion. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to clean and maintain your Diablo blade.

What do you do when your blade gets dull?

Dull blades could be a sign that these have to be replaced. Dull blades can affect tool efficiency and can even be dangerous to users. Replace dull blades as soon as possible. You can do this by using a wrench tool or blade replacement tool that is used for your power saw. Simply remove the old worn out blade and attach the new one.


  • Reduce heat and prevents warping because of laser-cut stabilizer vents.
  • Quieter compared to other brands.
  • Laser cut stabilizer will reduce noise and prevents warping.
  • Will cut through almost any kind of material.


  • This circular blade is thinner and lighter.


When it comes to size and teeth size, the Avanti and the Diablo is neck and neck. These two are available in the regular 10-inch variety and with almost the same number of teeth. Both blades are made of a strong material which is important in preserving blade strength and durability. However, when it comes to design, the Diablo wins. It does not just have small holes as vents but these have laser cut openings that can reduce heat and noise. The laser cut openings also make the blade less likely to warp and hence it will stay true and precise for many, many applications.