How To Upgrade Wood Frame 1

How To Upgrade Wood Frame


A wood frame may come in artistic photo frames or painting frames. Also, buildings have wood frames and there are necessary guidelines to follow to ensure it passes building codes. In this article, you’ll learn how to upgrade a wood frame. First, we will cover simple wood frames and then we’ll also discuss wood frames of doors and windows of residential and commercial buildings.

What You’ll Need to Follow This Tutorial

Basically, you will need a wallpaper, tile, paint, cutter, glue, and embellishments.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Wooden Frames

Step 1: Adding a Wallpaper

A wallpaper is used in wrapping small gifts and others are hanging as a form of the artwork itself. Cut the wallpaper so it fits the frame. After which, glue it in place. Some wallpapers are also removable which are like giant stickers.

Adding A Wallpaper 1

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Step 2: Marble the Frame

You can marble with dark and black colored nail polishes and can prime the frame with a white paint first so it is visible. Painting a wooden frame gives it a new feeling.

Marble The Frame 1

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Step 3: Adding a Tile

You can purchase one square foot or one sheet of tile, like marble tiles. Just simply glue them to the primed frame (using a glue with wood and ceramic). You can also use other tile colors or shapes or for a fun mosaic feel.

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Step 4: Adding Embellishments

You can add a hardware or add molding. It is easy to add a molding trim to a wooden frame as well. Also, you can leave it raw or just paint it to match other types of frames you already have. There are many possibilities you can do depending on your preference.

Adding Embellishments

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Upgrading Wood Frames of Windows and Doors

A wooden frame defies solidity, warmth, and beauty. There are no other materials that can genuinely transform your home in a comfortable and charming place to live in than wood. As compared to other materials, wood possesses a lower thermal conductivity which gives greater energy savings. It is a renewable raw material. What are the secrets in successfully upgrading a wooden frame?

Step 1: Adding Wood Frame Crowns

For a more sophisticated or classic look, you can add wood frame crowns to your existing window and wood frames. You can buy ready-made designed crowns in your local hardware or make one. If you’re planning to buy, you need to measure your current wood frame so you can choose the best fit.

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Step 2: Wood Frame Carving

Wood carving is a good idea to upgrade wood frames. It does not need to be complicated. A simple design can make a significant change.

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Step 3: Painting a Wood Frame

There are many types of paint suitable for the wood. If you have a varnished wood frame, you may want to make it contemporary by painting it.

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There are many ways to upgrade a wood frame, may it be a small wood project or for residential or commercial wood frame buildings. If you find this article helpful, you can share it and leave a comment below.