75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

21) Low Pallet Long Coffee Table

Entertaining friends at home? Having family over for dinner? Let them have coffee or wine in your living room and let them envy your very lovely yet very cost-efficient coffee table made from pallet wood. This one is a very large table made from very large pallet frames.

Two frames were stacked together to make a coffee table fit for a large family or for a large party. This is a total knock out coffee table which was coated with a dark stain. This aims to protect the pallet wood and to create a waterproof cover for splashes and messes. 


22) Pallet Table DIY Plans

This is another low coffee table made from two pallet frames but this time this table has a square-shaped design. The table is large and spacious so it’s perfect for entertaining, drinking coffee, parties and more.

The table appears to be flat and even because the spaces between the pallets were covered with pallets as well. The table is well-protected with a moderately-dark stain. The surface is therefore good enough for placing cold or hot drinks without fear of affecting your pallets.

And because this project is merely stacking pallets together, it is very easy to build and won’t cost you anything at all. A good project for any beginner woodworker!


23) DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Now, this coffee table is unlike other tables that were featured before. This one has a unique geometric design that has given the table a unique retro look. This coffee table is small for starters but its beauty makes up for its height and size.

The top has a lovely geometric design that highlights the beauty of wood. The builder obviously used two shades of pallets and cut these in a diagonal formation. After the pallets were installed, the additional stain was added to the top to make it smooth and waterproof.

This coffee is quite a challenge to build because of its design but despite this, it has a simple basic style that can be constructed even  with someone with very little woodworking skills.   

24) The Perfect Pallet Desk

Why spend so much on a computer table when you can use a pallet desk like this. Now, this desk is made completely from pallet wood. It is wide as it is spacious. The top was made from several pallets with varying shades.

The pallets were arranged in such a way as the light and dark pallets alternate with each other creating a very lovely pattern. You will have a large space to work and play on this large desk and as you can see, two large computer monitors and some file cases can fit easily. This is a very easy project that won’t take long to build. You can use this as your inspiration for your next projects as well.


25) Pallet Dining Table

Pallets can be dark or light and can be long or short which is why it’s a favorite for making dinner tables. This is a huge dining table made from very light, very perfect pallets. The pallets were simply assembled to make a perfectly flat surface while its legs were constructed out of metal.

The top of the table is very smooth but it looks like it lacks waterproofing or protection. A dining table should always be stained or varnished to preserve its appearance and shape. This is a nice project that you can make even if you are new to woodworking. 

26) DIY Pallet Picnic Table

This is a picnic table with attached benches. This picnic table has a simple design and can accommodate around 3 people per side/bench. The table top may not be that wide and long but is an even surface where you can eat, entertain guests and spend time outdoors with your family and friends.

This uses only a few pallets and therefore is very easy and cheap to make. This would look great in your garden or backyard.

27) Reclaimed Pallet Wood Table

This is a very brightly-designed pallet wood table that’s made for kids. Just looking at the design of this table, you will instantly feel a smile on your lips. The table has a wide top with a very large design. The design was painted on the wall using brush and wood paint.

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You can also build this kind of pallet table and paint your own design. You can paint using freehand or you can also use stencils which is one of the easiest.

Stencils are among the easiest and the most popular. You can buy stencils from bookstores, art supplies shop and school supplies store. You can also make your own stencils using a computer. 


28) End Table Pallet Wood

End tables are small tables that are usually placed at the end of a seating section. If you have a sofa with two armchairs on each side, an end table can be placed near an armchair. Most of the time, end tables are used for display. Despite its size, you can place a lamp, photographs and small decorative items.

Now, this end table has a very basic design. It is even on all sides and has a section at the bottom to place plants and other decorations. It is small but strong and looks very solid. It would be a good addition to your plain living room.


29) Pallet Night Stand

Having a small table near your bed is a must. A nightstand is where you can place all kinds of items including a lamp, an alarm clock, your phone, books, and jewelry. This is a plan to help you build your very own nightstand made of pallets.

This pallet nightstand has a large area on top where you can place anything plus storage in the middle and lower section. The bottom drawer can hold important things, therefore, you can install a basic lock. This project is easy even a novice woodworker would be able to make one.


30) Woodworking Table

A woodworking table should be large, wide and strong. This is where you will place heavy materials like wood and metal, to work on them. This is where power tools are positioned and operated like a circular saw, table saw and a miter saw.

This is a plan that will teach you how to make a woodworking table. This table will serve as a flat and smooth area where you can work on your woodworking crafts and projects. It has a huge area on top while the legs are also made from large pieces of wood. This is an easy project despite its size and you can finish this in just a few hours to be ready for your next projects.

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