70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

61) Awesome Dark Pallet Fence Design

Now, this is a pallet fence to end all pallet fences! The snake-like design lets you appreciate the versatility of good old pallet wood. This was probably made for a park because alongside the pallet fence are decorative plants. This fence has pallets arranged in a vertical manner but there was no bracing to keep the pallets together.

Rather than use bracing, one by one the pallets were struck to the ground. These were buried but in such a way that the pallets appear equal in height. As you can see this pallet fence stretches out to who knows how long. Truly this is a design that will surely inspire you to use this on your next woodworking project.

62) Pallet Fence for a Small Home

This is a pallet fence that was made to secure a backyard of a small home. While most homeowners do their best to secure their front yard using gates, security cameras and alarms, the side section and the backyard get neglected. One way to avoid any intruders entering the back is to use an easy fencing method, like this pallet fence.

This fence is very easy to install because it has a very basic design. The fence and the gate were made by arranging the pallets with only minimal gaps. This is actually a very easy project that does not require much expertise in woodworking. You must have a lot of pallet wood though because you’ll need it if you have a large area to fence.

63) Pallet Gate for Chain Fence

A gate should be strong to ensure you and your family’s safety. This chain fence is very low and may not be that safe at all. So the owner installed this pallet wood gate to provide security and privacy. The gate is made of pieces of the pallet, not just the pallet frame.

This is a solid strong gate that is as tall as the chain fence as it is wide. The plans to make this pallet gate are very easy to follow and won’t take you a long time to work on it too. You will only use a few pallets and you can also use reclaimed pallets or recycled wood so you don’t have to spend anything at all.

64) Pallet Fence with Planting Space

Have you ever thought your yard needed a facelift? One way to do it is to add this lovely pallet fence which frames your walkway so easily. The fence is made from shaped pallets which were done using a circular saw or a table saw.

This fence also keeps people from stepping on the green grass as well as on a small planting space right next to the walkway. This proves that despite its size, this fence was able to serve its purpose of protecting the turf. You can improve this design by painting this the color you want as well as by constructing a much higher fence when the plants have finally grown as well.

65) Pallet Fence and Gate

Fences may be high to prevent intruders while some fences are low because these are simply for decorative purposes. Still, other fences serve as a perimeter fence simply to tell people that this is a secluded area, do not come in. This pallet fence design keeps people away from this garden. Even the dog will tell you that this is a private area.

The fence and the gate have a very basic design. As you can see it was made only from recycled pallets. The builder did not bother applying a coat of stain on the pallets. This should not be the case since  pallets can weaken due to water damage and sun damage, it’s best to apply stain or paint to protect them


66) Instant Pallet Frame Fence Design

This is a very large area that needed to be fenced. But instead of using expensive concrete or flimsy chain fence, the owner used pallet wood. Pallets are cheap and are more versatile. The fact that  you can get pallets for free at some stores and businesses, this means that this entire project won’t cost you anything.

Now, this pallet fence is very long and was made by using large pallet frames. The frames were installed one by one while the door was installed the last. The fences were stained a moderately dark stain to protect the wood from rain and extreme sunlight. This looks like a very sunny place and staining helps preserve the natural beauty of pallet wood. 


67) Pallet Fence for a Farm

Now, this is a huge pallet fence made to cover a large farm area. This fence creates a safe and secure area for farm animals to roam in or a secure space to grow vegetables and herbs in. As you can see the pallets were carefully installed to cover the entire perimeter of the area so it would be quite hard to construct this fence despite its very easy design.

Constructing this large fence is something to plan ahead for. Not only do you need a lot of pallets and pallet frames but you need to consider manpower to help you complete  your project more efficiently and faster as well.

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68) Pallet Fence for a Private Area

Now, this is something that will inspire you. This is a pallet fence that’s sole purpose is to provide privacy to a seating area. This is a fence and at the same time a permanent garden structure with a roof which you can install easily in your garden or yard.

It was made by constructing sections upon sections of pallets. Now, these sections were installed under a tall pergola-like structure. This is entirely made of pallets even the benches are made from pallet wood. And of course this pallet fence and the private area can be made even by a novice woodworker but it could take time to complete because of its size.

69) Small Garden Pallet Fence

Would you want to grow your own vegetables or herbs? Growing these is one thing and protecting your crops is another. You can use all kinds of planters and tricks but the best way to protect your beloved plants and crops is still to build a fence.

This is a fence that was meant to shield veggies and other plants from pests and rodents. It has a very simple design that is actually very easy to follow. The fence and the gate were made in several sections and these were installed really well from the back. This design needs a lot of pallets so be prepared to get a lot. 

70) Lovely Little Red Fence

This is a red fence that was made to enter a small area in a garden or patio. The fence was neatly made and with a small planter on the door and some outdoor garden décor. This has a basic design and is very easy to construct. You can improve this by making the door larger and the gaps smaller. But overall, this could be a good design to consider for your next woodworking project.



Fences have a lot of purposes. It provides privacy; it secures an area and can keep animals in or out. It is a good idea to build a fence around your property to keep your home or property safe and sound. And when it comes to building materials, nothing can be more versatile, lovelier and cheaper than pallet wood. You must consider this as your material of choice for your next woodworking fence project.

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