75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

31) Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top

Instead of a table with a pallet top, this pallet coffee table boasts of a glass top. The sleek glass top has made this coffee table more sophisticated and classy. Remove the lovely glass top and you have two pallet frames stacked on top of each other.

The frames were stained with a moderately dark stain which was just enough to let the natural beauty of pallets shine. Staining also protects the wood from water damage and from food mess. This table is quite easy to make and will make a wonderful addition to your living space.


32) Corner Table Made of Pallets

This is a very unusual table because of its size. It has a large top with a rectangular shape. This was constructed to fit in a corner of the room hence the shape. This design is a good idea to save space. It may only occupy a corner but it will surely hold a lot of stuff as well.

It can hold one or two large computer monitors, a printer, scanner and even small table top filing system/drawers. You can make this design as your inspiration to build a similarly shaped desk.


33) Rolling Coffee Table

You can have coffee, entertain friends and just relax with this rolling coffee table. Set up only takes a few minutes. Just roll this table to wherever you want to and enjoy a nice cup. This table is made from two pallet frames fitted with round wheels at the bottom.

This table has a very spacious top although you can still see slots between each pallet. And you can paint this table whatever color you want or you can stain this according to the shade you want as well. 

34) The Outdoor Table

This large pallet dining table is truly one of a kind. Because aside from having a large table top to use, it has a growing garden in the middle. Slots were laid out in the middle to hold plant planters. The slots can hold up to three planters, each planter with a colorful decorative or flowering plant.

The top of the table was slightly stained to protect it from water damage and from food debris. If you can create your own version of this table, what would you make?

There are other versions of this table like a pallet table with a beer cooler or a wine cooler in the middle. Overall, this is not just a simple but also a fun project to indulge in.


35) Restoration Plan for a Large Dining Room Table

This is a stately dining room table made from well-selected pallets. The table top is smooth, spacious and stately. It was stained using a very light to moderately dark stain which was meant to bring out the natural beauty of wood and to protect the table surface from scratches and water damage.

You can see that the legs of this table look very strong and stable. This would definitely fit at least eight or ten people at a time.

36) Pallet Dining Table 2

This pallet table is made from tiled pallets. The top looks awesome with pallets with different colors and shades. It is even, smooth and slightly stained to bring out the natural beauty of wood. The legs are metal which gives it some kind of 70s style.

But overall, this project is lovely as it is classy. If you intend to follow this plan, try to start collecting different pallets to be able to build this colorful design.


37) Very Smooth Pallet Dining Table

Even a fly will slip and fall once it lands on this table’s surface! This is a super thin, but nonetheless very smooth and stunning pallet dining table. This table is large and can accommodate at least six to eight people at a time.

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The pallets used in this table are well sanded, treated and stained to create a lovely area where you and your family can dine and wine. You will love using this not as a dining table but also a working table, crafts table, and a computer table as well.


38) Building a Pallet Table Design with Glass Top

This pallet table design has a lovely glass top. The table was made entirely of pallets and has solid legs. This is a large patio dining table that can seat six people comfortably. It can accommodate a large number of items on top like dinnerware, flowers and of course, food.

This pallet table is huge but no doubt that it can be constructed even if you have no prior experience in woodworking. This is a good design that should serve as one of your pallet table design inspirations.


39) Dining Room Table Plan

This is a dining room table that’s not just large but very accommodating. This may just be a computer design of the table but it looks amazing because of its size. The top is made from pallets and the legs were made from very strong lumber to accommodate the weight of the table.

This dining table is a wonderful idea if you have six or more family members at home. And despite its size, this table is very easy to make because it still has a very basic design. With complete materials, you will be able to build this dining room table in no time.

40) Simple Pallet Table

Possibly one of the simplest woodworking projects you may have thought of making is a table. In fact, table designs are the most numerous online and offline. Now, this is a simple pallet table design that makes use of only a few pieces of pallets.

The top is not too large but not too narrow as well. It has been stained with a very dark stain to protect the tabletop from water and food debris. This table is large enough to accommodate six people for dinner making it a good inspiration for your next project if you have this many person in  your family.


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