Mafell Plunge Saw Vs Festool Plunge Saw

Comparison Review: Mafell Plunge Saw vs Festool Plunge Saw



When you want to make straight, accurate and fast cuts then you must use none other than a track saw. This type of saw will allow you to cut different materials and for a variety of applications without costly mistakes. With a track saw, you can take even the thickest materials and turn these into workable components for a project. You can take a track saw to the worksite or use it in your workshop at home.

And when it comes to the most efficient and updated track saws, two popular brands come to mind: the Mafell track saw and the Festool track saw. If you are shopping for the best saws, these will give you good value for your money. 

The latest Mafell track saw is a cordless model with a high-performance 18-volt Cuprex motor. This is a very powerful saw which will let you conquer different materials like wood, metal, acrylic, flooring, and tile. This also boasts of a fast blade change system to let you change blades quickly without affecting working time. Use this saw with a splinter guard and you get fine, clean cuts all the time. This could be a good workshop or worksite saw to use for a variety of projects.

Meanwhile, the latest Festool track saw is a plunge cut circular saw that will help you create perfect plunge cuts all the time. It is a lightweight saw that you can take on any worksite or workshop. It has a convenient switch to configure the blade speed according to a specific cut range. You will be able to cut timber, MDF, hard panels, aluminum and fiber cement. It easily fits through a guide rail for improved precision in every cut. You will able to make precise clean cuts even at an angle using this track saw and track.

Mafell Track Saw vs Festool Track Saw

Product DetailsMafell Track SawFestool Track Saw
Weight17 pounds4.5 kg
Motor PowerBattery-powered 18-volt Cuprex motor1200 watts
AccessoriesBare ToolTrack, cord, tightening tool, bolts and more
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to pick the right product

A power saw is an investment. You must always look for quality, usability, and good features as you shop for the best track saw. Before you make your purchase, keep in mind the following product parameters

  • More power and control with a variable speed motor

A stronger power tool motor translates to more improved design and better cutting powers. You will be able to cut a variety of materials with varying thicknesses as well. On the other hand, a motor with variable speeds is better to allow you to fine-tune the speed of your blades depending on the material you will cut. To date, more updated power saw models come with variable speed motors.

  • Important things to consider when it comes to the guide track

Stainless steel guide rail tracks are mostly preferred because these are light, durable and easy to clean. Most tracks come with rubber stops at the bottom of the rail to keep the rail in place as saw moves freely. Regular guide rails come in lengths of 70 to 100+ inches in length. You can purchase additional rails to accommodate larger or wider materials.

  • Would you like a corded or cordless model?

Nowadays you can choose from a cordless or corded track saw. if you are simply using a track saw at your workplace or workshop then a corded one would suffice but if you want more flexibility to work in the field then a cordless model is better.

If you want a cordless model to choose one with a longer battery life and one that will charge quickly. Have a fully charged spare battery at your kit at all times. This will let you work continuously even when you are at the worksite.

  • Keeping safe for novice track saw users

If you are new to using track saws then you must insist on track saws with a number of safety features. There are a few to keep in mind.

A tool with an electric safety brake is a good safety feature that will immediately stop the blade in case of an emergency. You can stop the blades in case a material is stuck inside the blade assembly. A track saw with a soft start system will prevent recoil of the motor during startup. When there is recoil of the engine, this can be so strong that it can shift the track and throw it off balance. Recoil can give you inaccurate cuts and will also lead to material wastage. If you are new to using a track saw, a soft start will keep you steady and comfortable as you use this kind of power saw for the first time.

  • Different cutting features for different materials

Choose the right kind of saw according to the kind of material you wish to cut. If you are shopping for a track saw mainly for cutting large materials like timber and natural wood, choose a track saw with a riving knife feature. A riving knife will prevent the two cut sides from closing back around the blade while the saw blade moves through the material being cut. A riving knife is also useful for stopping kickbacks which can ruin your cuts.

On the other hand, if you want to cut brittle or delicate materials like melamine, laminates or vinyl then a saw with a scoring feature is a must. A scoring feature lets you create a very shallow pass on the material and a second pass cuts the material completely. Scoring the material before cutting preserves the material and avoids breaking delicate materials as well.

  • A track saw with complete accessories saves you money

Select a track saw with complete accessories to save money on buying individual accessories and to let you use your saw right away. The most common accessories included in a set are circular saw blades, wrenches, guards and rails. Additional guide rails may be purchased and added to an existing one if you wish to cut larger or wider materials.

How do we compare Mafell Track Saw vs Festool Track Saw?

  • Quality

Top quality track saws will give you more value for your money. And when it comes to quality features, the Mafell track saw and the Festool track saw seals the deal. the Mafell track saw is a cordless power saw with a sawing system that lets you make crosscuts, miters, plunge cuts and cut panels. One of its major selling points is its versatility. It has a scoring function that will let you make fast cuts in a single movement. This track saw has quality cutting features and could be a good addition to your workshop or worksite.

Meanwhile, the Festool plunge cut circular saw also has a number of quality features. It is the most updated Festool saws with precision plunge cuts out of any kind of material. This is lightweight easy to operate and can be used at home or at the worksite. It has a convenient switch to configure the tool blade to be able to rip through different materials at a variety of cut ranges. Another great quality of this Festool track saw model is its ability to work with a variety of tools including timber, MDF, hardipanels, aluminum and fiber cement. It also has a guide rail that will add more precision with every cut.

  • Complete Accessories

A very obvious difference between the Festool track saw and the Mafelltrack saw is the absence of the guide track or rail in the Mafell saw. The Festool comes with a track along with other accessories like blades, wrenches, and guards. You can also buy accessories from suppliers online or offline.

  • Weight

The Mafell track saw weighs 17 pounds while the Festool weighs a mere 4.5 pounds. It is easy to see that the Festool track saw is lighter and thus more portable than the Mafell saw. A few users agree that this latest Festool is light but are doubtful if this will hold the cut.

1) Mafell Track Saw

Mafell Track Saw

Why Use the Mafell Track Saw and Who Is It For?

The Mafell track saw is a cordless power saw. It can cut through a variety of materials and make different types of cuts as well. It can make crosscuts, miter cuts, compound miter cuts, plunge cuts and panel cuts. It is suitable for professional as well as novice use. It is for carpenters, woodworkers, contractors and also for hobbyists and homeowners alike.


The latest Mafell track saw is a cordless power saw that you can take anywhere you wish to work whether in the worksite or workshop. This has a unique sawing system that will let you use this to make a variety of cuts. You can use this updated Mafell track saw to make crosscuts, miter cuts, compound miter cuts, plunge cuts and for cutting panels. This is useful for a variety of cutting jobs making it the Jack of all Trades of all Mafell saws. It can give you precise and clean cuts comparable to a stationary machine. Another great thing about this Mafell track saw is its quick blade change feature. It runs on a high-performance Cuprex motor so you can work on any project or application whether on the worksite or at your workstation at home.

Main Features

  • With high-performance Cuprex motor
  • Fast blade change facility
  • Cordless
  • Can make crosscuts, miters, compound miters, plunge and cut panels
  • Can be used for a variety of jobs and applications
  • With a scoring function
  • Can cut visible edges like a stationary machine
  • Easy to use and take anywhere


Where do you take your Mafell track saw for servicing?

You can take a broken Mafell track saw for repairs to an authorized service center near you. Make sure to bring your receipt and warranty information if your tool is still under warranty.

Can you purchase accessories and blades for a Mafell track saw online?

You can buy accessories and blades for this track saw online through online shopping sites that sell genuine Mafell saws and accessories.

How do you maintain a Mafell track saw?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and maintain this Mafell track saw.


  • Has a quick and safe blade change feature.
  • Will cut different patterns and shapes.
  • Lightweight and therefore may be used at the worksite.
  • This is a cordless model.


  • Does not come with extra blades
  • No extra battery packs.

2) Festool Track Saw

Festool Track Saw

Why Use the Festool Track Saw and Who’s it For

The Festool saw is for people who would like to enjoy the benefits of working with a track and saw. It is for people who want to use a smaller and lighter power saw but still want the full control that only a track saw can give.


The Festool plunge cut circular saw is the most updated Festool track saw that will let you make plunge cuts out of any kind of material. This is lightweight to make any kind of project easy and even enjoyable. It has a switch to configure the blade depending on the cut range you want to use. You can work with timber, MDF, hard panels, aluminum and fiber cement with this versatile track saw. This saw fits on a guide rail which improves cutting precision. This track saw will also help you make precise and splinter-free cuts with its splinter guard feature. All-in-all, these quality features make the Festool track saw a good addition to your workshop or worksite.

Main Features

  • With brushed motor at 1,200 watts
  • No load speed 2000 to 5200 rpm
  • Power lead type – plugit lead
  • Saw blade diameter 160 mm
  • Bevel angle range – 1 to 47 degrees
  • Cutting depth 55 mm
  • With Dual Extraction Connection Diameter
  • CLEANTEC Connection System’
  • With a patented Guide System
  • With FastFix features
  • MMC Electronics
  • With quick acting brake


Can you find accessories especially blades for your Festool track saw online?

Yes, you will be able to find, and purchase, accessories, and blades for your Festool tool online. If you don’t want to purchase accessories online, you can buy accessories and blades from a local distributor.

Is it easy to change the blades of this Festool saw?

This track saw comes with a quick-change blade feature to let you make changes to the blade or tool quickly and safely.

Can you already use the Festool track saw the moment you get home?

Yes, you can use this immediately out of the box because it comes with complete accessories along with a track system. You may also purchase additional tracks and connect these together if you want to cut larger materials.


  • Makes accurate, splinter-free cuts.
  • With safety features.
  • Can work with different materials.


  • Loud when used
  • Lacks ergonomic features

The Final Cut

Pitting the Mafell track saw and the latest Festool track saw was not an easy task but when it comes to overall usability, tool quality, and accessories, the Festool track saw is a winner. The latest Festool track saw has a good design, great cutting features, and complete accessories so you can use your tool right away. It works with almost all kinds of material and comes with its own guide rail. All these good qualities have definitely made the Festool saw a good power tool to consider for your workshop at home or worksite.