Worx Compact Circular Saw Vs Rockwell Circular Saw

Comparison Review: Worx Compact Circular Saw vs Rockwell Circular Saw



When it comes to the most versatile power saw, the circular saw tops the list. This power saw can give you accurate cuts at the quickest time. This power saw will help you cut through a variety of materials like wood, wood panels, metal, and acrylic. You can finish projects fast and easy minus any arm or hand pain when you use an efficient circular saw. And when it comes to shopping for the best, two of the most updated saws come to mind; the Worx Compact Circular Saw and the Rockwell Circular Saw. These two saws are both very powerful, accurate and very efficient indeed but each one has its own differences.

The Worx Compact Circular Saw is a compact circular saw that can cut through a variety of thick materials in a single pass. It is a compact saw that weighs less than half of regular 7 – ¼ inch saws. It has a thin blade that makes for less tool strain and will also improve cutting speed and performance. It has an easy to set depth gauge lever and a 0-45 degree bevel for quick adjustments for any cut. It has a left-sided blade design that lets you improve visibility, comfort, balance, and control.

Meanwhile, the Rockwell VersaCut is the most updated circular saw from Rockwell. This powerful saw has a powerful 4.0-amp motor that can be used for a variety of functions. This can cut through a variety of materials including tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics and flooring seamlessly with its laser guide.

Worx Compact Circular Saw vs Rockwell Circular Saw

Product DetailsWorx Compact Circular SawRockwell Circular Saw
Product Dimensions15.1 x 4.2 x 5.6 inches17.1 x 8.7 x 4.7 inches
Weight6 pounds3.4 pounds
Motor Power120 volts4.0 amp motor
AccessoriesCarbide-tipped blade, parallel guide, vacuum adapter, Allen key and 3-year warrantyCarbide-tipped blade, HSS blade, diamond blade and no-mar plastic base plate cover, guides, and bag
Ratings8 out of 108 out of 10
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right product

Shopping for a circular saw is a challenge. You must keep in mind a few features so you won’t buy a saw that you won’t need. Here are a few things to focus on.

  • Does your work require a circular saw?

Before you dive into the many circular models and brands, find out if this type of saw is the right one for you. Circular saws are basically for cutting large materials. This can be used to make straight cuts, flush cuts, and plunge cuts. When you need to cut smaller and lighter materials especially for DIY home use, a portable cutting saw will work great for you. For cutting larger materials on the worksite or at the workshop, consider a tough and powerful table saw.

  • The cutting capacity and cutting depth of your circular saw matters

The maximum cutting depth of your saw should be 0” which means this is how deep the saw can cut if this is not used for a bevel cut. The cutting depth tells you how thick materials your circular saw can take and cut. You need a versatile saw with an adjustable base plate to be able to cut miters and make easy adjustments for intricate cuts. Adjustments should be around 45 to 90 degrees.

  • Choose a powerful motor

A saw with a high motor rating is a good sign of quality and versatility because this means the saw can cut through larger and thicker materials. To find out the capabilities of the saw motor, check the motor rating. The higher this number is the more efficient your saw is to cut through different materials. Higher RPMs is due to the fast speed that the blade can spin. Higher RPMs will improve overall tool performance or the saw’s ability to cut different materials for a variety of projects and applications.

  • Select circular saws that have complete accessories

Circular saws usually come in a complete set and inside the kit are all the accessories like blades, wrenches, guards and a traveling bag or kit. There are bare tools that are usually cheaper and this is because the product is just the saw or tool with no accessories. This is more affordable than a complete toolset but in the end, you will be spending more money because you will be buying accessories piece by piece.

How do we compare two Worx Compact Circular Saw vs Rockwell Circular Saw?

  • Quality

How do you determine the quality of a circular saw? First of all, the make and model of the saw counts. Your circular saw should have a powerful motor, good features for cutting and for different applications, complete accessories and ergonomic features and safety features.

The Worx Compact Circular Saw has quality features to make it a perfect handy circular saw. It has an easy depth gauge lever to help you make quick adjustments. It is lightweight, compact and weighs less than 5 pounds. It has a good grip with a safety trigger for comfort and control. You can make precise, easy and a variety of cuts for different applications.

On the other hand, the Rockwell circular saw has a powerful motor and an ultra-compact design. Its major selling point is its built-in laser guide that can help you make accurate cuts all the time. It also has an ergonomic design with a slim grip handle that improves design and comfort.

  • Blade Size

The Worx circular saw is compact with a 4 – ½ inch blade, while the Rockwell circular saw, uses a 3 – 3/8 inch blade. These blades are replaceable and replacement blades are available for purchase online or from a local dealer or seller.

  • Weight

The Worx circular saw weighs just 6 pounds while the Rockwell saw weighs less than 5 pounds. Being lightweight means that these power saws may be used to work on different projects and applications. You can use this saw to work on projects on the worksite or even at home without straining your hands and arms.

1) Worx Compact Circular Saw

Worx Compact Circular Saw

Why Use the Worx Compact Circular Saw and Who Is It For?

The Worx Compact Circular Saw is for people who want to use a lightweight, easily maneuverable and efficient power saw. It has tons of features to make it one of the best saws for DIY and for worksite use.


The Worx compact circular saw can cut 2 x 4 in a single pass. It is light but powerful with its strong motor. It has a thin blade that reduces tool strain and improves performance and speed. This circular saw has an easy to set depth gauge lever and 0-45 degree bevel settings. It has a left-sided blade design to improve cut –line visibility. You can hold onto this saw easily with an integrated safety trigger for improved balance, control, and comfort.

Main Features

  • Weighs 50% less than regular compact saws
  • With a thin blade for reduced tool strain
  • With an easy-set depth gauge lever
  • With a 0-45-degree bevel settings
  • With left-sided blade design
  • Improved cut-line visibility
  • Can be connected to a vacuum adapter
  • With a 3-year warranty


How do you tell if your Worx compact circular saw is still under warranty?

Worx saws come with a 3-year warranty so check your receipt to find out if your saw is still in warranty. For saws that are under warranty, you get to enjoy free perks. Contact customer service to find out your warranty privileges.

Can you purchase replacement blades from an online shop?

You can purchase replacement saw blades from an online shop or from a local shop provided these are accredited suppliers of Worx saws and accessories. Remember to use only genuine accessories or parts because you might end up damaging your saw or ruining it because of low-quality generic blades and parts.

Where do you take your broken Worx compact circular saw? 

If your Worx saw is still under warranty, take your saw to the nearest accredited repair center. If your saw is not under warranty, take it to an accredited repair center for expert care and repair.


  • This is lightweight.
  • You can use this for a variety of applications.
  • This has an easy set depth gauge lever.
  • Maybe connected to a vacuum adapter.


  • This needs more power according to some users.
  • Maybe too small and too light for some tough cutting jobs.

2) Rockwell Circular Saw

Rockwell Circular Saw

Why Use the Rockwell Circular Saw and Who Is It For?

This updated Rockwell circular saw is one of the lightest circular saws in the market weighing only 4 pounds. It is for anyone who is tired of lifting and carrying a heavy power saw to the worksite. This is for people who want to take advantage of the features of a regular circular saw minus the back-breaking weight.


The Rockwell circular saw is powerful with a 4.0 amp motor. It is compact and lightweight and is effective in cutting a variety of materials like sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and more. It has an ergonomic design featuring a comfortable slim grip tool handle so you can grip well during different projects. It has a special laser guide that will let you make a perfect cut. This power saw has a long 120-inch cord so you can work without any interruptions. This has a pivoting metal guard let’s make plunge cuts. It has a dust-extraction adapter that keeps cut lines free from dust and dirt for an uninterrupted and clear line of sight.

Main Features

  • With a 4.0 amp motor
  • With an ultra-compact design
  • Will cut a variety of materials like wood, sheet metal, plastics and flooring
  • With an ergonomic handle
  • With a built-in laser guide
  • With an extra-long 120-inch cord
  • Weighs only four pounds
  • With a dust extraction adapter
  • With a two-year limited warranty


Can you purchase accessories for the Rockwell circular saw online or from a local dealer?

If you are thinking of purchasing accessories for your Rockwell saw purchase only from accredited shops and online sites. Take note that you must only use genuine tools and accessories for this circular saw otherwise you will end up ruining your saw’s performance.

How do you remove the blades of this circular saw?

Like other circular saw models, this comes this has a wrench to loosen the screw that holds the blades. This will let you replace the blades using a brand new blade.

How does the laser guide in the Rockwell circular saw works?

The laser light will illuminate the pattern or the cut that you wish to make. It will shine a soft light on the material being cut to serve as you’re easy to see a guard.


  • With a laser feature to help you create clear cuts.
  • Has a strong motor to cut through a variety of materials.
  • Has an ergonomic design.


  • Comes with only one circular blade.
  • This circular saw is corded.

The Final Cut

The Worx and the Rockwell compact circular saws are both efficient, lightweight and easy to use however when it comes to more favorable features, the Rockwell circular saw with a laser marker feature and improved ergonomic handles wins.

The Rockwell has a laser marker so you can make accurate cuts each time and prevent any mistakes. The ergonomic handle also makes it safer and more comfortable to use even when the tool is lightweight.

This power cutting tool can make tough cutting jobs simple and even enjoyable. This could prove to be a good addition to any worksite or home woodworking space.