Cmt Saw Blades Vs Freud Saw Blades

Comparison Review: CMT Saw Blades vs Freud Saw Blades



Power saws would be useless without blades. Updated power saw blades come in a variety of sizes and materials but the most common and the most trusted are carbide blades. There is two top carbides saw blades in the market today and these are the CMT and Freud Saw Blades.

Almost every woodworker knows how durable and how efficient CMT and Freud Saw Blades are. I have always trusted these blades especially when it comes to tough cutting projects and applications. I guess I would never use any other brand for my tools especially for my miter and circular power saws. And if you were to ask me to pick the best for my needs, I would say that this is a very difficult thing to do! Just an overview, the CMT Saw Blades, specifically the updated CMT Combination Saw Blade, is built for crosscuts and rip cuts with its large gullets. These will let you create deep and effective chip clearance. This CMT saw blade can be used on radial arm saws, hardwood and plywood saws, circular saws, table saws and more.

On the other hand, the most updated Freud Saw Blade, specifically the Freud Diablo 10-Inch Tooth ATB Combination Saw Blade is another fantastic saw blade with laser cut stabilizer vents that trap noise and vibration. This keeps the blade cool and reduces blade warp. Reducing heat will improve the saw’s trueness and straightness. You can use this for a variety of circular saws and to cut through a variety of materials.

CMT Saw Blades vs Freud Saw Blades

ProductCMT Saw Blades
CMT Combination Saw Blade
Freud Saw Blades
Freud Combination Saw Blade
Product Dimensions10 x 10 x 0.1 inches10 x 10 x 0.2 inches
Weight1.6 pounds4.8 ounces
Number of Teeth10 x 50 teeth10 x 50 teeth
Good FeaturesMade of special carbideWith PermaShield Coating
Ratings3.5  out of 55 out of 5
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buying Guide

Choosing the ideal circular saw blade is very important for any project. A circular saw blade may look simple but you need the right kind of blade to be able to use a certain kind of saw in the most efficient manner. Here are a few blade buying parameters to consider.

Blade sizes

Circular blades come in a variety of sizes and the most common size for circular saws and table saws are standard 7 – ¼ inches. You can also find a table and circular saws with 10” to 12” diameters which are useful in cutting a variety of materials.

Blade laser cut outs

The holes that you find in the middle of the blade body are not just for design. These holes are used to reduce the heat that builds in the blade as it is used. These holes also reduce noise and vibration in the blade body and these are also useful in improving blade speeds. You may find four small holes while some have three or more large computer-cut holes.

Wood cutting blades

Wood cutting blades fall into two categories: construction blades and plywood blades. Construction blades have more teeth for a finer cut. These usually have 40 or more teeth and have deep gullets to carry wood chips and sawdust away from the blade. Plywood blades are made of high-speed steel and have very small teeth with up to 160 per blade. The cuts made by this blade is cleaner and straighter.

Metal cutting blades

With a metal cutting blade, you can cut copper tubing, aluminum siding and aluminum flashing as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These blades are abrasive, toothless and are not interchangeable.

Masonry cutting blades

This type of blade can cut through concrete blocks and natural stone. These blades are toothless and made of fiberglass-reinforced silicone carbide abrasive. Masonry cutting blades come in coarse for cutting blocks, brick and limestone and fine blades for cutting granite, concrete, marble and glazed ceramic tiles.

PVC cutting blades

This type of circular blade has 40 or more teeth to cut plastic pipes. These are very strong to prevent the blades from getting stuck in a PVC case.

What We Look For


How do you rate the quality of circular saw blades? As far as the best blades are concerned, the material used to make the blade, the recommended materials for the circular saw, and the number of teeth, the more depth and the size of the blade all make for the quality of the blade product.

The CMT can be used on wood, crosscut wood, chipboard, plywood and for laminates. It is a tough quality circular saw blades that can be used on radial arm saws, miter saws, circular saws, and table saws. The good results also make for the product quality. You get thin kerf so this means reduced material waste. It is made from special carbide with a non-stick orange shield to prevent corrosion.

Meanwhile, the Freud circular blade is an Italian-made blade that has 50 teeth and laser cut heat expansion slots to let the blades expand due to heat build-up. The stabilizer vents also keep the saw stable and quiet with less vibration. All these make a good quality blade to use for any application.


Both the CMT and the Freud 10-inch circular blades cost around $40. You can save money by purchasing more blades in special packs of three or more.

Blade Size

The CMT and the Freud circular blades are available in a variety of sizes and blade teeth. The latest 10 –inch CMT saw blade is 1FTG+4ATB teeth with a 5/8 – inch bore. On the other hand, the most updated Freud circular blade is the Diablo 10-inch 50-tooth ATB combination saw blade. This has a 5/8 arbor and protective coating to prevent corrosion.


The CMT saw blade is heavy at 1.6 pounds each. This blade is made for a variety of tough applications and will work well with circular saws, table saws, and miter saws. Meanwhile, the Freud saw blade weighs feather-light at 4.8 ounces. Having a lightweight reduces strain on the tool and improves cutting and precision in the long run.

Why Use the CMT Saw Blades and Who Is It For?

The CMT saw blades are known for their strength, precision, and smooth cuts. This is the blade for people who want nothing but the best in their projects may it be at home or in the worksite. The latest CMT saw blade is made for deep cuts which are perfect for contractor use, woodworking and for home improvement use.

Short Review

The most updated CMT circular saw blade is for ripping and crosscutting on wood. It has large gullets that will let you create deep cuts and for improved chip clearance. It can be used for many different kinds of saws: circular saws, miter saws, radial arm saws, table saws and for any kind of saw that cuts through soft or hardwood and plywood. This latest model has 0.094 kerf thickness, 0.063 plate thickness, 15” cutting angle and with alternating flat and alternate teeth grind. This CMT blade reduces kerf which means reduce wastage of any kind of material. it is made from carbide that can prevent material failure. Use it on any kind of material because it has a non-stick orange shield that protects the blade from corrosion.

Main Features

  • For rip/crosscuts on wood
  • With large gullets
  • Can be used on a variety of power saws
  • Can work on soft/hardwood and plywood
  • With 0.094 kerf thickness, 0.063 plate thickness, 15” cutting angle
  • Made from special carbide
  • With a non-stick orange shield

Q & As

Where can you purchase a CMT circular blade?

You can purchase CMT circular blades from local shopping malls, hardware stores and more. You can also purchase this kind of blade online. You can also buy blades in bulk or in a set so you can save money and effort in the long run.

Can you use this on a Bosch or a Makita power saw?

You can use the CMT circular blade on a Bosch, Makita or any quality power saw that requires a 10-inch blade. If you are unsure if your power saw can use a CMT blade, check product information or call customer service for more details.

How do you care for a CMT saw blade?

You can care for your saw blade by wiping it with a clean, dry and soft cloth. You may also use a soft brush to remove debris and dirt stuck between teeth. You must never use soap or water to clean despite having a non-stick orange shield. Follow any manufacturer’s instruction on how to care for your CMT blade.


  • Will let you cut deeply and effectively.
  • Reduces material waste and improves cutting speed.
  • These are very among the most durable.


  • Complaints about wobbling.
  • This has very small vents on the saw body.

Why Use the Freud Saw Blades and Who Is It For?

The most updated Freud saw blade is for people who want quality cuts no matter what kind of material you use. It is the blade for people who work closely with wood like contractors, woodworkers, and homeowners. It is for people who want more value for their money because this saw stays cool and calm even when used over time.

Short Review

The latest Freud saw blade is a blade manufactured in Italy. It is not just sharp enough to handle all kinds of projects but it is also equipped with special features that will keep the blade cool. Everyone knows that a hot blade can spell disaster to your project, the life of your blade and saw depends on a cool blade. The Freud circular saw blade has laser cuts on the saw body that stabilizes the saw. The cuts also improve blade temperature, reduce noise and vibration and prevent blade warping. You get straight lines and use your saw to make precise cuts each time with the Freud circular saw blade.

Main Features

  • Made in Italy
  • With laser cut stabilizers
  • Reduces vibration and blade temperature
  • Reduces blade warping
  • Cuts deeply and precisely
  • With 50 blade teeth
  • With a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made of carbide

Q & As

Where do you purchase Freud circular blades?

You will be able to purchase Freud circular blades from online shopping sites as well as from local hardware stores and power tool outlets. Buy only genuine Freud blades.

Can you wash this blade with soap and water?

In case your blade is dirty or dusty, use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe away dust and grime. Do not use soap and water to clean it because these could corrode your blade. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to clean and maintain this kind of blade.

What to do with dull blades?

Dull blades could be a sign that these need replacing. Dull blades should be immediately replaced because this can affect tool efficiency and can even become dangerous. Replace any dull blade ASAP and use the wrench tool or blade replacement tool of your power saw to remove the old blade and attach the new.


  • These reduce heat and prevents warping.
  • These are quieter than other brands.
  • These will cut through almost any kind of material.


  • The Freud circular blade is thinner and lighter.

The Final Cut

When it comes to size and precision cuts, the latest CMT and Freud models are quite similar but when it comes to features, the Freud circular saw has more to offer. The laser cut vents let you use the saw blade minus warping, overheating and too much noise. These vents will make your job easier and tolerable. The Freud circular saw blade works on almost all kinds of power cutting tools that use a circular blade. It is tough and ideal for a variety of materials and applications. Considering all these good features, you will surely be able to find the right circular power saw for your cutting needs.