Angle Grinder Vs Dremel Ultra Saw

Comparison Review: Angle Grinder vs Dremel Ultra Saw



Two of the most important parts of any woodworking project is prepping and finishing. Prepping is simply preparing the material you wish to use may it be wood, metal, acrylic or masonry. You will be removing rust, dirt, old paint, ugly blemishes or any unwanted surface marks on the material. When it’s time to finish your project, you may either grind surfaces to create a polished and even finish or use a brush to buff the surface clean.

You need a special tool to help you in prepping and finishing and usually, an angle grinder is used. I have probably used my angle grinder more often than other finishing tools in my shop. With an angle grinder, I was able to prepare materials needed for many projects. I was able to finish jobs easily as well.

Here are a comparison and review of the angle saw and a well-known power saw called the Dremel Ultra Saw. The Ultra Saw is a portable power cutting tool that can cut straight cuts, plunge cuts, and flush cuts. It can also be used for grinding and prepping materials as well. You will be able to work on different projects and use a variety of materials with an angle saw and an Ultra Saw.

Angle Grinder vs Dremel Ultra Saw

ProductAngle GrinderDremel Ultra Saw
Product Dimensions16 x 7.5 x 5.2 inches
Weight5 or more pounds6.75 pounds
Motor Power120 volts120 volts
AccessoriesWith a variety of saw blades, guards, handles, and wrenchesWith a variety of saw blades
Ratings4 out of 5
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is for people who want to use an efficient tool for prepping materials and finishing projects. It is for prepping a variety of materials like wood, metal, acrylic, and aluminum.

Short Review

An angle grinder is a handheld saw that is used for prepping or finishing materials and projects. It can be battery-operated or corded saw that has a single blade or tool that rotates in an arbor. A circular blade may be attached to an angle grinder to cut through different materials like wood, plastic, metal or aluminum. A sanding disc may be attached to ground surfaces or a brush may be attached to polish a surface. All discs used may be replaced after these have been spent. Replacement blades, sanding discs, and brushes can be purchased from a local hardware store or from an online store.

Main Features

  • Corded or battery operated
  • With replaceable discs and blades
  • With ergonomic handles
  • With removable guards
  • With easy to use operate power buttons and switches

Q & As

What material can be used with an angle grinder?

You can use a variety of materials with an angle grinder. You can cut wood, acrylic, plastic, metal, aluminum, and masonry with this saw. You can also use this to prep and finish a variety of surfaces a well. You can remove rust, old paint, and dirt completely from the material before you make the cut.

How do you take care of an angle grinder?

Remove the saw blade and replace it with a brand new one. Clean the spindle and wipe the tool clean with a soft piece of dry cloth. For a more detailed maintenance of an angle grinder, read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where do you take an angle grinder to get it serviced?

If your tool is still in warranty, contact customer service to look for the nearest service center for your device. If your angle grinder is no longer in warranty, have it serviced in a certified service center to get genuine replacement parts. 


  • Maybe battery operated so you can use it anywhere.
  • Have replaceable discs and blades.
  • Have safety features like guards and safety switches.
  • Will cut a variety of materials.


  • Angle grinders are heavier than most handheld saws.
  • Angle grinders are noisy but you can get one that’s quieter depending on the brand and model

Dremel Ultra Saw 

The Dremel Ultra Saw is for people who want a versatile and easy handheld power cutting tool. This may be for a variety of uses like plunge cutting and also for surface cleaning or prepping.

Short Review

The Dremel Ultra Saw is one of the many handheld power cutting tools from Dremel. It is for plunge cutting or cutting directly into the center of a board without the need for creating pilot holes for a floor vent. You can use the Ultra Saw for rip cutting, flush cutting plunge cutting, and surface prep. You can cut and prep a variety of materials with the Ultra Saw-like wood, plastic, metal, tile, and masonry. This is also versatile with two widest wheel positions and a 7.5 amp motor. It also has an adjustable depth control every time you use this portable cutting tool.       

Main Features

  • Used for straight cutting lines
  • Used for prepping surfaces like rust and corrosive materials
  • With a compact ergonomic design
  • For straight cutting, plunge cutting, and flush cutting
  • A versatile cutting system
  • Two cutting wheel positions
  • 7.5 amp motor
  • Adjustable depth control
  • For one-hand operation
  • Can be used on wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry and more
  • With a cutting guide and dust port adapter
  • With a variety of blades (multi-purpose carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multi-purpose flush cut carbide wheel)
  • With a hand carry case

Q & As

Where do you get accessories for the Dremel Ultra Saw?

You can purchase accessories from online shops that sell the Dremel Ultra Saw as well as from local shops. Make sure you are buying genuine accessories and parts and never generic parts for your Dremel power tool.

Can you use the Ultra Saw on any material?

The Ultra Saw can cut through and prep a variety of surfaces and materials like wood, tile, metal, aluminum acrylic, masonry and more. To get the best results you must select and use the blade that matches the kind of material that you will prepare or cut for your particular project.

How do you maintain the Ultra Saw?

Follow manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and maintenance of your Dremel Ultra Saw to keep your power tool in tip-top condition. Keep the blades in good condition and replace these when needed. Keep your power saw safe after use by keeping it in its bag or box.


  • Is easy to carry anywhere because it is lightweight.
  • Can be used to prepare any kind of surface.
  • Will cut and prepare a number of materials.
  • Will clean and remove dust and dirt because of its dust port.
  • Comes with a variety of blades
  • Comes with two cutting wheel positions
  • Has a compact and ergonomic design


  • This is corded and this could be a hindrance to your work.
  • This is heavier compared to other handheld saws.

Buying Guide

When buying a portable power saw, check for the following characteristics. The saw you chose should have a powerful motor, should be the right size according to the project you will be doing and should be completely adjustable to accommodate different materials.

The size of your portable saw

Regular circular saws come in a variety of sizes and this is based on the diameter of the saw blade. This could be from 4” to 7- ¼ “. Power saws are also rated according to horsepower and the RPM of the saw blade. So when shopping for the right saw, choose one with a higher horsepower than saws of the same class or size. Models with higher horsepower have better cutting power and can take thicker materials as well.

Portable power saws with adequate adjustments

Portable saws should have controls for adjusting the depth of the cut (usually from 0 to 2- 3/8”) as well as the bevel of the cut (from 0 to 45 degrees. The controls to adjust these should be easy to use and are firmly tightened to hold the angle and the depth as you cut the material.

Corded or cordless power saws

You can choose from a corded or cordless portable power saws. Cordless models are usually equipped with a 4-inch blade and can cut simple materials like a ¼-inch plywood. Cordless saws are lightweight but usually lack in horsepower. However, these tools should not be overlooked since these are handy for light and easy projects or DIY.

Additional features you have to have

Newer portable saw models come with newer additional features as well like an anti-locking clutch, blade locks, tool-less blade changes, LED lighting and more.

Power saw safety features

Most portable power saws come with basic safety features. Find out if the power saw you would like to purchase at least has a safety switch which must be held before the trigger can be pressed. A blade guard should also be present to protect you as the blade spins or if it spins uncontrollably. And as a good safety measure, always follow safety instructions that come with the saw and to never use the saw on materials that it is not intended for.

The accessories that come with your saw

Portable saws like the Dremel Ultra Saw come with a variety of accessories. There are saws that are sold as a bare tool and could be quite cheaper than a set. However, buying a bare tool will only cost you more money because you need to spend more to purchase additional accessories. The most common accessories that come with this saw are additional blades or extra blades, wrenches, guards and kits or bags to carry the tool anywhere.

How do we compare Angle Grinder vs Dremel Ultra Saw?


Angle grinders are available in a variety of models, brands, and capacities. The quality of the product depends on many factors therefore you need to very particular about the features of each model. On the other hand, the Dremel Ultra Saw is a handheld power saw with a metallic body. It is lightweight and therefore can be taken anywhere and used in a variety of projects whether indoors or outdoors.


Angle grinders come in a variety of prices with the most affordable at $50 to as expensive as $400 or may be higher. Angle grinder prices rise exponentially when the power saw is made by a popular power tools brand. Less expensive models are usually simple, regular-type angle saws with only basic features.

Meanwhile, the Dremel Ultra Saw is available for less than $230 and this comes with complete accessories so you can use this as soon as you take it home.

Blade Size

The Dremel Ultra Saw has a 4-inch blade diameter. This power saw has a carbide wood cutting wheel, metal cutting wheel and a carbide wood flush cutting wheel. An angle saw has replaceable blades for a variety of uses. All you need to do is to replace the blades when these have been used up.


Most power saws and angle grinders could be as light as 5 pounds to as heavy as 8 pounds or more. Generally, angle grinders are handheld, lightweight and are very easy to use. You can use an angle grinder for a variety of projects whether indoors or outdoors because of its lightweight.

Motor Power

An angle grinder can be battery-operated or corded with motor power that varies according to the size and the capacity of the tool. The Dremel Ultra Saw is corded and has 120 volts 7.5 amp motor.

The Final Cut

If you are looking for an efficient cutting and prepping tool, an angle grinder is the power tool. If you need a more effective tool with more features and good qualities then the Dremel Ultra Saw is the ideal power tool for your needs. Never use just any kind of angle grinder and prepping saw for your needs; shop smart and you will find a good cutting tool that’s right for your kind of project.