Dremel Saw Max Vs Circular Saw

Comparison Review: Dremel Saw Max vs Circular Saw



A circular saw is a general term for power saws that have a toothed, abrasive disc or blade that spins to cut a variety of materials. A circular saw could be hand-held in the case of many updated power saws. This allows you to easily slice through wood or any kind of material without delay and strain. A circular saw is a staple in most woodworking shops and working areas. If you are trying to become a good woodworker or at least a better hobbyist or craftsman, you should have a reliable circular saw.

When it comes to the best circular saws, a few great brands are the most sought after in the market. Dremel is a very popular power tool brand with a number of circular saw models to choose from. This review will compare the Dremel Saw Max, a portable and easy to use power saw against a regular circular saw. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will be able to choose whether you want a Dremel Saw Max or a regular circular saw.

Dremel Saw Max vs Circular Saw

Product DetailsDremel Saw MaxCircular Saw
Product Dimensions17.5 x 4.2 x 9.2 inchesDepends on the model
Weight6.4 pounds10 – 15+ pounds
Motor PowerBattery-powered 120 volts900 watts or more
AccessoriesWith a variety of saw blades andA variety of saw blades
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to pick the right product

When buying a circular saw, you need to keep quality your top priority. There are some important parameters that you should remember when you are in the market for a circular saw:

  • Keep in mind cutting capacity, depth, and bevels

Check the tool’s maximum cutting depth which should be 0”. This is how deep your saw will be able to cut when it is not being used to cut a bevel. When cutting bevels or miters, the base plate should be completely adjustable so you can make bevel cuts with ease. Choose a saw that offers an adequate amount of adjustment usually 45 to 90 degrees.

  • Think about circular saw speed controls

The motor rating of your circular saw matters. The higher the number the better. A 1500 watt motor will spin the blades faster which results in high rpm. Higher RPMs improve the cut exponentially. More motor power and more control will let you cut tougher materials.

  • Should you use a plunge saw or not?

If your work requires you to make plunge cuts then you should invest in a quality plunge saw but if not then a circular saw would suffice as long as it does not have a riving knife or this feature can be removed.

  • How about complete accessories?

Most circular saws come in a set or kit which means the saw has complete accessories included. You must take time to check the accessories included with your purchase because buying accessories apiece can cost more. The most common accessories when it comes to circular saws include the blade itself, guards, wrenches to remove the blade and a kit or bag to carry the saw.

How do we compare Dremel Saw Max vs Circular Saw?

The following parameters were used to compare these two equally popular power saws. You must be keen on checking these factors to get the best value out of your money.

  • Quality

An average circular saw will give you a lot of uses. It can be used to make a variety of cuts on different types of material. Whether you are working with wood, plastic, aluminum, metal, tile or masonry, you can create different projects when you use a circular saw. The quality of a circular saw tool mostly depends on the brand.

A Dremel Saw Max is a portable power saw with a variety of uses. It has a number of good features like a versatile cutting system, a two cutting wheel position, a powerful 6 amp motor, adjustable depth control and a variety of accessories.

  • Price

Circular saw models come in a variety of prices and this can vary greatly according to the brand that you want to purchase. You will be able to find a circular saw for as cheap as $50 to as expensive as $300 or even more. Some circular saws are very affordable but come with only a few accessories while some saws are very expensive because these have complete or a variety of accessories. Also, take note that top of the line circular saws is more expensive than regular saws.

  • Blade Size

Circular saws come in a large number of blade sizes. The most common is the 7- ¼ inches and most saws are able to take 6 inches or more and can cut through 2-inch dimensional lumber at a 45-degree angle in a single pass. For a 5 – 3/8 inch saw, this can cut through a 2-inch diameter piece of wood in one pass at a 90-degree angle but requires two passes at 45 degrees. Circular saw blades usually come when you purchase the saw but you can also purchase extra blades as well.

The Dremel Saw Max power tool comes with a 2 x 4-inch cutting guide, a carbide wheel, a metal cut-off wheel, a diamond wheel and a multi-purpose flush-out carbide wheel. These blades come with the Saw Max purchase and you can purchase extra blades.

  • Weight

Circular saws come in a variety of sizes, designs and brands, therefore, can also come in different weights. Some saws can be light and portable while some may be very hard to move and to carry around.

The Dremel Saw Max is one of the most portable power saws around weighing less than 6.5 pounds. This lightweight makes this very portable, easy to carry anywhere and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

  • Motor Power

Circular saws vary in motor power and usually the speed, accuracy and the versatility of the saw depends on the capacity of the motor. The Dremel Saw Max has a high-capacity 6-amp motor ideal for tough applications.

1) Dremel Saw Max

Dremel Saw

Why Use the Dremel Saw Max and Who Is It For?

The Dremel Saw Max is for people who want a portable power saw that they can take anywhere. If you are looking for an easy to use a power saw to create straight cuts and for simple cutting projects then the Saw Max could be for you.


The Dremel Saw Max is a versatile straight cutting power saw that can cut straight lines in longboards like a long piece of plywood. The Saw Max can do what a large circular saw can do. It has a compact and ergonomic design that will allow you to work on projects with one hand. You can use the Dremel Saw Max to cut through wood, plastic, tile, metal, masonry and more. Aside from straight cutting, you can also use this for plunge cutting and flush cutting.

The Saw Max has a Versatile Cutting System. It has two cutting wheel positions for straight, plunge and flush cut. It has a powerful 6 amp motor to help you work with a variety of applications. You will have a good line of sight using its Adjustable Depth Control feature. It also comes to a cutting guide and dust port adapter plus accessories like a carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multiple-purpose flush cut carbide wheel.

Main Features

  • Used for straight cutting lines
  • With a compact ergonomic design
  • For straight cutting, plunge cutting, and flush cutting
  • With a versatile cutting system
  • With two cutting wheel positions
  • With a powerful 6 amp motor
  • With adjustable depth control for ultimate precision and control
  • Can be used in one hand
  • Can cut through wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry and more
  • Comes with a cutting guide and dust port adapter
  • Comes with a variety of blades (multi-purpose carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multi-purpose flush cut carbide wheel)
  • Comes with a hand carry case
  • Battery operated


Are there available accessories for the Dremel Saw Max?

Yes, there are a variety of accessories available for this portable power saw, especially different blade sizes. You can purchase accessories online or from a local outlet that sells Dremel tools.

Can you use the Saw Max on any surface or material?

You can use the Saw Max on a variety of surfaces like wood, tile, metal, aluminum acrylic, masonry and more. You must select and use the blade that matches the kind of material you wish to cut.

How do you maintain the Dremel Saw Max?

Even if the Dremel Saw Max has a dust port adapter, you still need to manually clean it to ensure that it works perfectly every time you use it. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and maintain this power saw to keep your Dremel Saw Max in tip-top condition.


  • This saw is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  • It can cut through a variety of materials
  • Can be taken anywhere because its battery operated
  • With a dust port adapter
  • Comes with a variety of blades


  • This is battery operated so you will eventually run out of power
  • This may have limited capabilities

2) Circular Saw

Dewalt Circular Saw

Why Use the Circular Saw and Who’s it For

A circular saw is for regular cutting projects on wood, metal, aluminum, acrylic and masonry materials. It is mostly heavy but stable so this is usually used for indoor projects.


A circular saw is a general term for any kind of power saw that has a fixed circular rotating blade. A circular saw can cut through different materials as the blade rotates around an arbor. With a circular saw, you can put your arm and elbow a rest as you cut away different materials. There are a variety of circular saws in the market each with different features and benefits. For instance, the DeWalt DWE575 circular saw is the most popular weighing at 10.4 pounds. This is a professional-grade circular saw with a heavy-duty motor with a strong rubber cord so you won’t have to deal with snags and loose connection. It has a good ergonomic grip and stable body so you can use this in a variety of applications.

Main Features

  • Handheld or stationary
  • Can cut wood, metal, acrylic and more
  • Comes in a variety of blades
  • Can be used on the right or left hand depending on where the motor is
  • Comes in a variety of motor power
  • Electric powered
  • With ergonomic handles and designs


Can you use a circular saw for any material?

A circular saw will commonly move through different materials. It can cut through wood (even thick pieces of wood), tile, masonry, metal, aluminum, and acrylic. Usually, heavy duty and multi-purpose blades are used but there are specialized blades as well for circular saws.

How do you care for a circular saw?

Removing dust, dirt, and grime that accumulates on the saw blades is the most important way to clean and maintain a circular saw. Some models need to be oiled while some need their belts changed once in a while. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your circular saw in good shape.

Where can you purchase accessories for a circular saw?

You can purchase accessories for a circular saw online or from local hardware stores and shops near you. Make sure you are buying genuine accessories and parts for your circular saw.


  • The circular saw blades are stable
  • This tool is mostly electric powered
  • Can cut through almost all kinds of materials
  • Blades may be changed anytime


  • These are mostly very heavy
  • Are usually more expensive than handheld power saws

The Final Cut

If you are looking for a stable, heavy-duty power saw that can cut through almost any kind of material then a circular saw is the right power saw for you.

If you want to operate a lighter and more versatile, battery-operated cutting tool then the Dremel Saw Max is the ideal one for your needs. The Saw Max is versatile and will work with different materials without straining your hands or wrists.