Laminate From Wood

How to Remove Laminate From Wood – Step-by-Step Guide


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A plastic laminate is often applied to wooden chairs, tables, and other furnishings. It is a durable sheet that is used on wooden furnishings which are used pretty frequently having no cap on the limit of abuse that they suffer from our hands. The spills of ink, beverages, non-deliberate scratches, and whatnot. These sheets protect the sealant or the wooden varnishes of the furniture.

Unfortunately, these plastic laminates, like any other plastic accessories, do not last forever. And after some point, they might even start giving an unsightly and irksome appearance. That is due to the wear and tear they go through owing to their incessant use. All in all, keeping into account the vulnerable nature of the plastic laminations, it is certain that these laminations which are meant to protect the wooden surface, have to be discarded.

Laminating the wooden surface with plastic might be an easy task. But when it comes to taking it off, the task does not remain as simple and easy. The method of discarding lamination sheets from wood or the solution of the question, how to remove laminate from wood is answered in a few simple steps.

Step-by-step guide on how to remove laminate from wood

The need to do away with the laminate may not only be the result of its damage. It can also be a consequence of the fact that you want to keep your furniture up with the new styles and designs. And hence, here you are, finding out the effective solutions on how to remove laminate from wood. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: How to remove laminate from wood using a heat gun

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Before you begin taking the laminate sheet off, it is necessary to clean the area perfectly. It is important to clean the space to avoid letting any dirt or stains seep into the wood. And it becomes an obligation when your furniture wood is real. While you’re cleaning, use water with caution. If the furniture’s base is made of metal, then there might be chances of rusting. And even if that is completely wooden, water might seep in and lead to the softening of the finish.

To remove laminate using heat, you need to get a heat gun.

Heat softens the adhesives used to join the laminate to the wood. But do not keep direct contact between your hands and the gun, or you might sustain burns. Handle the gun using gloves and direct the emission of the gun towards the corners of the sheet. Keep it intact until you find the edges shrinking.

Use a knife to scratch off the laminate sheet

Now that you have heated the surface, it is time to push the blade in and start peeling the sheet off. If the sheet is already heated then you do not need to make many efforts while taking it off. Use a sharp knife. And re-heat the area once it loses its heat.

Clean the surface properly

Once you’re done peeling the laminate off, you need to clean the surface properly without leaving even a bit of flaw. Or, chances are, you might end up damaging the sealant of wood due to the heat and residuals of the scratched laminate. So, be careful.

Step 2: How to remove laminate from wood using rag and iron

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This step is a better, comfortable, and inexpensive alternative to using a heat gun. Heat guns are comparatively expensive and not too friendly to work with. So, here is a step-by-guide on how to remove laminate from wood without using a heat gun.

  • Get a moderately wet rag. It can be slightly dripping but not more than that.
  • Place the wet rag on the laminated surface that you want to do away with. (Be extra careful so as not to let the non-laminated areas get affected.
  • Now place the hot iron above the wet rag.
  • Keep the iron seated there for some time.
  • Switch off the iron after a while. Thereon, carefully remove both the iron and the rag since both are hot. You can already notice that the veneer has turned into a different color.
  • This is the time to peel the laminate off using a putty knife and hammer.
  • There can be a case that the surface area is larger and you feel that it is now turning hard to remove the veneer. In this case, it is time to repeat the process using an iron.
  • Keep on repeating the process until you scratch off every bit of lamination from the wooden piece.

Step 3: How to remove laminate from wood by bleaching and sanding

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Wooden furniture comes in a huge variety. While in some cases it might be very difficult to remove the veneer and even a considerable amount of heat could not make much difference. On the contrary, to some, it might be a matter of minutes. Yes! A task as troublesome as doing away with the entire lamination sheet can be executed in surprisingly less time. And do you know how? By mere sandpaper, a putty knife, and bleach.

Follow these simple steps to make way for changes to your wooden furniture:

  • Smear the surface with the laminated surface with bleach. Keep it restricted to the veneer that you want to discard. Or, you might end up damaging the other areas.
  • Leave the spot for 5 to 10 minutes. (Wear gloves and a mask while dealing with bleach.
  • Now, start sanding the bleached area. Just remember that you need not do it forcibly.
  • Sand until you’ve made space to sneak the putty knife in.
  • Once sanding has played its part, it’s not time to put the knife to work.
  • Keep on scratching until you find the veneer completely removed.


Whether you’re working with heat or not, you need to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken into account. These three ways will have expectedly solved the problem of how to remove laminate from wood. If you haven’t got much time with you, then going with the heat gun, is certainly the best option. But if you have some time with yourself, then try the other two!