125 Picnic Table DIY Plans

31) The Strong Picnic Table

Now let’s focus on the actual picnic table for once. This is a table plan that shows you how to make a strong picnic from scratch. The table surface is large and flat and can accommodate six people, three on each side.

The table legs are large and strong with powerful V-shaped supports at the center. The sides of the table legs are also reinforced with horizontal supports running from one leg to another which again improves the stability of the table.

This design is quite easy to make and can be done even in an afternoon. But to make this a good table to work on, sand it well and waterproof it especially when you plan to leave it outdoors.

32) Picnic Table By Yellawood

This is another traditional picnic table design with a large table and detached benches. The table and benches are made from large slats of wood and the benches are made of these as well.

The feet of both table and benches have crisscrossed-style legs that are also a classic picnic table design. This style is perfect as an outdoor dining furniture which can also double as a worktable, crafts table, and a large outdoor party table.

The plans for this picnic table are found here and as you can see it’s very easy to build. Just remember to weatherproof your table and benches especially if you want to leave this on your backyard or patio.  


33) Classic Cedar Picnic Table

This lovely cedar picnic table is large and strong with benches attached to the table. From this angle, you can see that the table has reinforced supports at the bottom while the horizontal beam supports carry the weight of the benches.

This is a medium-sized picnic table that can accommodate three adults on each bench. This is made of cedar which is one of the best and strongest hardwoods, perfect for outdoor use. Use this outdoor table for eating, crafts or for a table for kids.

And since this table is non-foldable and looks a bit heavy, you would probably let this remain in your backyard. Waterproofing is a good way to protect outdoor furniture such as this so make sure to either use paint or wood stain.


34) The Build-It-Yourself Picnic Table

This is a classic picnic table design that you can build even if you have never made any woodworking project before. This is a classic build consisting of a table with attached picnic benches.

The top of the table uses five large wooden beams while the benches use two. Large horizontal supports carry the weight of the benches on each side. This table can take up to six adults, three on each side.

But if you find this a bit flimsy you can otherwise add supports along the middle of the bench. The plans for this design are also easy to build and adjust. You can make the seats and the table longer to accommodate more people as well.

35) Unique Octagonal Picnic Table

This unique octagonal picnic table could be the highlight of your garden or backyard. It has a special design that you will surely find interesting to build. This table is made from tough hardwood and by looking at the design, you might say that the builder took a lot of time designing and constructing this.

Every piece of wood on the table and for the bench has been expertly cut and measured. Extra supports are found on every side of the of the octagon which makes this a very strong build. Another thing about this table is that it is very heavy therefore it would surely remain outdoors.

Make sure to place weatherproofing material on your table to protect it from the sun and rain. This is not an average design and an average build, you need some woodworking experience to cut and measure wood. Have fun making this picnic table.


36) Small Attached Picnic Table for your Backyard

This is an all-in-one picnic table that you can use as a dining area in your backyard or garden or as a place where your kids can work on crafts and school work. It is a rustic piece which you can make in just an afternoon.

The table looks large and able to accommodate as many as three adults or four kids on each side. The benches here are wide but are only supported from each side. Therefore it would be safe to assume that this can only accommodate the only a minimal amount of weight.

As you use the special plan to construct this table, make sure to weatherproof your table so it can withstand rain or sun. 


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37) Classic Picnic Table Underneath a Pergola

This is a plan to make a picnic shelter or a picnic table underneath a pergola. First, take a look at the table which has a classic design. The table and the chairs are constructed out of strong lumber which can resist rain and shine.

The picnic table is small and may only accommodate three children or two adults on each side. The benches are held by two large support beams on each side of the table which is quite effective because this is a very small table.

The pergola in this design is tall, airy with a triangular roof made of slats of wood. The floor is made of tile and cement which is a good way to keep water and dirt off the picnic site.

38) Modern Picnic Table Design

Ah, look at this amazing piece! The picnic table and separated benches have a boxed design, very straightforward. Made from tough lumber and coated with dark green paint, the table and chairs complement the lovely outdoor colors.

A large red umbrella is placed to protect the spread which is a delightful lunch. Colorfully striped cushions, napkins, and tableware also complement the entire design. This picnic table has been installed on a patio or garden with a stone pathway.

And most likely, these pieces will be left outdoors once the event is over so weatherproofing is needed. Would you want this delightful outdoor space in your garden or yard?


39) Very Simple Picnic Table Design

This is a very simple picnic table design that you can actually follow even if you have never created any kind of woodworking project before. The table is connected to the benches on each side using a large support beam on both ends of the table.

The tabletop is smooth and wide, perfect for dining and crafts. This table is also able to accommodate as many as two adults per side or three kids on each side. If you were to build this table, you must paint it using a waterproof paint or use wood stain to keep the wood from deteriorating and losing its luster.

This simple picnic design project can be accomplished in just a weekend or even in a day provided you have complete tools and materials handy.


40) The Easy Picnic Table Plan

One of the best ways to explain a design is to explore it. An exploded design makes it easier to find the location of each part of the table plus will help you envision the final design.

And with this picnic table plan, you can easily see that it is actually very easy to assemble. The table surface is made up of five long wide slats of hardwood while the two benches were made of two long planks. The supports and legs of this picnic table and benches are made of very strong wood.

There may be a few ways to improve this plan though you can add additional support on each bench and extend the length of the table and bench to accommodate more people. This can accommodate two adults and at least three children.


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