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How To Build Window Planter Box With Less Than $20 | DIY Project

The $20 window planter box DIY project
The $20 window planter box DIY project

Are you planning to purchase a planter box? Well it looks great in the sideline of window.It creates a great ambiance of the room and brings you closer to the nature, isn’t it? Why don’t you test your own skills? And why don’t you make one by yourself? Believe me it will cost you very less amount of money as compare to buying one. It always look great to have cheaper alternatives.

Well in our daily life routine we do go and buy different household things but do you ever realized that how much time and money it will cost you? However, if you start making it by your own self it will save you from hassle! So here’s the good news, you can now make a planter box for just $ 20! Yes for just $ 20! Amazing isn’t it?

Well in this step by step tutorial we will help you out making one planter box for just $ 20.You just need to have some basic experience of using the woodworking tools like a wood cutter and screwdriver.

Product Dimensions: 48’’ (length) x 9 1/2’’ (width) x 7 1/4’’ (height)

What you are waiting for…

Let’s get started!

Material Required

You will need the following material for in the completion of this project.

  • Lumber
    • 1. Two 1’’ x 2’’ x 8ft
    • 2. Two 1’’ x 8’’ x 4ft
    • 3. One 1’’ x 8’’ x 6ft
  • A few 1 1/4’’ trim head screws
  • Wood filler
  • Sanding block
  • Exterior wood stain
  • Screw driver (Drilling machine)
  • Pencil/Marker for marking
  • Gloves (Optional)
  • Dust Mask
  • Inch Tape
  • Drill Machine
  • Electric Wood cutter

You can easily find this material to the nearest hardware store or even you can get it delivered at your home by ordering it online as well. Just remember, the quality of the product should have to be good and try to buy the material from some trusted online or physical store.

Step by step instructions

After collection all the necessary material you can start making this $20 window planter box-DIY ProjectJust follow this step by step process and you will end making a beautiful and soothing planter box.

Step 1: Measure, Mark and Cut the pieces

Use the inch tape for measuring and cutting the lumber.

Step 1 measure mark and cut the pieces

The pieces you will cut should have to be of following sizes:

1’’ x 2’’s:

  1. Two pieces 48’’ long
  2. Eight pieces 4 ¼’’ Long
  3. Four pieces 8 ¾’’ Long

1’’ x 8’’s:

  1. Three pieces 46 ½’’ long
  2. Two pieces 6 ½’’ long

Use an electric wood cutter to cut the lumber form the marked position

Step 1b measure mark and cut the pieces

Also cut the wider parts of the lumber with the same cutter as well. And make sure all the lumber has been cut properly!

So your stack of woods will look like the picture below:

Step 1c measure mark and cut the pieces

In order to join the different parts of the lumber take three 1 x 8’’ x 46 ½ ‘’ wood and lay them out like this.

Step 1d measure mark and cut the pieces

Change the position of the boards and flip them and place them flush against the other like this

Step 1e measure mark and cut the pieces

Pro Tips

  • Use sharp pencil/Marker for marking
  • Use tape measure accurately to cut the wood of proper size.
  • Attach screw thoroughly till the end
  • Use trim screw to get better results.
  • Do not use the damaged or untrimmed screws.
  • Use drill machine properly to ensure the safety
  • Have a firm grip on drill machine to have a perfect aim.
  • Before screwingthose up do make sure that the sides of lumber are balanced.
  • Use small teeth blade on the wood cutter to achieve a much smoother edge.
  • Before fixing up the screws make sure that every side of the wood is well placed along the other wood.

Step 2: Prepare the Base by Using Trim Screw

By keeping the flush against other try to screw them by using trim screws in the same position.

Step 2 prepare the base by using trim Screw

Be careful about the distance while drilling the screws in. there should be some manageable distance maintained while drilling the screw.

Repeat the same thing on the other side as well!

Step 2b prepare the base by using trim Screw

Step 3: Prepare the other two Sides with Wood pieces

Take two 1 x 8’’ x 6 x ½’’ pieces and slide them into place on the end like below picture:


Fix the other side as well with the same size of wood.

Step 3b prepare the other two sides with wood pieces

Secure these wood pieces with the trim screws for better results.

​After securing all the sides it will look like this:

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Step 3c prepare the other two sides with wood pieces

Hmmm…! Nice work! The shape of the box shows that you are near to make one planter box only few things left in it!

Pro Tips

  • Try using trim screws for better results.
  • Use drill machine with firmly so that it can fix the crews well.
  • Make sure you are drilling the wood while it’s on the floor and you have a good grip over it.
  • In order to fix the other screws try to mark the points with the pencil.

Step 4: Use the rest of the wood for trimming

Do you remember that you have cut some small lumber pieces earlier? Gather all the small pieces of lumber it will be used in trimming.

Step 4 use the rest of the wood for trimming

Flip the box as flipping the box would make it easier for you to trim and fix the wood pieces

Step 4b use the rest of the wood for trimming

Take two of the 8 ¾’’ pieces and attach them flush down the side. Make sure to keep 4 ¼’’ of space in between the pieces.

Step 4c use the rest of the wood for trimming

Fix them with the screw by using drill machine and repeat on the other three sides of the lumber too!

​Now take two 48’’ pieces and place them across the top and secure using the screws like this.

Step 4d use the rest of the wood for trimming

Use drill machine to screw them properly!

Now you are left with small pieces only, so try to place two pieces on each end and secure it like this:

Step 4e use the rest of the wood for trimming

Repeat the same on the other side and use drill to fix the screws properly with some distance!

Place your last four pieces evenly on the top of the planter box with some manageable distance.

Step 4f use the rest of the wood for trimming

Use drill and trim screw to secure these pieces as well.

Step 5: Make Drainage System for Plants

Flip the box upside down in order to make the drainage system for plants.

Step 5 make drainage system for plants

Drill the holes on the bottom of the box so that some decent drainage system can be made for the plants.

Pro Tips

  • Before drilling always hold the drill machine firmly and if you are new to it, do some safety measures before start drilling.
  • Make sure after cutting the long pieces of wood you have some small wood pieces
  • Small pieces would be used to give the planter more durability.
  • Make at least four to five holes in the bottom of planter box for drainage.
  • Use trim screws for better results.
  • Drill those small pieces of wood on the sides of the planter box
  • Fix those small pieces by drilling firmly and with a straight hand.
  • Do make sure that there is a proper drainage system for the plants.

Fill the screw holes with the wood filler and cover them with the wood filler like this:

Step 6: fill the screw holes and Finishing

Fill the screw holes with the wood filler and cover them with the wood filler like this:

Step 6 fill the screw holes and finishing

Remember; Try to fill it properly so that it will get mixed with the wood and look smooth in the end.

​Once the filler is dried sand the box down like this:

Step 6b fill the screw holes and finishing

Try sanding our all three sides of the planter box so that it will look good.

Seems like you are almost done! Just polish it to your desired color, in order to give it a proper aesthetic look.

Step 6c fill the screw holes and finishing

Do it on all the sides of the lumber so that the color of each side will look same.

Let it dry and after that it will look like this:

Step 6d fill the screw holes and finishing

There you go! Your $ 20 window planter box is ready.

Pro Tips

  • If you used treated lumber wait for the wood to dry out before staining.
  • Repair the planter box immediately if ever damaged.
  • While polishing the planter box do make sure you are wearing a mask.
  • Do wear safety gloves for your hands safety.
  • Do not fill the planter box up to the top, as then water will spills out when you water the plants.
  • Try to clean the planter box in every 7 days so that it will keep plants alive and they will grow in more proper manner.
  • In order to stop the screws from losing over time, you can bend some of their threads down using a hammer before drilling. It will go inside fine, but won’t come out easily.
  • In order to make it look new re furnish the planter box every year.
  • Use mask while polishing the wood.
  • Do not let anyone touch the wood until it get dry and got its finished look.

YouTube Video

Here is the link to the source YouTube video that inspired and helped us to write this wonderful step by step tutorial for building a $ 20 window Planter Box.

The video was created and uploaded by The Rehab Life. One of their team members narrates the step by step process in the video.

  • April 10, 2017
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