99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

91) Lovely Shimmering Pallet Bed Frame

This is another shimmer pallet bed that can be constructed in just a few minutes. The bed is made from several pieces of pallet wood, stacked and held together by strong nails to become the frame. Lovely LED lights were placed at the inside of the wooden pallet frames and these make a glowing, dramatic effect.

Not all glowing and shimmering pallet bed frames are the same. You may find the designs quite similar but these differ from the size of the mattress, the accessories on the bed and the height of the bed from the floor. All these factors affect the way the light affects the room. You can make this is your next woodworking project.

92) Easy DIY Pallet Bed Frame

This is a quick and easy pallet bed frame plan that uses only a few pallet frames to support the large mattress. The steps on how to achieve the final look are seen in the photos below and as you can see this frame was made in just a few hours.

Accessorizing this lovely blue and white room was quite easy because the wooden pallets were painted white. Adding white pillows and blue accents have made this bed and bed frame stand out.

93) How Much Space can a Pallet Bed Frame Hold?

Just look at the photo; how much can a bed frame hold? Imagine this much storage space underneath your mattress! You can have this if you plan your project carefully. First of all, you need to select the ideal height for the wood frame. A taller frame allows you to have more space to hold stuff.

Next, design storage systems on each side, don’t forget the space in the front! Finally, you must carefully plan what to place inside these drawers and remember what’s in each one. Convenient, easy and very versatile, this is why most builders and designers use wood pallet frames as bed frames and material for many types of furniture.


94) Cool Pallet Bed Frame Design

Pallet frames were used to construct the bed frame for this project as well as the headboard and a small bedside table. This builder made sure that the bed was properly highlighted in this design by using soft white colored linens with brown accents. The wood used in this project was untreated and bare.

The lovely natural appearance of wooden pallets can be seen and felt when you touch the pallets’ surface. This pallet room set is very easy to build but it may take you a weekend to complete all the elements. But nevertheless, this is a stunning design that will make any room shine.


95) Manly Pallet Bed Frame Design

This pallet frame bed design is quite traditional and was made from a layer of pallet wood. The mattress is large and is good for two however if you are a bachelor then this would even suffice for you. This is a very simple design that has the basic colors. There are no bright, warm colors but the overall design certainly appeals to men.

You can construct this pallet bed frame design in just a few steps. All you need are clean and strong wood pallet frames and tools to connect the pallets together.

You can improve this simple design by raising the mattress higher from the ground or by adding more pallets horizontally to create a seating section or a headboard at the front.


96) Pallet Bed Swing 2

This is another bed swing with pallets as bed frames but this time this swing was constructed to be used outdoors. This luxurious bed swing is strong and can accommodate one or two people at a time. It is accessorized with large pillows and a blanket for cold days. The swing was attached to the beam of this pergola with large chains.

The wood pallet bed frame in this design is hugely made up of two large panels. As you can see the swing is large as it is wide because it occupies the entire area of the structure. This project is very easy to construct but you must be very careful to install it on a strong beam or support. 


97) Simple Pallet Bed Design Plan

This pallet bed frame design makes use of at least six pallet frames to hold this very large mattress. Instead of just letting this large mattress on the ground, this design lets you keep the mattress clean and organized. This height also makes the mattress easier to use and to climb out of.

The frame in this design is very easy to make and can be done in about an hour. All that needs to be done is to lay out these pallet frames and connect each one. After a short while, you will have yourself a large frame for a very large and very comfortable mattress.


98) An All-White Plan Bedroom Pallet Bed Design

Two layers of wooden pallets were used to elevate the large bed from the floor inside this all-white bedroom. A white room is usually hard to accessorize which is why most of the time people just go with different hues when it comes to the wall color.

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In this room, white remains as the major color which is why an off-white pallet color was used. The darker shade of white was also used as the color for the mattress, bedding, and linens. Other accessories have the same color but vary in intensity.

This special attention to color lets you create relaxing and inviting areas just like this warm and inviting white bedroom.


99) Industrial Bedroom Décor with Wood Pallet Bed Frame

This is another pallet bed frame made for a large area like this bedroom. This industrial bedroom is part of a large loft and to highlight the bedroom area is a king-sized bed that was set on a king-sized pallet bed frame.

The bed frame is huge to accommodate this gigantic mattress. On top of the mattress, a soft dark blanket is placed and this highlights the lovely abstract accent wall at the back.

Accessorizing and styling this kind of room is a challenge. Not only do you need to designate different areas as the bedroom, dining area, living room, etc. you must also create a sort of identity in each section. Using this wood pallet bed has achieved that in the bedroom with a large pedestaled bed.

This project is very basic and you can even make this in just a few hours. No need for special tools and skills to complete this project at all. 



Wood pallets are among the easiest and the cheapest materials to use for a bed frame and for building other types of furniture. Many builders choose pallet wood because of its natural beauty, sincere strength, and versatility.

You can buy pallet wood from almost any home and garden store or hardware. You can make almost any kind of furniture piece with pallets. You can also count on pallets to be inexpensive compared to using hardwood, lumber or plastic.

There are a lot of pallet bed designs but the most popular is the use of pallets. You will be able to find one, two or three layered pallet frames. You will find designs that use casters so these may be easily taken anywhere and some have feet and legs to steady the bed even more.

It is fun to work with pallets. With this material, you can work on different designs and create different furniture pieces that are both fun and functional.

Finally, wood pallets are beautiful. You don’t have to paint one to show off its lovely designs. You can simply coat it with stain or varnish and you have a lovely outdoor design for all weather.

Building a bed frame is easy as well and it is safe to see that you don’t need to be an expert to follow these plans. And with the best plans and the right materials and the best tools, you will be able to finish any project easy. Have fun making your own pallet wood frame!

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