How To Get Stickers Off Wood 1

How to Get Stickers Off Wood


Possibly one of the most annoying things that can be stuck on wood is a sticker. Whether it’s something that a child has placed for fun or a furniture manufacturer has stuck to their product, it’s always a challenge to remove stickers because of the strong adhesive chemical that is used.

Usually, when you try to lift a sticker off, it leaves an irritating residue that can destroy the natural finish of the wood. When overlooked, this sticky area can accumulate dust and hair which could become harder to remove.

Removing stickers easily

Here are some of the most effective techniques to remove stickers on wood. Take note that every sticker stain is different in the sense that there are a variety of wood species with varying surface textures and characteristics, there are varying glues used on stickers and different environments that can affect the way the sticker sticks on wood. Choose which one works best for you.

What you’ll need

To remove stickers you’ll need a scraper like any flat and rigid piece like an old credit card or a paint scraper, a bucket of water, some mild dish soap, a cloth, and some vinegar. You may also need a bottle of Murphy Oil Soap, especially when dealing with very stubborn sticker residue. You also need a hair dryer, tweezers, mineral spirits, vegetable oil, and baking soda. Once you have all of your supplies, you may start removing your sticker. Work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the wood surface.


1) Use a blow dryer to remove the sticker

Start heating the corner of the sticker especially for large stickers. Place the blow dryer on a low heat setting and place it about 2 inches from the sticker. Apply heat for about 15 seconds to loosen the heavy adhesive. Continue to heat and pull the sticker until it has been completely removed from wood. Remember, heat and pull for all kinds of stickers.

Use A Blow Dryer To Remove The Sticker 1


2) Use rubbing alcohol to remove stickers

Dampen a soft rag with alcohol and rub the wood with the alcohol to remove residue from the sticker glue. Wipe the wood dry with a clean rag.
Feel the surface of the wood to make sure that there is no sticky or bumpy feeling. If there is still that sticky, tacky feeling, rub the surface once more with rubbing alcohol.

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Stickers 1


3) Clean the surface

If you would like to remove stickers from laminate wood clean the surface first with a solution made from one part water and one part vinegar. Use a clean cloth to gently go over the sticker. After successfully removing a sticker from the surface of the furniture but you must also remove adhesive form wood, use Murphy Oil Soap. Rinse this with soap and water and let it dry completely.

Use A Clean Cloth To Gently Go Over The Sticker 1


4) Sand the surface

When the sticker does pull off but there may be damage on the surface of the furniture, light sanding should be done. A new finish should be applied on the area to protect wood from and application of fresh finish to the area usually repairs the minor damage.

Light Sanding Should Be Done 1


How to remove stickers from untreated wood

1) Soften the sticky adhesive

For untreated or painted wood, remove stickers carefully to prevent damage to the wood grain. Soften the sticky adhesive with a hairdryer. Power on the hair dryer to the warmest setting and move it over the material, holding it a few inches away from the wood.

Use A Blow Dryer To Remove The Sticker 1


2) Lift the sticker

Once the adhesive has softened, lift the sticker by pulling up the corner with your fingers using tweezers, or scrape it from the surface with a scraper. Use paper towels. Fold paper towels and soak these in mineral spirits or paint thinner. Press this on the sticker and to any remaining sticker residue for at least 2 minutes.

Lift The Sticker By Pulling Up The Corner 1


3) Wipe it away

You can also remove the sticky residue away by wiping it with water and baking soda. These two make excellent cleaners and deodorizers. It will soak the remaining residue. Wipe the wood dry after you have successfully removed the residue. Wipe the sticker away and dirt with a towel and vegetable oil.

Water And Baking Soda 1



Removing stickers could be easy when you follow these simple techniques. Stickers may have varying types of glue and surfaces of the wood vary in characteristics as well which means any of these techniques may or may not work for you. You just have to find out and learn from your mistakes in order to find the best sticker removal technique.

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