Common Saw Blade Rip Blades

5 Most Common Types of Saw Blade for Woodworking


When it comes to your woodworking project, you should not just settle on any tool for cutting right? In order to achieve the best output, you it is recommended to find the appropriate cutting tool to do a certain task. For example, a saw blade is fit for woodworking projects.

As there are a lot of options out there, coming up with this list of 5 most common types of saw blade for woodworking makes the selection process a whole lot easier.

1) Rip Blades

Common Saw Blade Rip Blades

Rip blades are considered as among the most common types of saw blades. They are designed for use in cutting pieces of wood along its grain direction. The resulting cuts made by these rip blades may not be expected to be smooth, though they can cut through wood relatively faster compared to crosscut blades.

2) Crosscut Blades

Common Saw Blade Crosscut Blades

Crosscut blades are especially designed to create cuts which are perpendicular towards the natural grain in wood pieces. These types of blades do not create cuts which are faster just like rip blades, but they are expected to produce actual cuts which are smooth. As such, they are recommended best for woodworking projects which need a fine finish.

3) Finishing Blades

Common Saw Blade Finishing Blades

If you are working on a wood project where there is a need to come up with really smooth cuts, a finishing blade is what you need. These blades are fine-tooth finishing, which usually has about 40 TPI and are also designed to create smoother cuts. There are also some that are designed as paneling blades, or those that are specifically made to cut right through materials like wall paneling or plywood. These materials usually have a side with a finished surface, requiring the need to have a specialized finishing blade.

4) Nail Cutting Blades

Common Saw Blade Nail Cutting Blades

Nail cutting blades are what you need if you need to work on projects such as renovations or other tasks that involve the use of used or reclaimed wood pieces. This is because these wood pieces usually have hidden nails beneath them. You would, therefore, want to use a cutting blade which is designed to cut wood safely, even those with nails on them.

5) Dado Cutting Blades

Common Saw Blade Dado Cutting Blades

Dado cutting blades are types of saw blades which are used normally together with table saws or radial-arm saws. They are made specifically to cut grooves and dadoes, though they may also be used in cutting tenons and moldings among other materials. They are two kinds of blades under this category: adjustable and stack. Adjustable dado blades are quick and easy to use, while stack dado blades can give you clean and highly accurate cuts.


Do you like this list? Choosing the right kind of saw blade for your woodworking project can be quite difficult, trust me. I have been in this field for several years, and I found out that there isn’t just a general purpose saw that can do all things.