25 Amazing Ideas For Your Recycled Wood Pallets

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Do you have some reclaimed or recycled wood pellets left untouched at home? They might just be stacked and sitting at your storage for months while you are still quite unsure of what to do with it. But because it is a sin to waste good pieces of wood, you can get ultra-creative and actually make a useful piece of furniture with it. To get you excited and started, here are 25 amazing ideas for your recycled wood pallets that you will certainly find interesting, decorative and functional.

1. Planters for the Pallets

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Welcome your visitors with unique and nice-looking planters placed outside your door. You can make a variety of designs that will add some decorative element outside your house. Definitely a beautiful way to use recycled wood pellets.

2. Build A Nice Little Cabin

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Deciding what to use with your wide and huge lawn for? A kid’s playhouse may not be a bad idea. They will surely love and enjoy playing an actual cabin than a computer-generated one. No need to be fancy. Even old reclaimed wood can do the job. Plus, it provides the rustic vibe. Or you can paint it with colors too.

3. Make Room for your Wines

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Thinking where to keep your vast collection of wine? Store it in style and make an awesome customized wine bar using some old, recycled wood pallets. Sober or not, you will find it a nice touch in your home.

4. Create a Kitchen’s Domain

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Making sure that our dry goods and fresh produce has a safe storage place is essential. Hence, when thinking of what to do with those reclaimed pallet woods, why not make room for the kitchen?

5. Recycled Wood Pallet Bed Headboard fit for a Queen

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Rustic, boho, country, vintage, whimsical, or depending on your bedroom’s design and aesthetic, you can definitely create a nice recycled wood pallet headboard to match. Paint, stain or adorn it, however you like it, you can check several design ideas to get you inspired.

6. Sit on a Wood Pallet Garden Bench

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Nothing can be more relaxing than spending a sunny afternoon in your garden sipping some margarita and enjoying the sights of the beautiful flowers. And to get you more comfortable, a recycled wood pallet bench makes a perfect fit.

7. Or Get Comfortable in the Patio

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Or some does it in the patio instead and finds cup of coffee with friends is more of their idea of fun and relaxation. And in that case, they can use those recycled wood pallets as a patio furniture instead.

8. Another Patio Furniture to your Liking

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Because you can’t just have one option, this patio furniture design still made of reclaimed pellet wood may be more of your style and preference. By the looks of it, it is already inviting you to sit down and unwind.

9. Go On A Picnic, perhaps?

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Some days are just perfect for a picnic. Take time from your busy schedule and from those electronic devices and actually spend time bonding, talking and laughing with family or friends. And a picnic furniture made of recycled pallet wood completes the experience.

10. A Wood Pallet Bed for a Comfortable Visit to Dreamland

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A new bed can be quite expensive. So why buy if you can make one for yourself? Even with reclaimed pallet woods, and your wood-master technique, you can surely turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture to give you a good night sleep.

11. Because You Bed is Lonely Without its Sidekick

You can basically make any kinds of table. As your imagination is your limitation, create an authentic bedroom side table with those reclaimed wood pallets. Make it extra useful by adding drawers to store some of your stuffs.

12. Give Kids a Good Night Sleep on their Own Wood Pallet Bed

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And while you are at it, you can spare some of the reclaimed wood pallet to make bed for the kids to match yours. I bet they will be sleeping soundly in it too.

13. Or Make This Kid Bed’s Unique Design

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Paint it in pink or blue, or any colors you like, your kid will surely enjoy a nice sleep in his or her bed made of recycled wood pallets. Make it personal and customize it to your design and style that you know your child will love.

14. Build Your Pets Their Own Wood Pallet House too

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How about your pets? They could use a beautiful and comfortable house to sleep using those reclaimed wood pallet as well. If they can only speak, they’ll definitely thank you for that.

15. A Wood Pallet Outdoor Table for the Lawn

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Easiest to do with your wood pallet so it will not be a waste is to make it to a nice-looking decorative table for your lawn or patio. Adorn it with flowers to make it more decorative and stylish.

16. A Wooden Stairway for Your New House

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Stain and shine it for a glossier and smoother finish, your new home could use some of your reclaimed wood pallets and make it as the stairs. Don’t worry, it is going to be sturdy and will not look old at all. And the best part is, it is cost effective. Good savings for you there.

17. Make a Center Table Statement

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Perfect for your rustic or country-themed house, a reclaimed wood pallet table is an excellent center piece to complete the whole vibe.

18. And Match it with you TV Stand

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For a customized look, match your center table with a reclaimed wood pallet TV stand. You can be ultra-creative with it and design it with lots of storage or drawers for multiple of usage.

19. Get Organized Using A Storage Cabinet

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Maximize your space with an organized storage furniture. Gather some recycled wood pallet and make a cabinet out of it. It helps eliminate the clutter, and makes an attractive decorative piece at your home too.

20. Functional Tables and Chairs Made of Reclaimed Wood Pallet

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Because basic and normal is boring, have some fun with those reclaimed wood pellets and make awesome and stylish tables and chairs like this. It must be very comfortable sitting and lounging in it.

21. Or make it More Stylish Tables and Chair Design

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Try other options for a complete table and chair combo and create this look. DIYs are the trend now, hence, there are just many designs to choose and make it your own.

22. And Be More Unique and Creative with this Table and Chair Designs

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You can go overboard and try other style and be unique. I bet, you cannot see designs like this anywhere else. It is definitely modern but with the use of the recycled wood pallets provides its vintage and archaic look.

23. What Do you Think of a Recycled Wood Pallet Bar Stool?

Inspired with the tables you often see in the bar, you can use your recycled wood pallet and make a virtual replica of those stool and table design to place your beer bottles.

24. Or this Little Bottle Holders from Reclaimed Wood Pallets

Ideal for use in the bars or even at home, too, if you are fond of inviting friends over, a beer bottle holder with opener in the side is also a unique way of making use of reclaimed wood pallet. It is simple, yet functional- not that it helps you to get drunk easily and conveniently

25. Wood Decorations for All Occasions

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Be home party- ready anytime using upcycle wood pallet. You can create a beautiful wall decorations to match any event. Be it birthday bash, christening, or shower parties, adorn it with balloons, flowers, DIY paper mosaics and other kinds of décor and you have a picture perfect back drop in an instant.


What do you think of the list? Have you find something interesting to try with those recycled wood pellets sitting at your home? Sometimes we think it to be of no use anymore, but with wood especially, as long as it is still durable and clean from any checks and damages, you can definitely find something else to do with it.

Do you have any other ideas to share about what to do with recycled wood pellets? I love to hear and give it a try. And please share if you enjoyed reading this article.