75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

11) Small Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels

Coffee tables are mostly very short with only a few amounts of space on top. Now, this pallet table follows the same traditional design. It is short, with legs attached to large wheels. The table top is made of just four pieces of pallets which were made smooth and ready for water or dust.

The builder used a very dark stain to cover the lovely surface of the pallet wood. There is a small section at the bottom of the surface to store magazines, remotes and more. This is a good project that is quite easy to make.


12) Pallet Coffee Table with Round Wooden Legs

Now, this is a large coffee table that you can share with a large number of friends. This table has a strong pallet top made of only several pieces of pallets. The legs are strong and can hold food, drinks, and other accessories.

There is a section in the middle of this coffee table where you can place different things like magazines, newspapers, and books. Despite its size, this project is very easy to make and will just take you a few hours provided you have all the materials ready.


13) Large Pallet Low Coffee Table for Living Room

Pallet frames may be stacked together or dismantled from the frame to make a table. This is a coffee table made from just two pallet frames. This creates a wide and smooth space on top where you can hold anything.

The builder stained this pallet coffee table a very dark stain. This provides a good waterproof surface and protects the wood from spills and messes. This is a project that is very easy to make and won’t take you a day to do. Include this in your woodworking project list for your next get together.


14) Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

This pallet coffee table is low but has plenty of storage areas. It is made from two pallet frames assembled to make a large and steady table. The top is smooth and even plus stained to keep the natural beauty of wood.

The table is also waterproof because of the deep stain which is very important in case of spills and messes as you use this as a full-time coffee table or entertainment table.


15) Pallet Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

This coffee table has a unique design. This is taller than most coffee tables because of its hairpin legs. This is made from only one pallet frame, cut and folded to make a tall table. The storage section in the middle of this pallet coffee table is huge, you can place all kinds of things here. There is no doubt that this pallet coffee table is something you’ll include in your woodworking to do list.


16) Pallet Coffee Table

Something very striking about this simple coffee table is that it has lovely natural grooves along the side of the table. The top is made from a number of pallet frames creating a flat and even surface to work on and to drink coffee on.

The legs look large and sturdy which is perfect if you want to use this for something else than coffee. And it is wider and longer than other coffee tables which is another good thing. The builder did not stain or pain this coffee table but you should yours to seal off water and messes and to protect the lovely natural appearance and imperfections of pallets.

This is a very easy and straightforward coffee table design that you can make even if you are a novice woodworker.


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17) Wooden Pallet Table

This is a very large pallet table that you can use as a dining table or a working table. The top is very rugged, non-stained and non-treated. The pallets look lovely this way but despite this, you still need to protect the top from spills and food debris. This large table  can seat eight or ten people at a time and would make a good outdoor party table too.


18) Pallet Table with Metal Legs

This is a pallet table that can be used as a coffee table or sectional table. It is low because it was made of a single pallet frame with very low hairpin metal legs. The table is wide as it is huge with a lovely polish on the top.

You can see that the builder too extra efforts in staining and polishing this table to protect it from mess and spills. This is a very easy project which can be done in just a few hours if you have all the materials needed for you.


19) Upcycled Pallet Wood Table

This is a pallet table what is wider and larger compared to regular coffee tables. It is made from several sections of pallets; the top was even framed with extra pieces of pallets to create a lovely geometric design. The bottom section is perfect for storage and can even fit a dog! Overall, this pallet table looks table and perfect as a coffee table or sectional table.


20) Square Pallet Table with Short Legs

This is a coffee table with a very low design. It is huge and wide but its size only allows it to be a living room center table. It is made from several pallets and strong stubby legs. But what’s striking about this table is that it looks golden and crisp.

The table top is smooth and very striking because of the dark stain that was applied on the top. No doubt that the builder understood the importance of using stain and waterproofing methods to protect the top of your coffee table.


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