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How To Make A Starry Sky LED Night Light
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Want to have stylish looking night lights for your bedroom or in your drawing room to serve as a decoration or to create a dim light environment for a candle light dinner. Well, there is a huge of variety of night lights available in the market but it will cost you a bit so why not make one for yourself? This could be a great addition to your bedroom, drawing room or anywhere you want to place it.

This tutorial will help you to learn how to make this stylish and simply magnificent starry sky led night light. You can easily make this lamp and even if you are not a professional wood crafter you can learn to make it but first get to know about woodworking basic details.

You can also make this for your stall in fare or for your shop or you can gift this beautiful star patterned led light to your friends too and they will love it.

Make sure to have a separate workspace for doing this project. Set all your instruments and tools and the required materials.

Follow this tutorial step by step to make this night light. Once you have set down all the needed things let’s get started!

Step 1: Cutting The Wood Pieces

Firstly we have to set our table saw at the right angle by the help of an angle gauge.

Now we are making a circular shape divided by using six pieces so 360/6=60 degrees but it is divided into two sides so the angle on each side would be 30 degrees

So I am cutting the piece of wood by giving it an angle of 30 degrees on each side on a table saw

Further cut this wood piece into six equal smaller pieces on the miter saw

Pro Tips

  • Use a workbench to secure the lumber so that it doesn’t move while cutting.
  • Use the drill machine carefully to ensure safety.
  • Always wear safety glasses and goggles.
  • Wear proper hearing protection like ear muffs.
  • Wear gloves to protect hands from splinters while cutting wood but not near rotating blades where gloves can catch.
  • Use a sharp 2H pencil for proper marking on the wood.
  • When using a table saw to cut the wood, keep the blade a little high for a cleaner cut.

Step 2: Making The Starry Pattern

Once you have cut down all the pieces join them with a masking tape and see if they join perfectly to form the desired shape

Then mark out each piece and also mark how far the top and bottom will sit and then make a pattern on the pieces like clusters of the it non-uniform so that it gives a look like a starry sky

Now remove the masking tape and take pieces one by one and drill holes in the marked positions. Use a variety of sizes of bits so that it will give a better look. First, we start by using larger bits then gradually move towards smaller ones. The smaller bit you use you have to drill more holes to fill in that place so it can be a more hectic but it surely will be worth it.

For the top and bottom, we have about ¾” thick pieces of wood that I am gluing together.

And press them tightly and let it dry.

While these pieces are drying I will sand all of my sides down

On one side I have to place the switch so the material has to be removed, measure and mark the size and then cut the piece with a saw and then chisel the waste out

I also drilled the small holes in its sides and also a drilled a hole in a side for the power plug.

Pro Tips

  • While using drill press make sure you have removed the chucky key from the chuck before turn on the power.
  • Never use a hand auger bit in the drill press
  • Avoid loose clothing, jewelry or gloves while working on a drill press to avoid getting it caught.
  • Make sure that the bit is securely locked in the chuck.
  • Avoid using very high spindle speed.While drilling deep cuts raise your bit frequently to remove chips out of the hole
  • Chisels are used for making notches and grooves. In shelf assembly. They are most often used in cutting joints. Sold individually or in sets, chisels commonly come in ¼”. ½”, ¾”, and 1″ sizes.
  • Choose the right size chisel for the job.
  • Use chisels which have smooth, rectangular handles that have no sharp edges and are firmly attached
  • The cutting edge of the chisel must be sharp chisels which are dull are difficult to control and more effort is required doing the job.
  • Before you start chiseling your stock check it thoroughly for any staples, nails, screws or knots or any other foreign object.
  • Stock must be clamped so that it does not move while chiseling.
  • When cutting or chipping do it with a blade pointing away from you.
  • Make the finishing cuts or paring cuts with your hand pressure only.
  • Sharpen the cutting edges of the blade as often as needed.
  • Do not use the chisel as a wedge or pry.
  • Wood chisel must not be used on metal.

Step 3: Assembling The Pieces

Now join all your pieces in the same order you have marked them too so that the pattern remains same as you have marked it then trace the shape on the top and bottom piece and then cut them on a bandsaw

I also have drilled holes in the top piece to match the design

Now I glue everything down

Clamp this out so that all the pieces join perfectly

Pro Tips

  • When marking a line, hold the pencil such that there is no space between the pencil and the measuring device.
  • While working with a bandsaw wear hearing protection such as ear plugs or ear muffs.
  • Appropriate clothing must be done while working with a bandsaw. Do not wear long sleeved or loose fitting clothes that could get caught in your work.
  • Regularly check and adjust your blocks and wheels in your band saw so that your blade resides in its proper position.
  • Turn your band saw on once the motor attains its full speed then start any cutting

Step 4: Making The LED Light

So I have square piece of wood on which I will the led strips on which will fit in the bottom and then the starshade will slide over it .so I need to carve out a section in the middle of the bottom where the wood piece will sit in so I drill out a hole in it then did some chisel work to remove out the corners

And then check it out how it fits in

Next, to this area, I am drilling a hole where wires can go to through and on the underside I am drilling a couple of shallow holes to make room for the electronics.

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Now I have the block of wood on it I am sticking common 12 volts led strips

I am sticking I few strips on one side then overlaying some more on the other side it will look like this

Now I will solder the all positives on one side and all negatives on one side. This is because it will be neater that way.

So basically the circuit work like this

The power plug will give negative and positive.

The positive is directly connected to the positives of led light and the negative goes to the switch which then connects to the negative of the led lights hence completing the circuit.

Here I will connect a slightly thinner wire to the power plug and connect a heat shrink. Now on the underside, I have secured the wires to the power and the switch with some hot glue

Now the wires to the light go through the wood and I can now flick the switch

Now the shades goes on top of that

Now secure the switch to the side by small screws and also I am securing the shade to the bottom with a screw

Pro Tips

  • When cutting LED Strip Light it is very important to cut only on the given cut line between the copper dots. If you have cut it through or before the copper dots it will result in no electrical conductivity in that section.
  • Cut the strips by a pair of sharp scissor
  • Never touch the tip of the soldering iron as it reaches temperatures of up to 400°C.
  • Return the soldering iron to its stand when you are not using it.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area and keep your head to the side of the smoke fumes
  • Always Wear protective goggles
  • Always wash your hands after you have done soldering(Cordless) screwdrivers and (cordless) drill/drivers are ideal for screw driving. If you only need to drive screws occasionally, you can also use a drill.
  • Make sure that the bit you use in your tool fits the screw perfectly. Otherwise, it might slip out of the screw during screw driving.

Step 5: Finishing

Now for finishing, I will start by applying shellac with a cloth then let it dry for some time a. This is good as it is natural finish and it takes a very small time to get dried.

I will sand it lightly and then put on another coat. Now to make the shade super smooth I will apply some raw linseed oil beeswax polish with steel wool.

For bottom, I have cut some black fabric to size and then hot glued it down

So in total this light uses only 6 watts of power and even after an hour of running this light can be handled easily. This is a low power device so it does not heat up that much quickly.

Pro Tips

  • Clean and dry the surface before applying. Mix both linseed oil and turpentine in 50 to 50 ratio.
  • Apply in very thin coats and rub it well into the wood
  • For protection against water and chemicals, use clear finishes
  • Preferably apply two or more coats. Allow the coat to dry first then apply another coat.
  • For protection against water and chemicals, use clear finishes.Use a dust mask or respirator to protect your eyes and skin while staining and finishing the table
  • Always test stain on a piece of scrap wood before starting on the furniture.
  • Test the polish on a small part first to check if you get the desired result.
  • Pour some olive oil in the bottle and shake it well to emulsify it.

Youtube Video

Here is the link to the source YouTube video that inspired and helped us to write this wonderful step by step tutorial for building a starry sky led night light

This video is created and uploaded by Linn from the Darbin Orvar channel on you tube. This channel helps to teach people many of DIY projects so that they can learn to make the technologies in their life by their own.

Helpful Tips:

· Be very careful while working with electrical appliances even a small shock can be dangerous

· Use only good quality tools and materials.

· Be very much careful when using the woodcutter, drilling machine, and other such tools.

· If you have no previous woodworking experience, start with smaller projects like drilling in woods, attaching two wood pieces together, etc.

· Learn as much as you can about the woodworking craft before you start this project.

I hope you like this tutorial and it has been helpful to you. I enjoyed a lot writing this article hope you also feel the same, don’t forget to let us know about the review in the comment below. Share this with your friends on social sites by clicking the share button below and also visit our YouTube channel and check out other tutorials.

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