How to Make an Activity Table For a Child | DIY Project

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Do your kids love to write or draw? Do they like playing their Lego or have some little tea party with Barbie or Disney Princesses squad? Fun and useful, activity tables are an efficient addition to your kid’s play room or bed room where they could both play and learn different enjoyable activities.

Making one is easy and economical at the same time. With the right and complete materials and instructions about How to Make an Activity Table for a Child, you can be able to make one. To make our version more functional, this tutorial will walk you through into making one that has a built-in storage space where kids can keep their things after use. In this way, we can be teaching them to be organized and responsible as well.

Items Needed for this Project

Materials Used:

  • Wood

Making this activity table will require these following kinds of wood that will comprise the entire table:

  • 2”x2” for the table legs
  • 1”x4”, which will be cut into 2 sizes for long and short apron
  • plywood
  • project panel
  • Hinges and Safety lid support

This will be used when connecting the table top to the frame to allow it to open and close to access the storage space.

  • Nails / Screw and Wood Glue

To join the parts together tightly and securely.

  • Sandpaper / Sand Pads

To make sure of the smooth and even cutting and surface, sanding the wood will remove all grits and shingles.

  • Paint /Stain

To give your activity table the glossy and beautiful finishing touches, you can either stain it to keep the rustic look or paint in any colors to make it more eye-catching and interesting.

Tools to Prepare:

  • Jigsaw or Miter Saw
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Pocket Hole
  • Right Angle Clamp
  • Sander

Introducing your kids to different forms of fun activities and games will allow them to learn and discover different new things at an early age. Learning should be fun. And it is important to inculcate and teach them that while they are still young.

In the era of iPhone and iPads, it is doubly difficult to get the kid’s attention from the screen. While these technologies offer different learning apps, it is still essential for kids to do crafts, write, draw, build things with their bare hands and do other kid’s activities that make them not only think, but make use of their other senses and faculties. Having an activity table at home will lure and encourage them into doing more of these fun and educational activities.

Before we proceed with the steps on how to make this activity table, some points to remember:

  • Consider the size

Make the table according to the size of your kids. The great thing about doing this yourself is you can customize and adjust the length that will be comfortable for your child.

  • Make it fun

To make the activity table more fun, instead of preparing to use paint, you can apply chalkboard paint, so they can write and make it like their little blackboard.

When opting for normal paint, you can apply different child-friendly colors and design, or their favorite colors perhaps to make it more vibrant and interesting.

Step By Step Instructions

This multi-purpose activity table is made with additional storage space for kids to store their toys, books and other paraphernalia to keep their area organized and clean. Like a treasure chest, kids will enjoy the idea of a secret or hidden area on their table to keep all their stuff. This design is inspired by this DIY kids table with storage and made my steps.

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Step 1: Build the frame

Connect the two 2”x2” to one long 1”x4” apron through pocket holes. Screw tightly. Add some wood glue to keep it securely fastened. This will comprise the one part of the frame. You will be making two of this for the two sides.

Using pocket holes screw them together with the short 1”x4” apron to create a square form, thus, completing the whole frame.

Step 2: Attach the plywood

Taking the exact measurement and cut the plywood for the precise fit, place the frame upside down and attach the plywood.

Paint or stain the entire frame.

Step 3: Attach the table top

Cut the wood for the table top. Allow about one inch extra for the front and the back side of the table. Paint it first and let it dry before attaching to the frame.

To attach, place the table top upside down and the frame above it. Fasten using the two hinges on both ends.

Step 4: Add the lid support

Add the lid support from the inside of the frame for added stability and ease of use when opening and closing the storage space.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Now that the stable is already up and standing, you can apply stain or paint to make it more attractive, fun and child-friendly.


What can you say about this tutorial? Do you find it fun and useful? Do you like the addition of the built-in storage this activity table for your kids has?

As they say, start them young. Toddlers and pre-school will especially enjoy having their area to play and get busy doing different activities. I like the idea of being able to maximize space and create something that can serve more than one purpose. With a built-in storage, kids are learning to keep their things in place after use. And as simple as that, they are already taught about discipline and responsibility. At the same time, it is my solution to all the clutter and mess they make whey they play.

Tell us what you think about this tutorial. Comment below your thoughts, questions, and ideas on what you like. And don’t forget to share if you enjoy this.

  • July 7, 2017
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