How To Make Walnut Stools | DIY Project

Part 6d giving the final touch
Making walnut stools diy project

Have you ever heard about a walnut stool? In this tutorial, we are introducing a walnut stool and it is not a very difficult task to do. If you wish to a have a cheap and durable stool on which you can sit and keep it in your kitchen too, then we can help you in making it. I am sharing this tutorial with you in which you can see the step by step procedure on the making of these stools. It is really a fun making it. Do not buy the stools from the market and start creating them by yourself. You would feel really happy after making these stools. So, are you ready to have the cheap and useful stools in your home? Without wasting your time lets get started and watch that how a walnut stool could be made very easily. You would get guidance on making it.

You would need the following material and the tools that are required. Carefully look at them and start planning to get the material from the market. You can get the material from your nearby hardware store or from the woodworking market.

Tools Required

There is a list of tools, that are required in making of whole projects. Most are easily available in the hardware stores, so you can get them easily.

  • A drilling machine
  • A grinding machine to cut the pieces. A saw can be an alternative, but it is more manual in nature
  • Measuring scale
  • Hammer
  • Table saw (a circular saw could also be used)
  • Surface smoothing tool
  • Chisel
  • Designing tools
  • Wood turning Lathe machine
  • Wood cutting tool

Material Required

You need best quality wooden blocks. You can visit the nearby hardware store. The size of the wooden blocks depends on how large you want to make your wooden stool.

  • Seat width averages about 22-1/2" in length and 12" in width
  • Wood glue
  • Round wooden pieces (4) that are used as legs. They range in height from 24-inch and 29-inch
  • Nails
  • Sanding material
  • Poly
  • Fixing frame
  • Smoothing Machine
  • Tape
  • Clump to catch the wood

All these items can easily get from a nearby hardware store, you should visit by yourself and don not depend on any of your friend while purchasing. That’s a very good idea to gather all the material and tools before hand. While purchasing the material choose the salesman who is the most trustworthy and select the first hand material. It is very essential to collect the first hand material otherwise all your creation would go waste. So lets take a start towards the method of making. I am sure you would enjoy making it.

Step by Step Instructions:

Part 1: Making the wooden piece of the stool smooth

Take two wooden blocks that are cut in between and join the pieces by applying glue on it. With the help of nails and hammer fix them. Keep the wooden piece in a fixing frame tool. Pass the wooden piece through a surface smoothing machine to make it smooth and smooth the edges of the block with a surface smoothing tool.

Part 1 making the wooden piece of the stool smooth

Pro Tips

  • While taking out the blocks out of the surface smoothing machine, keep your hands away from the machine.
  • Always use gloves when you start making the stool.
  • Remember that the fixing frame should be fixed correctly in the block.
Part 2 make holes in the wooden block

Part 2: Make holes in the wooden block

Draw two lines in a cross shape on the wooden block with the help of a big scale and pencil. Mark the points on the two lines. Then, with the help of a drilling machine make holes in the points. Till then hold the wooden block with a clump. There is a laser in the machine through which you can keep the line straight.

Pro Tips

  • Your lines should be straight .
  • Always keep the clump on the table before using the drill machine.
  • Before starting the drill machine, measure the line with the help of laser light.
Part 3 preparing the legs of the stools

Part 3: Preparing the legs of the stools

Then take the round wooden legs and fix them one by one in the wood turning lathe machine and shape them. There you should use the designing tools to create the designs on the legs and also to narrow the wooden legs. With the help of a surface smoothing tool smooth the legs of the stool.

Pro Tips

  • Very carefully use the wood turning lathe machine.
  • While using the designing tools, keep your hands away from the machine.
  • Turn off the machine first and then hold the leg in your hand.
Part 4 making the edges of the wooden piece round

Part 4: Making the edges of the wooden piece round

When it is done, then with the help of a wood cutter machine make the shape of the wooden piece, its edges would become round. On the table saw keep the narrow ends of the legs and cut them in between.

Pro Tips

  • Be careful while using the wood cutter machine, as you are a beginner.
  • While using the table saw, keep the legs of the stool straight.
Part 5 finishing of the legs

Part 5: Finishing of the Legs

With the help of a smoothing machine, make the surface of the wooden piece smooth. Apply the glue inside the holes and fix the legs in the holes. Give heat to the small pieces of wood and apply some glue in the area of the legs which has gaps. Then fix the small pieces inside the gaps. With the help of a wood cutting tool, cut the pieces from upwards to make the stool’s upper area smooth.Then, turn the stool upside down and hit the hammer on the legs. This would give a smart shape to the stool. If you want to make it more attractive, cut the legs diagonally with a wood cutter.

Part 5b finishing of the legs

Pro Tips

  • While giving heat to the wooden pieces, always remember to keep the normal heat. The heat should not exceed from a certain limit.
  • While hitting on the back of the legs, don’t hit so hard.
  • While using the wood cutter tool, cut the edges from both sides and then separate them.
  • Your hands would be naked while using the wood cutter tool, so be careful as it is very sharp.
Part 6 giving the final touch

Part 6: Giving the final touch

You can make designs on the stool surface with the help of a peeler. After the designing, you can give a shape of the stool and can polish it to make it attractive and catchy.

Part 6b giving the final touch

Pro Tips

  • While using the peeler, always keep in mind that it is very sharp so you have to be careful.
  • While using the polish cover all the areas of the stool.
Part 6c giving the final touch

This link has helped us a lot in giving us a very high quality information on the making of the stool. I am very much sure now that you have got the idea. This video is created and uploaded by the Ishitani Furniture.They have marked their stamp also on the stool. There is a very catchy and attractive step by step procedure in the video. This video really catches the mind of the reader. I am sharing a link of this video. Just have a look at it. There are many other links also by which you can get help. Take your time in understanding the procedure and then start making the project.

Part 6d giving the final touch

Helpful Tips

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When you start making the woodworking projects, it is not so much easy to handle. There are many of the instruments that are very sharp ended and some of them should be used very cleverly. However, it needs a lot of practice and your interest and hardworking pays a lot.

This is really a good idea to have some different kinds of such stools in your home. You can accomplish your dream and make it possible for you as soon as possible. This is only for your guidance and just be careful while using the tools and machines of woodworking.

If you have done woodworking before, you should start with the smaller projects. Always take help from any woodworker in your vicinity if you are new to it.

I have discussed it before that this type of stool can be used in the kitchen or anywhere in your home. To save your money it is built for the common people. My main aim is to introduce you with the usefulness of that stool. You can use it in your lawn or anywhere in the lobby. While having some guests you can use these type of stools. They are handy and are they are very cheap.

I have enjoyed this tutorial and I hope that you would definitely try to make this stool in your home or in the workshop. I am waiting for your experience to share with me. If you liked the video and the method of making the stool, share your ideas, reviews and comments with me. Feel free to share the link on other sites and on the Facebook and Twitter. I am waiting for your reply and if you need my guidance, you are always welcomed. Anytime you can ask questions about the project you are making. Keep in contact and always share your experiences with me. Donot hesitate while starting this project as it is the most easy project and it is also a very useful one. At first maybe you would face some difficulties, but with the passage of time you would get more and more about woodworking. This task is also for people who are the hardest workers. So, be sure that you should indulge yourself in woodworking to become a hard worker.

Additional Resources

Following are some of the additional resources, by using these resources you can purchase the stool as well as you can have the pictures on the internet for help. These are very useful links that are used to find out information on different other products too. You can find the tutorials and the videos in these links. Some of the links are about the prices and the detailed information on the stools. So, have a look at these links , you would surely get some help.






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