Comparison Review: Dremel Moto Saw vs Scroll Saw


There is a saw for every project. If you are cutting intricate shapes and patterns then a scroll saw is for you. A scroll saw is a saw with a fine blade that lets you cut anything from wood to metal with just a change of a blade. A scroll saw is so versatile that it can be used in many applications in carpentry, woodworking and more.

There are many scroll saw models in the market, each with different designs. And if you were to check the most updated saw models, one would surely catch your attention: the Dremel Moto Saw.

The Dremel Moto Saw is a variable speed compact scroll saw a kit that has a powerful motor that can cut through different materials in a flash. Compared to traditional scroll saws, the Moto Saw can be used as a table tool or a detachable hand tool to be used in a variety of applications. It has a powerful motor with variable speed control for optimal precision cutting. All these and more make the Dremel Moto Saw an optimal cutting tool that will help you at the worksite or at your woodworking station at home.

Meanwhile, regular scroll saws are either tabletop models or handheld models with varying motor power and tool accessories. You can choose from a variety of blades and mostly these come with the tool when purchased. There are blades meant for wood and metal and also for general cutting and fine cutting.

This is a comparison review of the Dremel Moto Saw and a regular scroll saw. This will help y you find out if the Moto Saw is for you or you would rather stick to a regular saw. This will surely assist you in shopping for the most suitable cutting tool for your project at hand.

Dremel Moto Saw vs Scroll Saw

Product Details

Dremel Moto Saw

Scroll Saw

Product Dimensions

18.5 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches

Depends on the model


4.74 pounds

Depends on the model

Motor Power

120 volts

Depends on the model


Side cutting blade, wood & plastic blade, fine wood blades and metal bade

Comes with a variety of blades, guards and dust collection adapters


Check Lowest Price

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Buyer's Guide

How to pick the right product

In choosing the right scroll saw for your needs, a few features must be checked out. Here are some of the best parameters to keep in mind:

  • Think of the table size

Scrolls saws have varying table sizes, therefore, you will be able to find one that’s right for your needs. The scroll saw table surface should be able to accommodate the size of the material you want to cut and still have room to move about. Some table surfaces have a shiny finish so that the material can glide easily as this is cut.

  • Choose saws with adjustable speeds or constant speeds

A scroll saw with an adjustable motor will allow you to modulate the speed of the saw according to the type of material you want to cut. A scroll saw with this kind of motor will make the saw more comfortable and safer to use for beginners. Most updated scroll saws come with adjustable motors as well.

  • Check out important features

Over the years, scroll saws have become more and more updated with ergonomic and safety features to improve usability. Lighting or lamps using bright LED bulbs will illuminate the surface you are working on and will clear the area as well. A dust blower is another important feature that will efficiently remove dust and dirt from the surface of the saw to improve visibility. Still, there are more features to check out like ergonomic handles, safety switches, and guards all of which will help improve comfort and tool use.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

Product quality matters and when it comes to the quality of the scroll saw you want to purchase check for the tool’s basic, ergonomic and safety features. Check for motor power, the type of material it can be used on and accessories included with its purchase. For instance, the Dremel Moto Saw is known for its unique design and powerful variable speed motor.

The selling point for this unique scroll saw is its detachable coping feature that lets you use the tool as a handheld power saw. Aside from this winning quality feature, it also has an auto-tensioning mechanism for faster accessory changes. This scroll saw is easy to use with its fast-clamp base so you can use it on any kind of table. 

Meanwhile, a regular scroll saw is a winner on its own. It is portable and efficient and used to cut intricate curves on a variety of materials like wood, metal and more. It can be used on a variety of applications that no other kind of power tools can do. This is one of the most versatile saws and when a lightweight and compact design is added a scroll saw could be a good quality power tool to add to your woodworking station or worksite.

  • Price

The Dremel Moto Saw costs around $105 online while regular scroll saws cost around $50 to $80 online and offline. Accessories like blades are available in packs of three, five or more and a pack of four to five costs less than $20.

  • Blade Size

Blades for the Moto Saw vary in length and width and there is a blade for every material. You will find blades for wood, metal, plastic, acrylic and more. Scroll saw blades are also available in different sizes and are for a variety of uses as well. Buying spare blades are easy but make sure to purchase quality and genuine blades to make the most out of your scroll saw.

  • Weight

The Dremel Moto Saw weighs less than 5 pounds which means that you can use this saw for a variety of applications. Its lightweight feature makes it easy to hold the saw and use it on different materials. With the right blade, you will be able to conquer any kind of project. When it comes to regular scroll saws, these weigh less than 10 pounds depending on the brand you want to buy.

1) Dremel Moto Saw

Why Use the Dremel Moto Saw and Who Is It For?

The Dremel Moto Saw is for people who want to cut different shapes and patterns in a more efficient and quick manner. It is for people who want to create different wooden or metal decorative pieces or add interesting designs on projects as well. It is for woodworkers, carpenters, contractors, and hobbyists.


The Dremel Moto Saw is a variable speed compact saw that comes in a kit. This saw has great features to help you make excellent cuts each time. It has a dust port adapter to help clear your line of sight and let you create precise cuts. It has a detachable coping function which allows you to hold the tool like a handheld saw. It has a powerful motor to let you work on a variety of tough materials. The fast-clamp base of this scroll saw helps it attach to any surface like tables, benches and more. With these good features, the Dremel Moto Saw could be the unique scroll saw you need for your cutting and shaping projects.

Main Features

  • With a variable speed motor
  • With a dust port adapter
  • With auto tensioning mechanism
  • With detachable coping function for handheld use
  • With fast-clamp base
  • With blue edge locking levers
  • Can be used on a variety of materials
  • Comes with a variety of blades to cut different materials


Can you use any kind of blade to a Dremel Moto Saw?

Sadly, you can only use blades that match the Dremel Moto Saw. You must never overlook this because you might damage your scroll saw or affect its performance when you use generic saw blades or the wrong kind of blade.

The Moto Saw looks intimidating, is it easy to use?

There are complaints that the Dremel Moto Saw looks different and a bit intimidating but don’t worry, this is very easy to use. Whether you are using it as a tabletop tool or as a handheld tool, you can count on this saw to be easy to use and will work great on many types of material.

How do you change blades of a Dremel Moto Saw?

Follow instruction from the manufacturer on how to remove the saw blades. Usually, a special blade assembly holds the straight blade of a scroll saw in place. You need to loosen it so the old blades may be released. Use a wrench or tool that came with the purchase. Replace worn out, dull or damaged blades as soon as possible so you can have your saw ready for your next project.


  • Can be used as a table tool or a handheld scroll saw.
  • With a dust port adapter to remove dust and dirt.
  • This has a clamp base that lets you attach it to any surface.


  • This is too light and flimsy.
  • This will not cut thick hardwood.

2) Scroll Saw

Why Use a Scroll Saw and Who’s it For

A regular scroll saw is for people who want an efficient, precise power tool that can tear through different materials to create delicate patterns. This is for woodworkers, contractors, decorators and DIY enthusiasts as well as homeowners and novice users.


The scroll saw is a portable and efficient electric saw used to make simple yet complicated shapes and patterns on different materials such as wood, metal and so many more. The scroll saw is very useful, powerful but nonetheless gentle. You will find corded and cordless power saws. This is a versatile power saw that has many uses. It is better than coping saws and fretsaws because it is powerful, versatile and lightweight features.

Main Features

  • With a sharp and powerful blade
  • Can cut delicate patterns and shapes
  • Updated models have ergonomic features
  • Latest models have updated safety features
  • Strong enough to cut through different materials
  • With corded and cordless models available.


Where do you purchase extra blades for a scroll saw?

Depending on the model of the scroll saw you have, you can purchase new or replacement blades from online shopping sites like Amazon. You may also purchase this kind of blade from local hardware and distributors in your area.

What do you use to clean and maintain a scroll saw? 

Usually, manufacturers have special instructions on how to maintain their respective saws but all-in-all use extreme care. Use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe the saw blade and saw body clean.

What to do with a damaged scroll saw?

Take a damaged scroll saw to an accredited repair center to get expert repair and service. Whether you have a product that is still under warranty, you must take it to an accredited service center near you.


  • Will let you cut the materials into different shapes and patterns.
  • Will let you save time and reduce material wastage.
  • Can make accurate cuts each time.
  • You can use this on a number of materials.


  • This may be lightweight to be used on thick and heavier materials.
  • This requires frequent charging and recharging.

The Final Cut

When it comes to unique features, the Dremel Moto Saw wins this comparison review. It is very obvious that this scroll saw has all the quality things covered like the ability to be used as a handheld tool, the ability to cut different materials and its safety features.

This tool has the latest features when it comes to scroll saws and therefore it is better and more updated than regular saws. Remember to shop smart, compare products online so you will have the right power cutting tools that will work best for your woodworking needs.