Delta Table Saw Vs Grizzly Table Saw

Comparison Review: Delta Table Saw vs Grizzly Table Saw



A table saw is oftentimes referred to as a saw bench. It is a tool used in woodworking, which consists of a circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor, operated by an electric motor. The blade surfaces through the table, offering support for the material being cut. In general, there are different types of table saws: Benchtop, Contractor, Cabinet, and Hybrid table saws.

There are different manufacturers offering different table saw models on the market these days. Delta and Grizzly are two of them. For this review guide, let us take a look at what each of these brands has to offer. For the purpose of comparison, we will review each one according to the features of their models, thus allowing you to make a well-informed decision in the end.

Delta Table Saw vs Grizzly Table Saw

 Delta Table SawGrizzly Table Saw
Year Founded19191983
PriceDepending on the modelDepending on the model
QualityHighMiddle to High
Types of Table SawPortable, Contractor, JobsiteCabinet, Sliding

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a table saw, there are certain factors that you need to consider in order to determine the right tool that will complete the job.

Purpose and Location of Use

The actual purpose of use and the location of use are two of the important factors that need to be considered before purchasing a table saw. Let’s say that you are a DIYer, but since there are different types and levels of DIYers, there is a need to determine your purpose. Also, the space available and the location where you are planning to use the saw should be considered as well.

Choose the Type of Saw Well

As mentioned, there are different types of table saws. The portable options, otherwise known as job site saws, are usually the lightest and smallest and are usually preferred by DIYers who are planning to complete construction type cuts. They may not be as powerful compared to other saws, but they are smaller and thus, more portable. Contractor table saws are also a popular option, as they usually come with 1 to 2 HP motors which offer enough power to complete almost all tasks. They are also generally heavier, and thus, feature heavy duty parts that offer accuracy and durability. There are cabinet saws as well, which are considered as the King of all table saws. They are powerful and can do it all. They are also highly accurate, which are often choices for an outfeed table and large table extensions.

Features Available

There are features that you may want to see in a table saw. Some models may have all of them, but some, especially those that are generally cheaper, may only have some. For example, for safety features, you may want to consider getting a saw with automatic blade brake which immediately engages the moment the blade encounters the skin.

How do we compare Delta Table Saw with Grizzly Table Saw?


When it comes to quality, both Delta and Grizzly offer good quality models. The Delta model uses a unique tubular stand for maximum stability and support. It also features easy mobility with two fixed wheels, along with a single swivel wheel. On the other hand, the Grizzly table saw has been manufactured to be the gold standard for table saws under this category. It is made of heavy-duty cast iron trunnions, along with a heavy duty cabinet and powder coated paint.


Comparing the two, the Delta table saw is more affordable compared to the Grizzly model. Both of these brands offer models that do most of the job, such as the table saw with a 10-inch capacity, but the difference lies with the features that are equipped in the models.

Additional Features

In terms of weight, the Delta table saws are lighter. Still, this depends on the model that you are planning to purchase. Grizzly table saws also come with more features, such as extensions and sliding table saw features.

Why Use Delta Table Saws and Who is it For?

The Delta table saw is a left tilt contractor table saw with a 52-inch right-hand rip that features a tool-less installation of riving knife and blade. For better mobility features, it also comes with wheels, a cast iron table top, and a heavy-duty one-piece rail system which ensures precision cut each time.

Main Features

  • Tubular stand
  • Two fixed wheels
  • One swivel wheel
  • Cast iron table top
  • Heavy duty one piece rail system
  • Heavy Duty Biesemeyer style fence
  • Dual rip windows


What is the depth of the table top in relation to the miter slot?

27 inches

Is the trunion cabinet of this model mounted? Or table mounted?

It is table mounted. Still, it utilizes a unique assembly using guide tubes. One advantage of this design is the capacity to correct certain misalignments without the need to touch the trunion bolts.

Is this table saw belt driven?

Yes, it is belt driven. It is enclosed in the motor case, a small ribbed belt.


  • Maximum stability and support
  • Ease of mobility
  • Precision cuts each time
  • Dual rip windows
  • More affordable


  • The plastic pads on the operator side may fall out quickly

Why Use Grizzly Table Saws and Who is it For?

This model is designed to set the gold standard for 10 feet left tilting cabinet table saw. Each part shouts performance and quality. For example, it features heavy cast iron trunnions, 3 HP Lesson motor, with a triple belt drive. If you are looking for a table saw a model that is constructed to last a lifetime, this is the model to go.

Main Features

  • 4300 RPM Arbor speed
  • 5/8-inch Arbor size
  • 3 HP 220V single-phase Leeson motor
  • Quick release riving knife
  • Easy glide fence system


What will work as the best mobile base for this table saw?

It depends if there is a need for you to move this saw. If you have placed it in a leveled area and assembled everything there, then there is no need for a mobile base. Still, if you want to have one, a good option such as a Hitch 3000 will suffice.

How efficient is the dust collection system of this saw?

Most reviews regarding this aspect are positive. However, the dust collection system could have been better had the bottom plate was tilted.

Is it possible to add an extension table if needed?

Yes, it is possible.


  • High-quality standard
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Quick release riving knife
  • Easy glide fence system


  • Pricier compared to others

The Final Cut

Overall, Delta and Grizzly have proven their capabilities in the models that they create. Therefore, regardless of your option, you can be assured of quality. However, if you have keen eyes for performance, you will notice that the Grizzly table saw offers better features compared to the Delta model. It has a high standard of quality, which also explains why it is generally more expensive compared to the Delta model. Therefore, if you have the means for it and are looking for a real, heavy-duty performance, the Grizzly model is a good choice to consider.