118 Adirondack Chair DIY Plans

91) Adirondack Chair Plans 2

What can transform a patio or a deck better than a pair of Adirondack chairs? Now, this pair is made of tough hardwood and has been painted a lovely brown color. The backs of these chairs are tall and in fact taller than most chairs of the same kind.

The back is rounded and the planks evenly spaced to allow air to move in and out the large back. The seats are wide with a lot of room even for two people to sit. The seats are slightly lowered at the back which also lifts your feet off the ground ever so slightly as well.

The armrests are large and are wide too so you can use this as a small table. No need to use a small table to hold your cup of coffee or beer can because you got it here on your Adirondack chair.

So where do you place this chair?

A good area might be your backyard on your patio so you can relax comfortably without any interruptions. Add some pillows, cushions and a quilt and you got the best seats for relaxing and napping. This could be the next project that’s perfect for you


92) Teal Adirondack Chair Plans

Have you ever thought of just spending the day sleeping or napping outdoors? If so then why not use these lovely teal Adirondack chairs with matching ottomans? These chairs are huge and with the ottoman, you got yourself a semi-bed outdoors.

The chairs have a traditional curved back design plus that swooping back seat that will let you remain on this chair for hours.

Do you know that seat like this with the ottoman cradling your legs is one of the best ways to improve your mood, sleep, and overall health?

These chairs and matching ottomans will make you relaxed after a long week of office work and housework. You can sit back, take a sip of wine or beer and just laze away. The good news is you can make this design easily because this comes with very easy plans. And even if you are new to woodworking, you can complete this Adirondack design easily. 


93) Pallet Chair Plans

These chairs were obviously done with the utmost care and attention because these look very classy and luxurious. Would you believe that these were made from wood pallets? The builder must have collected only the best pallets with the most minimal imperfections to get this awesome effect.

The Adirondack chairs here have large, rounded backs while the seats are lowered at the back. The steep angle elevates your knees and lower legs and this lifts your feet off the ground for the utmost relaxation.

The armrests look well—made and can be used as a small table to hold stuff you need as you relax. Take note that a number of coats of wood stain were used to create that shine and appeal. The builder has made an antique—looking furniture out of ordinary pallets! 


94) Pallet Chairs Around a Fire Pit

The four Adirondack chairs we have here were possibly made for cold outdoor nights by the fire and bonding time with family and friends. This is what sets an Adirondack chair from other types of chair: you get to relax so much when you sit on this chair.

You and your friends and family can sit on your Adirondack chairs and gather around the fire pit to tell stories or to roast marshmallows. The cozy chair can accommodate pillows, cushions, and blankets so you can stay warm as you have fun outdoors.

The armrests can hold food and beverages, staple items in gatherings and mini parties by the campfire. Don’t you wish you have this kind of place on your backyard now? You can absolutely make these lovely chairs even if you are a beginner in woodworking projects.


95) Adirondack Chair Made Out of Wooden Pallets

Most Adirondack chair photos you may have probably seen online focuses on the front of the chair but rarely do you see the back of the seat. Now you can admire the backside glory of this easy to do Adirondack chair.

This is a chair with a tall back, a wide and spacious seat but a narrow and long armrest. See how the back supports cradle the backrest from this angle? There are many variations for this but this is the most efficient and the most durable that even a large person can’t break this type of chair.

From this angle too, you can see that this project is made out of wooden pallets which may have been treated and stained to get the best effect. This project is as easy as the image shows. Find out and see if it could be the next outdoor woodworking project for you.


96) Simple Adirondack Chairs

This is a set of Adirondack chairs with their respective ottomans. These have a simple design which stands true to the Adirondack style. These have a tall and wide rounded back made with only five wooden planks.

The seats are slightly lowered at the back which is something different from the curved Adirondack chair designs. The armrests are long and generous for this style, therefore, you can use these to relax and to even hold your coffee mug or a wine glass.

The ottomans extend the lower legs even farther, therefore, allowing you to relax better even to the point of napping. Looking at these chairs may remind you of a dental chair minus the pain! You will find the plans for these lovely chairs easy to follow with a complete list of all the things you need and step by step instructions as well.

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97) Easy Adirondack Chair Plan

This is definitely an easy Adirondack chair plan but not without complete materials and the right tools. This chair is a classic with four stately planks at the back which have been rounded to create a clean design.

The seat has been lowered at the back but not too sharp to keep you from standing up. The armrests are wide and are long and these let you carry your coffee, wine or beer outdoors. This Adirondack chair plan calls for wooden pallets as the material of choice.

Wooden pallets can be purchased anywhere and sometimes for a bargain. But if you have wooden pallets at home or you can get some from a local area for free then these would do nicely.

Inspect the pallets, clean and sand them to improve their appearance. Apply wood stain after your project is done to protect your chair from the elements.


98) Adirondack Chair with Plans

This is a plan to make a stately Adirondack chair like this one. This wooden chair plan was from the Black and Decker site with the aim of presenting their many power tool products. This was proudly a project made by using the company’s many power cutting tools.

As you can see, the back looks very tall not your typical Adirondack style. The set is slightly lowered at the back but not too low as to become very hard to get up from the chair. The armrests are huge and will certainly be able to hold items as you stay outdoors.

This is a pretty simple build, a no-frills design that you can possibly complete in just a few hours with the right tools and complete materials. You will also notice that the wood here was carefully stained and weatherproofed much like the deck it is standing on. Whether you are new to making this kind of chair or you have done this before, this plan will surely help you out.


99) Easy Adirondack Chair

This is a plan to make this box-type Adirondack chair. This has large wooden planks as a backrest. The planks were not shaped, just cut according to the length of the back based on the pattern. The seat is a bit low from the back and has large armrests.

The design looks very simple and in fact very basic to complete. But the thing is, this is made from wooden pallets so you need to make sure that you are using strong and bug-free pallets. Once you have your pallets ready, cut and sand these accordingly.

Place wood stain to further protect your deck chair. With waterproofing, you have a deck chair that will last for a long time. 


100) Adirondack Ski Chair 2

This is another plan to build a unique Adirondack ski chair only this time, the armrests were made from wooden pallets instead of ski parts. Do you know that most skiers simply throw their skis to the fire once this break or crack, there’s simply no remedy when your skis fail?

But instead of throwing these away or turning it into firewood, collect them and turn them into these ingenious Adirondack chairs. You might think, what do you actually do with these chairs? These could be the focal point of your backyard. You can use sit on these as you watch game night from your backyard.

Use these to party when your team wins and to celebrate bonding time with family and friends. You can also use these as lounge chairs near your pool or at the beach. The complete guide of how to make these clever colorful seats are so easy to follow and can even suit anyone who is new to woodworking.


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