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How To Cut an Equilateral Triangle Out of Wood – Step-by-Step Guide


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With proper woodwork skill and knowledge, you can create work of any shape and size. The concept of making an equilateral triangle may seem daunting at first. But if you make proper measurements and take caution, you can easily create a triangle out of wood.

This article will guide you on how to cut an Equilateral triangle out of wood. But first, you should know how to measure the angles of your triangle properly.

Calculate the Angles

It is important to calculate the angles correctly before beginning. If you do not do this, your equilateral triangle will not have equal angles. In fact, it might turn into an isosceles or right angle triangle.

First, you need to count and calculate the total number of wood sides. Next, divide that number by the number 360. To determine your miter angle, divide the answer you get from the previous problem by the number2.

All the angles in equilateral triangle are the same. Therefore, each angle should be 60 degrees (because the sum of all angles in equilateral triangle is always 180 degrees). Divide the total amount of angles “180” by the three sides “3”. 180/3 = 60.

In this tutorial, you will be joining 2 triangles (interior and exterior) together to create the equilateral triangle. The inner triangle will be half of the outer. So 30 degrees would be the angle of the inner triangle.

You must also know about the materials you need, before learning how to cut an equilateral triangle out of wood.

Materials Required

To be honest, making a shape as perfect as an equilateral triangle is intimidating. It is not as easy as cutting wood. But some planning in advance will give you clarity and confidence to proceed.

Make some important decisions. What kind of wood would you like to use? What exact design do you have in mind? What will be the purpose of the equilateral triangle? It is recommended you take a pencil and paper and draw the design to get a better idea. Do paper cut-outs if you have the time.

Before you start, these are the items and tools you will require –

  • Glue (made especially for wood-related purpose)
  • A filler for wood
  • A pair of Scissors
  • A clamp
  • A marker pen
  • A bottle of paint with brush (or polyurethane)
  • A band saw

It is time to find out how to cut an equilateral triangle out of wood.

How to Cut an Equilateral Triangle out of Wood – The Steps

Now that you have gathered your material, it is time to learn how to cut an equilateral triangle out of wood.

Simply follow the instructions mentioned below –

Step 1: Create the Equilateral Triangle’s Outer Part

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To start, get 2 pine planks. The size of these planks will depend on your preference and requirement. But please be careful when you calculate the angles for the triangle.

After taking accurate measurements, cut three sides of the same length. These will go into the making of the outer triangle. Hold the band saw at an angle of 30 degrees. Then cut the wood out. Ensure you have set the workpiece properly when you are cutting.

Approach this is in a calm and careful manner. The aim is to ensure that the two cut triangles are exactly the same. On viewing from the plank’s edge, they must resemble an equilateral triangle. Patience and focus is important.

Step 2: Put the Pieces Together

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Now it is time to create the outer triangle. For this, use a sufficient amount of glue (made especially for wood) and stick the three sides to form a triangle (cut earlier in Step 1). To ensure that they stick together, bring in a clamp (ratchet-style) and squeeze the sides tight.

Take some screws and insert them into the joints of the triangle to reinforce them. Allow the glue to dry naturally.

Meanwhile, start working on the inner triangle. You need to decide the length of the sides. To do this, mark the midway point of the previously created outer triangle. Repeat this along the rest of outer triangle’s sides. With the metal ruler, measure the length of the triangle. With a marker, mark it.

Create 2 sides according to the measurements. After placing them, measure again to form the third side. It is important to note that the three sides should not be of the same length. The reason being – the inner triangle of the equilateral triangle will fit differently from the outer one. In the inner triangle, one side needs to be shorter.

Step 3: Placing the Inner Triangle

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Use a clamp and attach the sides of the inner triangle together with glue. The glue must be applied cautiously. Once all the sides of the inner triangle are glued together, you have to re-measure.

Step 4: Finishing Your Work

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Once the glue is dry, your work is almost over. You can add finishing touches like paint or varnish to your new equilateral triangle.

After this layer also dries up, you can use your equilateral triangle for the purpose it was built for. Just a reminder before you begin cutting your triangle – the clamp you use for this work should be of great quality. It will ensure your triangle sticks and will also save you some time.

To Sum up

Along with using a saw, keep other tools with you as well. These can include an axe, a knife and a chisel. As with all carpentry and woodwork projects, your safety is top priority. Wear the necessary safety gear before starting the work. Your gear consists of goggles, gloves and overalls. You will most probably have a safe experience while woodworking. But tiny accidents can happen, like saw dust or wood piece getting into your eyes. So a safety gear is necessary.

After you are done with your project, please tidy up your work station. Keep everything back in their place and clean up the mess created by woodworking. This step is also important. If you do not tidy up, you risk losing equipment parts.

Hope you have now understood how to cut an equilateral triangle out of wood. Take the necessary precautions and you are all good to go.