33 Pallet Bench DIY Ideas

31) Expressive Pallet Bench

Image URL: https://www.upcycled-wonders.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/pallet-furniture-ideas-creative-diy-armchair-colorful-cushion.jpg

If you are the expressive type of person, why not let it show with the art pieces that you make? Basically, for this wooden project, certain portions of the pallets are painted in a way that makes them express what you want. The pillow is also selected carefully.

Of course, you can choose whatever art décor you would like to add, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences. You may choose to paint the main pallet bench itself, or just leave it the way it is for a natural and pleasing appeal. Start expressing yourself with one of these pallet benches and explore on your creative side.

32) Luxurious Pallet Bench

Image URL: https://www.upcycled-wonders.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/shipping-pallet-furniture-creative-ideas-violet-cushion-decorative-pillows.jpg

For this specific DIY wooden project, the design is assembled to form the bench that it is. Basically, the pallets are placed on top of the other to form the base. To complete the look, a cushion is added on top. Spice it up even further by adding a couple of pillows.

This pallet bench also doubles as a store where you can place some of your items, and reduce the clutter in your living room. Choosing the white color for the base further emphasizes the color of the cushion used for the assembled pallet set.

33) Blue Outdoor Pallet

Image URL: https://www.upcycled-wonders.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/outdoor-pallet-furniture-ideas-creative-blue-painted-bench.jpg

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Nothing is more peaceful to look at than a furniture piece in blue color. This bench is perfect for your outdoor yard, allowing you to rest under the warmth of the sun. The DIYer of this project chose to leave the natural color of the main seating bench to create a striking contrast between the two colors. You can also paint some designs on the backrest of the bench to customize this pallet bench even further.


Start honing your artistic side by exploring these pallet bench ideas. These pallet benches are not just perfect as a furniture, but also ideal for your decorative needs. Whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, what you will have is a piece of furniture that will serve as a conversation starter for your family and friends.

You can choose which project to start with. However, if it is your first time to create a DIY woodworking project, it is recommended to start with an easy one. Later on, as your skills start to improve, you can then move to the more complicated, and more challenging designs for pallet benches.

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