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21 Artistic Wood Carving Project Ideas


Using wood as a source of material for various purposes not only controls carbon emissions but is also a reliable and renewable material available for making gifts. The wooden products are more rustic and charmful. It makes thing more durable and long lasting as wood is strong material which cannot be damaged easily. Also promoting global warming, wood is a great source to retain carbon. It is more beneficial as it does not emit harmful chemicals. Wood is a superb source of making long lasting, strong, robust materials.

Some artistic ideas that one can use wood as in carved projects are mentioned below:

1) Mug

Wooden Mug
Wooden mug

Hand carved wooden mug are more cherished and can be used for various purposes. Keeping it at side table in your office will make it easy for you to put some stuff like pens, paper pins, important numbers, stapler pins etc. Also if you give to your loved one, it will be a useful gift.

2) Short Knife

Wooden Short Knife
Wooden short knife

A carpenter out there could utilize this knife efficiently. Also for safety purpose, handling this small knife is much easier. Colors do matter; brown with silver is a great combination. It can be used anywhere by anyone.

3) Bird Frame

Wooden Bird Frame
Wooden bird frame

Many people around the world have a craze of birds, animals and so on. Hanging your favorite bird face in your home will give it a scenic view. Not all the time wood is used in tool, it can be used to recreate your hobby and as décor. Enjoying you favorite images can be a treat!!

4) Craft

Wooden Craft
Wooden craft

Carvings and calligraphy are old, and the décor are seen in many places. Notice big restaurants having large wooden frames, mosques with in-built religious names are a great source of natural beauty. It also makes infrastructure seem to have a pleasant gaze.

5) Spoons

Wooden Spoons
Wooden spoons

Via these wooden spoons, original taste of food remains the same. Many people across the countries prefer using wooden cutlery and kitchen stuff to make it as a routine. Wooden spoons with crafted designs are also used as ornamental pieces in the dining area.

6) Slate

Wooden Slate
Wooden slate

A customized wooden Slate can be used for gifting; you can embed your name or whatever you prefer. Make your loved ones feel special by offering this personalized name slate.

7) Cross

Wooden Cross
Wooden cross

Whether you decide you cutting a thing at home you can use this board and with reliable cutting surface. End grain cutting board is available in different colors in the market. This board come in several types involving on the other hand not limited to pecan, cherry, teak and walnut. This cutting board is popular in the United States of America.

8) Pieces

Wooden Pieces
Wooden pieces

For children, making them known with different kind of animals, fixing it with other pieces can be a great source of learning. In other perception, putting it on side table as a show piece will also make a worth of it.

9) Monument

Wooden Monument
Wooden monument

The monument can be given as a symbol of appreciation, integrity, respect and affection. Any wooden craft having some beautiful visualization seems to be unique thing to be given to someone. Also anyone can put it as a show piece on side table.

10) Box

Wooden Box
Wooden box

The wooden box with crafted drawing can be used to keep some secret jewels or else using it as per her wish. Every time using this box, person will feel more secure than any ordinary box because wood is unbreakable and cannot be opened easily.

11) Box With Layers

Box With Layers
Box with layers

Big but still multiple usage boxes is a great source to find many things in one place. Just imagine that you want your book, pen, calculator and notebook altogether, thus keeping all this stuff in this box will make you find all at one place.

12) Clipper

Wooden Clipper
Wooden clipper

Something unique and creative! To tie something together or using after washing of clothes, house wives and ladies always buys these wooden clips. Having different crocodile shaped shown in this picture makes it look different and also usable for a long time.

13) Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery 1
Wooden cutlery 1
Wooden Cutlery 2
Wooden cutlery 2

A welcome note with a wooden touch make someone feel good while coming in your life or simply coming back to home. It could also symbolize an expression of warm greetings when you’re welcoming someone.

14) Box

Wooden Box
Wooden box

This wooden box can be used for multiple purposes. If you are a dress maker, put your threads & motives inside the beautiful looking box, if you are a jewelry maker put some pearls & pins inside it.

15) Tooth Pick Holder

Tooth Pick Holder

This tooth pick holder is yet a common but most amazing holder for tooth picks. While placing it on table with many guests it will not only look a nice holder but also make your guests known about your sense of awareness after meal.

16) Lamp

Wooden Lamp

A source of light in darkness tells some hope and beam is there in life. Gifting this light lamp to a special person could mean that you want to make them see things just as you do. The light represents an important element in your life.

17) Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery
Wooden cutlery

Using wood in kitchen cutlery is a great source of safety and hygiene purposes. Whether someone is using in home kitchen or else in kitchen of a big restaurant, wood cutlery is always a good representation of your choice in perspective of cooking.

18) Set

Wooden Set
Wooden set

Imagine a smile coming on face of your nephew or niece while giving this bat as a gift. As we’re aware of the fact, the famous sport of cricket- bat is made of wood. This wooden bat designed that looks attractive. See it!!

19) Bench

Wooden Bench
Wooden bench

Inspired by our readers and with collaboration with industry professionals, The Culinary Cook brings you an amazing product that any home cooks or professional cook needs. This is Water & Warp Resistant. It’s a high quality & durable wooden contains wide space. The best thing is its safe for all sorts of knives. Working in all temperatures and having more tendencies.

20) Frame

Wooden Frame
Wooden frame

This attractive and good-looking frame is perfect and most general gift to be given. Either give it as a gift or use it to place it on your wall as a family picture will make a good vision.

21) Animal Cartoon

Animal Cartoon
Animal cartoon

Children love these kinds of toys or show pieces. You will always find some of these kinds of pieces with children around you. Also if your child throws nothing will happen to it. Hard core and See how cute it is looking!!


In a nutshell, woodcarving itself is an enticing concept that enables woodworkers to mold either left or the fresh wood pieces in to an amazing piece of art. All you need is a glitch that makes you feel like yes, that’s exactly what I was looking to come up with. You have truly a wide array of ideas to play around all sorts of ornamental designs. So just get yourself click with some new amazing ideas for wood carving and transform them into an magnificent piece of art that leaves the viewer awestruck.