75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

51) Chunky  Base Table

This table has a light color and a warm feel. Only light pallets were chosen for this project and as you can see, the result was amazing. The table top is smooth and perfect for dining, working and crafting because it’s steady and smooth.

The builder has made the top smooth and glossy with a touch of light stain. The stain was able to protect the top from water and extreme heat and at the same time showcase the beauty of wood. This design also features a bulky set of legs which steadies the table and strengthens it as well.

Despite its chunky legs, this is a project that’s easy to make and can be done in a weekend if you have complete materials and tools.


52) Happier Homemaker Farmhouse Table

This is a very large farmhouse table that is lovely and versatile. This has a very large top which will allow you to use it for different things. You can use this as your dinner table, patio table or your workstation or working table. The top is strong and its large legs can hold the top well for any activity.

This table was slightly stained this is why it has a natural shine. This table can seat 6 to 8 people but you can make this bigger and larger if you have more family members or guests coming to your party.


53) Patio Table with Built-In Beer and Wine Coolers

This is a patio table that will surely see better days. It has a built in beer cooler in the middle of the table! There is no doubt that having cold drinks is the number one concern when there is a party, event or you are simply watching the games. This pallet table eliminates the need to stand just to get drinks from the cooler.

The table top has been painted a lovely warm brown to match the comfortable patio chairs. The center was left open to allow planters (plant planters) to be installed and filled with ice. The beer instantly chills and your guests can simply reach in. This is a totally ingenious idea that should be a part of your pallet woodworking plans for your next outdoor party.


54) White Dining Table

This dining table is a classic example of a very strong dining table made with a flat top and an X-brace at the middle. This table can sit around ten people with a very lovely top which was not yet stained or painted.

The bottom is a very strong brace that intends to hold the table and balance it well. You can also use this table for other purposes. Aside from transforming it to a sleek dining table with dark staining, this can be used as a working table, crafts table or a very large computer or study table.

Overall, this pallet table deserves proper staining to protect its lovely surface from marks, water, and scratches.


55) Red Adult Picnic Table

This picnic table design is a classic with a wide and large table top and attached benches. This table is a staple in most campsites, parks, and playgrounds with its very simple yet versatile design. The top has been sanded to become smoother and even. A splash of red paint has made this table look more festive.

This table can seat around six to eight adults. The benches may lack middle support but it works well in handling more people because of its support beams from each side of the table. This is a good design to use if you are making an outdoor patio table or a table for crafts, woodworking or for dining.


56) Simple Sawhorse Table

This pallet table design is made from large pieces of pallets with narrow but very efficient legs or sawhorse legs. In between the two legs are storage sections for smaller items. The top, on the other hand, is made from very lovely pallets which were painted a dark brown color.

The size of the table surface is home to your computer as a number of items you like to keep on your desk. No doubt that this project is easy to follow and costs next to nothing because you can easily find pallet wood almost anywhere. This should be included in your woodworking to do list. 


57) Rustic Pallet Table and Benches

Only a small section of this pallet table was featured in the photograph but this is enough to see that this is a table with a very straightforward design. It has a very lovely smooth surface that has been treated with a very dark stain.

This stain does not just change the color of pallet wood but also makes the wood waterproof and scratch proof (to a certain degree). The pallet wood has matching benches on each side and these have similar designs with the large pallet table. 

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How to improve this table design? You can skip staining and start painting your own pallet wood creation. The paint will provide some coating on the wood surface. This coating will shield the table top from water and messes. Same goes the narrow pallet benches. Overall, this project is very easy to make and no doubt that it can be done in the quickest time possible. 


58) Bench Octagon Pallet Table

An octagon table is a challenge to build especially when you are using pallet wood. Although this is unconventional, there are plenty of reasons why you need an octagon table. First, this design is versatile as it is lovely.

This can be used as a center table, a hall table or a gaming table. This table is for homes with very small spaces. It can accommodate only a few spaces and therefore a good idea for apartments, dormitories, and small apartments.

This project may be a little complicated because of its shape but no doubt that it can be done even by someone new to woodworking.


59) Sleek and Stylish Coffee Table

Just like coffee, pallets come in different shades and strengths. Pallets can be darker or lighter while coffee can be dark or light as well. The type of wood used to make a coffee table matters as well. Dark pallets create a very dark table with a very classy vibe and are perfect for entertaining guests with coffee.

The lighter pallet shade is for people who just want to lounge around, drink coffee and relax. So which color are you?

This large coffee table is wide and long which is kind of unusual for a regular coffee table. It has a very lovely and smooth top which are due to its moderately dark stain. The table is waterproof, scratchproof and protected from spills and messes because of this stain. And despite its size and design this table is quite easy to construct and won’t take long to do so.


60) Pallet Table Night Stand

These pallets have a slightly darker shade and were used to construct this cute nightstand. A slight stain should be applied on the surface of this table to protect it from the sun and from the water. But is a nightstand really necessary?

No doubt that you can live and sleep without a nightstand near your bed but why deny yourself the convenience? With a nightstand such as this small furniture, you have space to keep a lampshade. You can easily reach for the switch to turn on or off the lights. 

You can also use this kind of nightstand to hold a telephone or your mobile phone. This is a nice place to store books too because of its small but handy storage section at the bottom. Overall, you can count on a nightstand to keep your bedroom more comfortable than ever.


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