Dewalt Miter Saw Vs Ryobi Miter Saw

Comparison Review: DeWalt Miter Saw vs Ryobi Miter Saw



A reliable miter saw is often considered as a staple tool in any workshop. With the use of a miter saw, woodworkers can come up with various products in different styles, with the ability to create cuts at any angle. Choosing and buying a good miter saw can be a challenging task, especially if you consider yourself as a beginner. To top it off, there are different brands that produce various types and styles of saws, which may add to the confusion.

To help you out, this guide will present a comparison of two of the most recognized brand in the industry: DeWalt and Ryobi. Both of these brands are known to offer quality products, but there’s only one that will fit your actual needs. Let us take a look at what each of these brands has to offer. For the purpose of actual comparison, we will look at specific models under each brand, and see which of these two brands will best fit your woodworking needs.

DeWalt Miter Saw vs Ryobi Miter Saw

 DeWalt Miter SawRyobi Miter Saw
Year Founded19241943
PriceDepending on the modelDepending on the model
Types of Scroll SawDouble Bevel Sliding Compound Miter SawSliding Compound Miter Saw; Compound Miter Saw with Laser Line

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a miter saw, there are some things that need to be kept in mind. Here are some of them:

Size of Saw Needed

Saw blades usually come in 10 or 12-inch sizes. Choosing which saw to buy depends on the purpose of use. Unless you need a 12-inch blade for a frequent task, getting a 10-inch saw is a safe option. This type of saw is usually more affordable. At the same time, since they have fewer teeth, the blades are cheaper to sharpen. There is a smaller radius in between the blades, spinning faster while only using fewer amps. This can also cut down the cost of electricity use.

The 12-inch saw blade option, on the other hand, means bigger blades, and bigger blades ultimately mean longer cuts. These tools usually use more amps, thus driving more power to the cuts. This is the ideal option for projects which use thicker materials. With a higher tooth speed, achieving sharper and cleaner cuts is also possible.

Sliding vs. Compound Miter Saws

The purpose of use also plays a role in choosing between a sliding and compound miter saw. If you are only planning to accomplish simple things which require angled cuts in planes, a compound saw is a good choice. They are designed to pivot left to right, creating a compound cut in a single, easy pass.

Sliding miter saws, on the other hand, are designed differently since they also move forward and backward, allowing users to increase the cut length. Everything that a compound saw can do, a sliding miter saw can also do, even cutting up to 16-inches in thickness. As such, this is the saw that is ideal for cutting through boards, lumber or logs.

Additional Features

One feature that is offered by some models is a laser guide. Getting a saw with this model is often a good idea if you are working on a project that needs you to create accurate cuts. Laser serves as a guide as it shines a beam to the material where the saw blade will hit as it lowers. In this way, a woodworker will precisely know where the blade will cut before an actual contact is made. This reduces the risk of error and a much safer way of using this tool.

How do we compare the two miter saws?


As mentioned above, both DeWalt and Ryobi take pride in the quality of products that they create under their name. The miter saw model under DeWalt is designed for woodworking and comes with a 15-amp power, supported by a 5,000 RPM motor, thus delivering durability and extended power. It also features a stainless steel detent plate that has 11 positive stops, offering job site durability and repeatable accuracy.

On the other hand, the Ryobi miter saw model is designed to perform some precious cuts. It even comes with some table extensions to complete some larger jobs. This specific model uses a carbide-tipped blade which stops almost immediately with its integrated electric brake for an added safety feature.


What is interesting about these two models is that they belong to the same price category. Despite that, they offer some slight differences in their features. Regardless of your option, you know that you are getting a good value for your money.

Additional Features

Comparing DeWalt and Ryobi miter saw models, the latter comes with an extra, practical feature – a laser guide. If you are looking for this feature to help you create those accurate cuts, this model is a better choice for you.

DeWalt Miter Saws

This DeWalt miter saw is ideal for those who are looking for a tool that is designed for a wide range of applications. It delivers clean, 45-degree bevel cuts through a dimensional lumber which measures up to 2×6 inches. Among its interesting features is its use of an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate that features 11 positive stops for overall improved efficiency and easy setup. Design wise, this miter saw also weighs only 35 pounds, and comes with a built-in carry handle, allowing you to move it around the workshop easily.

Main Features

  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate
  • Convenient detent override
  • 45-degree bevel cuts
  • 35 pounds weight
  • 15-amp motor
  • 5,000 RPM motor


Does this model come with an LED cut line?

Unfortunately, it’s not available on this model.

This model has a recommended volts capacity of 120v by 60hz. Trying beyond the recommendation may put the motor under the strain, or cause the electricity to drop in the workshop or site where you are working.

Is it possible to make a straight cut on a 2×4 using this model?

Yes, it is possible. As a tip, you may want to make sure that the blade is positioned 90 degrees to the bed. At times, during shipment and delivery, the adjustment may be misplaced, thus the need for tuning.


  • Smart and powerful design
  • Quick and accurate cuts
  • Tall fence support
  • Lightweight model
  • Big miter capacity
  • Portable and compatible with DEWALT laser


  • A few complaints on durability

Ryobi Miter Saws

This 10-inch miter saw from Ryobi available in Amazon comes with a laser guide, allowing it to perform some precious cuts, while including table extensions, fitting for larger jobs. It also uses a carbide-tipped blade which stops almost immediately, along with an integrated electric brake. This offers added safety for the user. It comes in a durable construction, guaranteeing quality.

Main Features

  • 35.8 pounds in weight
  • Corded-electric power source
  • Laser guide included
  • Electric brake for added safety
  • 9 positive miter stops
  • Detent action
  • Table extensions included
  • 10-inch carbide tipped blade


Can this model cut through a 4×4 post?

Yes, it can.

What is this saw’s overall depth dimension?

Overall depth dimension is at 36.19 inches.

Does this model feature a double bevel?

No, it is a single bevel model.


  • Table extensions included for larger cuts
  • Exact line laser guide included
  • Smooth cuts through its carbide tipped blade
  • Added safety using its electric brake


  • Some issues with the dust collector system

Alternative Choices

Hitachi C10FCE2 15-amp 10-inch single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

This saw model offers accurate, smooth miters and crosscuts for various workpieces, including wood and plywood, soft fiberboard, decorative panels, aluminum sashes and hardboard. It comes with flexible miter angles, along with a compound cutting capacity that offers maximum versatility on the job. This tool is a perfect addition to the toolbox of any framer, carpenter, and woodworker who are looking for reliability and precision. This saw model is often described as the most portable and lightest compound miter saw in its category.

Among its interesting features include a positive miter stop which allows you to choose some preset points at specific angles. It also uses a 45-degree bevel which allows you to adjust the bevel up to 45 degrees going to the left, thus ensuring precision cuts.

Makita LS1016L 10-inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser

This power miter saw comes with a 15 amp direct drive motor which requires less maintenance. It features a compact design along with a patented 4-steel rail sliding system which works in increasing rigidity in order to create superior cuts. One thing that makes this model a standout option is the fact that it offers the largest crown molding cutting capacity in its category.

This model also has an exclusive 4-3/4 inch sliding fence system, accommodating a wide variety of cutting applications. This very easy one-touch miter lock system incorporated in this model is also designed for accuracy in adjustments, as well as an overall increased efficiency. For better precision in cutting, it also comes with a built-in laser which indicates the cutting line, whether the blade is on or not, along with an on/off switch for precision in cutting.

DeWalt 717 10-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This miter saw comes with a stable and sturdy design, which also incorporates an adjustable stainless steel bevel detent plate, along with 11 positive stops. It has a clamping feature with dual steel rails and linear bar bearings. These features alone promises very accurate cuts without any problem at all.

This model is also easy to adjust, thanks to its cam-lock miter handle, offering a huge amount of versatility, thanks to its large miter capacity. This capacity is a range from 0-60 degrees (left) and 0-52 degrees (right). It also features a convenient detent override, allowing you to easily change the setting of the miter without the need for the saw to slip into the miter detents.

Bosch GCM12SD Double Bevel Gliding Compound Miter Saw

This model is one that offers real quality. One of the most essential features of this saw is its axial glide system. This does not use the standard rail setup that is often used in other sliding miter saws which may get messed up easily and needs maintenance in order to work well. It also makes it possible to easily just sit this tool against the wall of your shop, saving space inside.

This saw is also set up in a way that is very intuitive and easy. You only need to perform minor alignments. It has a quick-release square lock fence which is aligned out of the box, requiring minimum or zero adjustments. The fences also use a very easy lock/unlock feature that makes it easy for the user to slide the fence quite perfectly right into position for an accurate and easy alignment of the work pieces.


Overall, it is a good thing to know that there are a number of miter saw options currently available on the market. They offer practical options to choose from, and they also allow you to choose which one is best according to your purpose of use. Still, focusing on both DeWalt and Ryobi miter saws, you can be guaranteed of real quality. Being in the same price category, you can expect similar performance and features.

The Ryobi miter saw, however, comes with a unique feature which makes it a standout option if you are looking for precision in your cuts. It features a laser guide which is also helpful especially for beginners and DIYers who need this kind of guidance in cutting through different workpieces. Regardless of your option, however, both brands offer amazing durability and quality.