Alcohol Stains From Wood

How to Remove Alcohol Stains From Wood – Step-by-Step Guide


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During these crucial times when everything from studies to jobs is going online, it is sure that we spend a considerable part of our time at the study desks. And while we are at it, it is pretty common to have our snacks and meals at our wooden spaces only. Agreeable? But the untoward part is when awful white marks appear on the table or the handle of the sofa.

While it may not be detrimental to the fibers of the wood, unfortunately, it surely poses a threat to the wood varnish or what is called the wood sealant. On the brighter side, it is very easy to remove the stains. If you too have been seeking the answer on how to remove alcohol stains from wood, then voilà, you are at the right place.

Pure alcohol does not pose any problem to the wood. It is the dyes or sugars in the alcohol that leaves unsightly marks on the wood. Also, it needs to be noted that alcohol damages the finishing of the wooden furniture and not the wood per se. In some cases, the scuff can easily be removed using pure alcohol because of the dissolving power the latter possesses.

Some alcohol marks can be very obstinate though. Mere alcohol might not make any difference to their unpleasant presence. Or, keeping alcohol might just not be the perfect option for many of us. Let us now get started with the four steps on how to remove alcohol stains from wood.

Step 1: How to remove alcohol stains from wood using cooking oil


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Removing alcohol stains using traditional wood oils or cooking oil is the most sought-after solution. The procedure of using oils on stains is pretty easy. You need to follow these simple steps:

  • Dip a piece of cloth in a few drops of cooking/ wood oil.
  • Rub the cloth over the stain.
  • Keep on rubbing the stain until the stain starts fading. It might take you a few minutes.
  • Once the stain has vanished, wipe off the area with a cotton swab or a cloth.

Coconut, lemon, and olive oils are some of the most suited options for alcohol stain removal.

Step 2: How to remove alcohol stains from wood using a detergent


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Household detergent has ample uses. Not only can it be used to spruce up the appearance of our clothes and clean the utensils, but also to strike-off alcohol stains from wood. The method of cleaning is a piece of cake.

  • Take a tablespoon of detergent in a few millileters of lukewarm water.
  • Mix the two well.
  • Soak a sponge in the solution.
  • Rub the sponge well against the alcohol stain.

Step 3: How to remove alcohol stains from wood using bleach


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Alcohol stains easily give way when dealt with using bleach. But while using bleach, certain precautionary measures must necessarily be taken care of.

  1. Always wear a mask while handling bleach. No matter how the quantity of it you are dealing with.
  2. Wear a mask to make sure that you don’t inhale the smell.
  3. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Mentioned below are the few steps for using bleach to remove alcohol stains.

  • Wipe up the spilt beverage or edible quickly.
  • You can either get oxalic or chlorine bleach. Both of these would serve the purpose.
  • Before putting bleach to work, wipe the stained surface using denatured alcohol.
  • After using alcohol, smear the tainted surface with bleach.
  • Using old toothpaste, rub the surface continuously for some time. (Taking the above-mentioned precautions).
  • Keep on brushing for a few minutes.
  • Now, stop rubbing and leave the bleach as it is.

Following these simple steps, you can easily do away with the blemish on your wooden furniture. Bleach is a chemically proven stain-remover that is known for discarding even the most obstinate of stains.

Step 4: How to remove alcohol stains from wood using sandpaper


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Scrubbing the stained surface with sandpaper shall also help you to get rid of blotch. There is nothing much that you need to do while using sandpaper. You merely have to get sandpaper first. But before you start to scrub, it is advised to spread chlorine or oxalic bleach or even a washing detergent on the stain. Once the spot is covered with any of those, start using the sandpaper over. Be very careful while working with sandpaper. No matter how strong the stain is, use the paper with light hands. After you are done scrubbing, wash off the surface using clean water and a cloth and there to you. The blemish is no more!

There can be many ways bleach can be put to work. It can be used normally without being followed by anything else and it can be used with scrub paper too. One more way of working with bleach is to blot the area, as usual, and leave the bleached stain for at least 8 hours. There is a high chance to find it completely vanished the next morning if you are letting the wood soak in the chemical overnight.

In case even that does not work, then your final resort should be to refinish the wooden space. Though it is certainly not as difficult as it sounds. The process of refurbishing wooden furniture is simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Find out what kind of finish you are having. ( Though in most of the cases it is expected to be polyurethane)
  • Next, you need to get a painter’s tape and put it around the stained area.
  • Use stripper to take off or simply remove the finish.
  • Wipe the whole area clean using a cotton cloth.
  • Apply new wood sealant in the place of the area that stands finely wiped and sealant- removed.


Even though alcohol stains might seem very hard to remove initially, they are not tough enough if we follow the right ways of eliminating them. And by now, the much-asked question i.e., how to remove alcohol stains from wood must be standing answered and all-clear.