Lenox Hole Saw Vs Milwaukee Hole Saw

Comparison Review: Lenox Hole Saw vs Milwaukee Hole Saw



A hole saw is considered as one of the most important tools both in the home and industrial use. This is because it does not just provide efficiency but also ease in every use increasing your productivity. Through hole saws, installation of different materials, making a hole for plumbing, constructing a connection of pipes, and other industrial and house needs is not a problem anymore. In fact, this tool effectively helps everyone to do this task easily and conveniently.

There are different brands of hole saws in the market and each one of them has different features and additional technology. Two of these hole saws are the Lenox and Milwaukee hole saws who continuously establish their names in the market. Are these two known brands deserve to be part of your top choices? Let’s check out here.

Lenox Hole Saw vs. Milwaukee Hole Saw

 Lenox Hole SawMilwaukee Hole Saw
Year Founded19151924
PriceDepending on the modelDepending on the model
Types of Scroll SawBi-Hole Metal Hole Saws; Specialty Cutting Hole SawsImpact Hole Saws; Recessed Light Hole Saws

Buying Guide

With so many manufacturers of hole saws in the market, choosing the best one might be a bit difficult most especially for those who are just newbies in this field. With this, it is highly advised to every user that you must have an idea on the type of hole saw you must use for your certain project.

Below are the different types of hole saws with their special features. Bear in mind that each type has a wide range of materials to drill but not all are durable and efficient as others.

Bi-Metal Hole Saws

These types of hole saws are known to be flexible and durable. This is because their bodies have a high content of carbon steel and their teeth are a high-speed type of steel. Usually, the Bi-Metal Hole Saws have included shatterproof which enable them to work with different types of materials like cast iron, steel, copper, plastic, aluminum, and wood.

Carbon Steel Hole Saws

The most common type of hole saws and at the same time the cheapest is the Carbon Steel type. These types of hole saws are made with high carbon steel and can work with materials like plasterboard, wood, plastic, and soft sheet materials. The Carbon Steel Hole Saws are flexible but they lack in durability since they will easily get damaged with too much heat.

TCT Hole Saw

Unlike other types of hole saws that can work with a wide range of materials, the TCT Hole saws are specially designed for the dense type of materials. Their tips have tungsten and are more suitable for professional uses.

HSS Hole Saws

The HSS Hole Saws are a high-speed type of hole saws which leaves round, clean, and accurate holes. Compared to carbon type, these hole saws are more durable and harder, however, they are also lacking in flexibility.

How do we compare Lenox vs. Milwaukee Hole Saw?


The Lenox and Milwaukee are both highly efficient hole saws that meet the standards of most users. Though these two brands of hole saws both offer durability, their tenacious level is quite different. While the Lenox brand is durable enough to work out and withstand while in use, the Milwaukee is highly durable since it will work with a wide variety of materials. Thus, when talking about durability, the Milwaukee has a better offer compared to the Lenox brand.


A flexible hole saw is a better choice since it will provide convenience in every use. This is why flexibility is another important factor to consider in choosing a hole saw.

When talking about flexibility, the Milwaukee hole saw wins over the Lenox. This is because the Lenox hole saw is only a Bi-Metal type but the Milwaukee is general Purpose type of hole saw. Basically, this means that the latter brand works on a wider range of materials and works for general purpose but the former works on the specific type of work.

Number of Pieces in a kit

Since these two choices of products are both kits, the number of pieces inside is also an important point to think of. Basically because the number of pieces, the more jobs it can do which will bring convenience to the users all the time.

The Milwaukee and the Lenox are both in a kit style of tools. More than that, they have also the same number of pieces. This indicates that both of these two choices are highly efficient and useful since they are able to provide a hassle-free use.


Another big factor that most users usually consider is the price. In fact, for some consumers, the price of the chosen brand will matter the more than the quality. In these two brands of hole saws, the difference in their price is quite evident. Though both of these brands have a reasonable price when compared to the product and its size, it comes out that the Milwaukee is cheaper compared to the Lenox brand. Despite the differences between the sellers, in the end, the Lenox brand of hole saw has still higher price compared to the Milwaukee hole saw.

Lenox Hole Saws

The Lenox hole saw kit is a type of Bi-Meta hole saw which works in wood and metals efficiently. The fact that it is a Bi-Metal type, this hole saw kit provides a good performance since its teeth consist of high-speed steel and its bodies are made with high-speed carbon. When these two main types of materials work together, there will be efficiency and good performance which is highly needed for any type of work.  Indeed, the Lenox Bi-Metal Hole Saw kit is both flexible and durable.

Using this kit like a pro even if you’re just a beginner is not a difficult task as well. This is because when it comes to ease of use, this hole has something to offer. This is through the Speed Slot feature, a type of plug removal system which provides ease in every use which is applicable both in metals and wood. Adding to its overall efficiency is its non-binding coating features which provide better performance even in deeper cuts.

Having 13 pieces inside the kit, this hole saw is good enough to become your partner either for your home needs or even industrial uses.

Main Features

Easy to use

If you are just a beginner, the use of Lenox Hole Saw kit is not a difficult task. This is because compared to other brands, this hole saw offers the Speed Slot feature which makes this tool user-friendly.

Convenient storage

Lenox Hole Saw kit is more than a simple kit but is also a safety and convenient storage for your hole saw tools. Inside the kit are well-built cases which keep the tools in place when not in use. With this convenient storage, carrying this kit with you is not hassle anymore.

Efficient performance

One of the best features of Lenox Hole Saw Kit is the non-binding coating which will provide you faster cut of up to 10% taller. This means that even for deep cuts, this toolkit will still provide you an efficient performance.

Q & A

How many pieces inside the kit?

There is a total of 13 pieces inside the kit which consist of 9 hole saws, 2 arbors, and 2 pilot bits.

Is the storage easy to carry?

Definitely yes. Just like other kits, this toolkit of hole saw has a handle for comfortable grip and easy to carry for your convenience.


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Suitable to use for both beginner and expert users
  • Provides quality cuts


  • Higher price
  • The handle is a bit small which might not fit bigger hands

Milwaukee Hole Saws

This choice of Milwaukee hole saw kit can be your partner with any drilling job whether inside your home or in outside industry. This is because this toolkit serves to all type of hole drilling so, no matter what type of work you have, you can use this tool easily.

Just like the former choice, this hole saw kit composed of 13 pieces. However, what makes it different is that all its pieces are for general uses. In addition to that, working like a pro with this toolkit is highly possible. Thanks to its plain and simple construction which makes it easy to use and to handle. Indeed, flexibility and versatility are the top great things this hole saw toolkit from Milwaukee can offer.

On the other hand, when it comes to durability, this toolkit deserves some of your attention too. This is because both the tools and its casing are well-built with quality materials. Indeed, this hole saw to kit has overall durability from the tools to its case.

All in all, choosing this brand of hole saw is wise since this tool is not just good enough for its purpose but it has also affordable price which makes it consumer-friendly at the same time.

Main Features

Versatile toolkit

Considering that all the tools inside its kit are all for general purpose, there is no wonder why this brand is versatile. For this reason, using it for a wide variety of works is not impossible, in fact, through its versatility, making it as your partner is beneficial in the side of the user.

High quality

Looking at how it is built and how it performs, this toolkit definitely provides a high quality of materials. Since it can work with general purpose, it can withstand to any type of materials at a different level.

Easy to use

Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit is a reflection of a plain and simple tool. You can see its construction that there is no complicated design which makes it easy to use.

Q & A

How many pieces inside the kit and what are their uses?

This toolkit from Milwaukee has a total of 13 pieces. These tools are for general use which works for hole dozing and hole sawing.

Is it easy to carry?

One of the most comfortable and easy to carry it is this choice of a hole saw kit. In fact, the whole kit is designed very well which keep the tools in place. Its handle is well constructed so that either big or small hands could able to grip it conveniently.


  • Durable
  • Works generally
  • User-friendly
  • Low price


  • Its screw threads had burrs

The Final Cut

The Lenox and the Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit are both great choices which must be part of your top choices. The Lenox works great for Bi-Metal while the Milwaukee works generally. Though they have some differences in packaging, construction, and price, both of them are great choices of a tool for home and industrial use.

If you will consider the price, the Milwaukee comes at a lower price than Lenox. However, when it comes to functionality, these two toolkits are both wise choices.