How To Make Wall Art From Scrap Wood | DIY Project

How To Make Wall Art From Scrap Wood | DIY Project
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I was searching that what to do with the ever growing pile of pallets and scrap wood in my store room. When it happened to me that maybe you also have the same quandary. I was pondering and was excited to find every project from toys to storage for jewelry and room décor pieces and much more. There was many cool wall art and holiday room décor project I have found, from scraps and pallets.

Wood is more traditional and still one of the most trendy material to use for decoration in your home décor. Wood projects can warm up your home and can give it a luxurious natural look and also a shabby rustic feeling. No matter you are using wood for building wooden furniture or for cladding walls and floors, your interior is going to be crazier and comfier.

It is no secret that the place you are living should have to be well decorated and have some art and craft pieces on the walls so that the walls won’t look empty. But usually, the craft and art pieces that we want to have in our room are pretty costly and also we are ready to spend that money for decoration. What is the meaning of spending that money if you can build these wall arts at your home? We are presenting you the ideas of building them from scrap woods and pallets. So these wall arts are not costly.

To build this plan, you don’t need to be a professional woodworker, but having some basic woodworking skills and knowledge can be enough. I was at the beginner level when I built this one and the project turned out as one of the most amazing projects I built.

DIY Wall Art from Scrap Wood

There are tons of idea you can find on the internet of building wood wall art, but most of them are a little expensive. There are some easier and cheaper ways to add décor pieces to your room or home, all you need is to be crafty and have some wood at disposal. An amazing feel can be easily given to your room wall with scraps. Slice all the scraps and you will go to get a cool wood wall art piece.

Sometimes, creating just a little thing and adding it to your room can completely change the look of your room.If you are wondering about decorating your room and want to add something to it that can make a big statement, but also you don’t want to spend much, this project will help you to add an elegant piece of wooden décor to your room.

Creating this amazing wall art can be really fun and creative. Reclaimed wood can be used on this interesting woodworking project. Check out this wall art design that is going to use recycled wood. You will find it a unique and customized project ever.

Items Needed for this Project

Some materials and tools that are necessary to build this cool project are as under.

  • Some wood scraps
  • Table saw
  • Wood Glue
  • Hammer
  • Wood Pencil
  • Working Table
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Jigsaw
  • Sander or Sandpaper
  • Miter Saw
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver

You can easily find the above-mentioned material from your nearest hardware store. As the material is very generic in nature and also you can search online as well for good rates and can buy it from there. The only thing you have to make sure is the quality of the hardware products you are buying. If the quality of the products would be good your drink table would last long! So I would suggest you buy it from one of the trusted stores.

Step 1: Collecting and Cutting Scraps

Usually, wooden stores throw out some extra scraps and pallets that are not useable for them. Get the scraps or pallets from any woodworking store or maybe already have these. I have had already some scraps left that I have used in this project. Also, do collect all the tools and supplies to your working place, whether it’s your store or somewhere else.

Take scraps to the table saw and cut out some thin layers out of them. All layers should be of the same thickness and width.

I have had about 50 of these narrow/thin strips that I cut out from scraps.

Then, my plan was using some little wood blocks in three different sizes.

I would glue these blocks between the strips and the different sizes would make it bend and create this sort of interesting shape I hoped.

Pro Tips

  • If you don’t have wood pallets, then first try to get them free from a friend or store, if not you should buy them from a source where they cost you less.
  • If you don’t have your own woodworking tools, then while buying these tools, you should make sure that all the tools are working properly.
  • When buying the scraps or pallets, check them if there surface is not damaged.
  • Sanding the pallets before starting the project will give a shiny look to your panel frame and also you can go on cleanly with your project.
  • While taking wood boards or pallets, make sure that boards or pallets are not damaged, because it will create a problem when you cut them out for panel frame.

Step 2: Organizing Strips

I have all sorts of problems with these little blocks ultimately with the biggest problem was that just to look right if the focus is supposed to be on these bent strips. Then the thing that is holding them that way should

Put glue with blocks between the strips and use clamps to secure.

Make sure you are putting them in random order.

I was trying to glue these blocks. There is every time I would take the clamps off the whole thing would flex back to the shaker wanted to be. Now to put the clamps back on it would flex again, keep flexing all these little glue joints and they would just start breaking.

Now you have various organized layers of different strips.

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Take a little wooden piece and make some cuts on it to cut a little surface out of it. Break these little tabs with the help of the hammer.

Those little tabs are going to be fragile, so I did it the hard way and have the running short direction.

Take two boards and glue them together vertically.

Pro Tips

  • While using the handsaw, make sure you are ripping the handsaw at the angle at 90 degrees.
  • Hold the boards on the table with clamps, while cutting them.
  • Before cutting, check twice the measurement of all the boards if they are same.
  • While using a circular saw, make sure that your bit is sharp, smooth, and clean.
  • Make multiple lights passes rather than one heavy cut.

Step 3: Setting up the Back support

I thought I would be interesting if the surface of those strips was sort of undulating. So, I put a curve on the rails, the curve was about a half inch deep and the effect is pretty suitable.

Make these curved marks more dark with the wood pencil and I take them to a Jigsaw to cut them out.

I was rounded over that front edge to make it a little softer. I also used all the tools at my disposal to make these rails. You don’t really see that much because it is not necessary to do that all.

Take these rails to the strips that you organized before and mark the rails while putting cross-sectionally on the strips.

Then, I played up a paper and draw lines where these strips will be transferred over the marks you are going to do this. As you are starting from a blank piece of paper so I will suggest you try to mark every fifth line first.

Break every block into four or five lines as I did.

Pro Tips

  • When using the table saw, make sure that you are not wearing any gloves, but you have to wear half sleeves or fold up your sleeves before working on the table saw.
  • Make sure that all the pieces are cut up at the same size.

Step 4: Finishing

After marking all the rails, I scribed the depth of dados and then cutting them. I have used a combination of a full kerf and I think kerf blade gives me just the right thickness the data set would have been a little too.

You are going to end up with your right on top of it trying to see what you are doing. I have gotten many things from a table saw before and it is not fun. So, in the mess around full face shield was doing that.

I made some pieces in between the rails to hold them in alignment and these were just pocket screwed into the rails while securing with the help of clamps.

Take the strips again and set them up into these rails like I am doing.

Sometimes in the course of doing a project, you start to see it in a different way than you originally thought of it. I spent so much time with this laying on the table.

Pro Tips

  • Here I would like to recommend you to stain the pieces before placing them. But it’s not necessary, you can move forward without staining as I did.
  • Staining and sanding the pieces before starting the project can help you to make clear cuts and something very clean.

I started to see it as a table so to satisfy my curiosity. I went in Sketchup and those rails are easy to just extend them down and legs for the table, then the middle rails were just sort of hanging there so I thought, I could make an arch and now I would those rails something to connect. Then I just missed an around for a little while trying to make it look a little better I did not spend a whole lot of time on this. Yes! I got something very interesting!

Apart from it, we have to show you our final product of wall art that we built. You will love it.

WOW! How crazy it is! I am going to build one more for one of my friends because building it is fun and it is more than a décor piece.

Youtube Video

So, here was the tutorial to build an elegant wall art. We think you can understand everything and every step of the process by this detailed tutorial. But in case, if you are the one who prefers to watch video tutorial instead of written tutorial then my friend, you are lucky that we have also included a video tutorial on this project below. And we hope you will understand all illustrates to this process. The video tutorial includes step by step details of each and every step.

So, what are you thinking of? Are you going to have an Elegant wall art décor piece this time? Your next woodworking project is building a wall art décor piece for yourself? Which is pretty cheap in cost and also looks awesome? In the comment section below, you can ask us any queries and questions if you have. And if you have done this project then also feel free to share the images of your wall art in the comment section.

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