How To Build A Wooden Console Table | DIY Project

the $30 console table - diy project
the $30 console table - diy project

Console tables are the significant yet noteworthy element of your furniture. These are mostly placed against walls even sometimes are movable or fixed. Gone are the days when console tables were mostly placed in a living area, as a decorative entity, such as flowerpots, lamps, and other accessories etc. These days, console tables are available in numerous variety including shapes, sizes, color showing up with the optimum versatility. Precisely, these tables add beauty to the interior of your home as well as workplace.

Benefits of Console Table

Console tables are quite delightful because of the enticing attributes of wood they carry. The flexibility of wood means they ought to keep going for a long time, if looked after properly. Simple to clean with only a dry material and an intermittent finish, it looks incredible and reflects warmth. Console tables are climate safe and function admirably so that it adds up to the elegant ambiance of your house.

What you’ll need

  • 2 pcs. 1"x8" x10ft
  • 1 pc. 1"x6" x10ft
  • 3 pcs. 2"x2" x8ft
  • complete nails (2")
  • trim head screws (2")
  • wood filler
  • sanding piece
  • paint brush/cloth
  • wood recolor
  • polyurethane


So here are the fast and easy steps through which you can make your own console table at your home without any wastage of money. Simply follow these given below instructions and make a new beautiful console table at your own place and save money other than buying a new one.

So some of the easy and major steps are as listed below.

Step 1: Measure and cut the wood

Get these measurements to make the sheets you require:

  • Two 60" long pieces from the initial 1"x8"
  • Two 57" long pieces from another 1"x8"
  • One 57" long piece from 1"x6"
  • Four 13 3/4" long pieces from same 1"x6"
  • Four 30" long pieces from an initial 2"x2"
  • One 57" long piece from the second 2"x2"
  • Six 11 1/2" long pieces from the staying 2"x2"

Pro Tips

  • Utilize your miter saw to securely cut the wood.

Step 2: Consolidate the 1"x6" sheets

Get all the 1"x6" sheets, and organize them into something like the one shown in the picture. The 13 3/4" sheets ought to be opposite to the 57" long piece. This 57" board will be the back of your console table. Attach the sheets using all the needles. Start with hammering to attach them. Then flip the sheets sideways, and nail the staying two 1"x6" x13 3/4"s into place.

Pro Tips

  • Remember to equally space these two sheets separated. They need to be 18" far from each other.

Step 3: Put the 1"x8" 57" sheets on one side

Get one 1"x8" x57" board. Put it the way it’s in the picture. Set it up with needs on the sides. Before hammering the center sheets, recheck if it’s still straight and adjusted to the 18" measurement.

Pro Tips

  • You don't need them inclining to the sides.

Step 4: Lay the 1"x8" x60" over the top

Flip the sheets once more. At that point lay the initial 60" long piece on top. Keep in mind to keep it with the rear of the frame. There's additionally, take the 1/2" and then overhang it with both sides. After doing this for the board saving secure it by adding more nails. Do likewise the same process, for the other side of the 60" board too.

Pro Tips

  • With this, the tabletop is presently done! Put it aside to chip away at the legs.

Step 5: Construct the table's legs

  • Presently it's a great opportunity to give the table a few legs.
  • Mastermind the four 2"x2" x30" pieces and four 2"x2" x11 1/2" pieces this way.
  • Append the sheets together utilizing the trim head screws.

Pro Tips

  • Through this, you'll have two major a great many.

Step 6: Connect the legs

Flip the sheets once more. At that point lay the initial 60" long piece on top. Keep in mind to keep it with the rear of the frame. There's additionally, take the 1/2" and then overhang it with both sides. After doing this for the board saving secure it by adding more nails. Do likewise the same process, for the other side of the 60" board too.

Pro Tips

  • Screw them to the tabletop's side.

Step 7: Laid a 2"x2" x57"

After all these above steps, what you have to do is simply flip the table to right-side up. And then lay it in a piece or at the base because you have to give a support so then you can add this. For this, you can take the 2"x2" x57" board, and then place it over the base.

Pro Tips

  • Just hold the legs and tighten them.

Step 8: Put the 2"x2" x11 1/2" at the base edge of the tabletop

Position the 2"x2" x11 1/2" sheets against the base edge of your tabletop.

Pro Tips

  • Screw them to the tabletop's sides and to the legs too.

Step 9: Fill the gaps with wood filler

Give your table a cleaner look by filling the nail and screw.

Pro Tips

  • Do the gaps with wood filler.

Step 10: Apply wood recolors

Get the table in standing position and then use a paint brush or a cloth to cover the whole table with a wood color.

Pro Tips

  • At that point let it dry for a couple of hours.

Step 11: Cover the table

Once the color dries, apply the polyurethane to shield the table from dampness.

Pro Tips

  • Give this coat a chance to dry also.

Take it to your lounge, a lobby or at the passage route for your key bowl. You'll never need to manage vanishing keys ever since now you'll have that one place to drop them in.

So you have just checked out the tools and techniques used to build the console table. Plus the good thing is that you can save your money and make a creative console table only under in $30. Rest of this, you can choose various other different methods and styles to attract and decorate your console table. All you need is just use your creative mind and apply or use it in a right way. On the other hand, it is also a sort of fun to make a table as a DIY project and save your money to spend it outside.

Hope that this article has provided you with enough information regarding the console table and you may have found it the informative and quality stuff. By following this guideline, it would be justifiable to mention that you can make a quick and a good quality console table at your own place.

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All credit goes to The Rehab Life that specializes in amazing furniture art and craft. The presenter explained the process in the easiest manner and we wish her the best of luck for the upcoming projects.

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