10 Woodworking Projects You Can Do at Home

Woodworking is not always about industrial-grade power tools and complicated projects. There’s a ton of things you can do with wood, some tools, and a creative mind.

1) Start small with coasters

Source: DIYZ

Coasters are great for both novice and experienced woodworkers because they are blank squares or discs waiting to be spruced up! They are also great for practice because you don’t stand to lose or damage too much if you do make a mistake.

2) And go a little bigger with this bottle vase

Source: Shanty2Chic

Woodworking projects can’t be possible get any simpler than this. We love how elegant, stylish, and minimalist it is. Try experimenting with different stains or finishes for this so-called bottle vase and see how it all turns out.

3) Why not go high up with this pendant light?

Source: Homelovr

Interior design is all about rustic nowadays. This particular pendant light is made out of scrap wood. Make one yourself with what you can find around your house, plus some electrical know-how (but we’ll let you cheat there).

4) Or show your wall some love

Source: Clever Wood Projects

It’s amazing what a few scraps can do. You can easily put a twist on this project by making the upright panels align diagonally or by putting more variety in wood length. You can also play around with stains or tweak the horizontal panel a bit to turn it into a candle holder instead.

5) Or go for a something safe like a Christmas tree

Source: Pallets Platform

This is a fun twist to the traditional Christmas tree. You can modify it to make it useful all year round by turning it into a display case. You can also use the same frame but lessen the “branches” for a cleaner, less cluttered look (which is what display cases are for, right?).

6) A trunk is always nice to have around

Source: Wood Archivist

A chest is a nice project to do because it involves several woodworking techniques. You can practice making various types of joints here, for example. You have a curved cover. There’s a lot of things you can tweak. Even if you make a mistake or if it doesn’t turn out the way you planned, it’s at least going to be useful.

7) And so is this awesome toy car

Source: Handy Wood

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We did say this is a list of woodworking projects you can do at home. We never said all of these were easy! Building a table, a bench, or a frame requires that you know how to use measuring instruments. Building something like a toy car, however, is a different thing altogether. You have to have an eye (and hands) for symmetry and design.

8) And this fantasy of every clutter-hater

Source: Handmade Haven

All woodworkers should build at least one cabinet in their lives. If you have a considerable amount of time, you can go for one this big. You can also experiment with open shoe cubbies.

9) But don’t forget the kitchen!

Source: Garrett Wade

Put a quirky and fun twist to an otherwise drab kitchen by adding this little detail. You can go for a varnish or paint it with bright colors to make it pop.

10) Or the kids for that matter…

Source: Clever Wood Projects

Got any young ones? Kids are always fun to build projects for because nothing quite takes away the exhaustion of all that furious sawing and hammering than their sweet smiles and thank you hugs.


As you may have noticed by now, woodworking is not a competition of project difficulty. It is something you should be enjoying. What better way to have fun with it than to do it at home? This wraps up our list of the 10 woodworking projects you can do at home. We hope you liked this list!