Comparison Review: Dremel Saw Max vs RotoZip Zip Saw


Not all power saws are for construction and worksite use. Some power saws are lightweight, compact and are perfect for DIY use. These saws serve two simple purposes: to cut all kinds of materials and to prepare materials as well. And to give you a good idea of the best power saws for DIY use, here is a comparison review of the two top handy brands the Dremel Saw Max and the RotoZip saw.

The Dremel Saw Max is a compact and lightweight power saw that should not be overlooked because of its size. It weighs a mere 6 pounds but will work on a variety of materials like wood, metal, tile, acrylic, and flooring. This saw has a 6-amp motor with a worm drive gearing to give you the pure power to work on a variety of applications. And aside from making straight cuts, the Saw Max can also make flush cuts.

On the other hand, the RotoZipis another powerful yet portable saw. It is a spiral saw made for DIY and can work on almost all building materials like wood, drywall, sheet metal, laminate flooring, solid surfaces, plexiglass, granite, ceramic tile and cement boards. The RotoZipis also a versatile saw that will help you make plunge cuts, cut-outs, holes and also for freehand cutting.

Dremel Saw Max vs RotoZip SS355 High Speed Spiral Saw System

Product Details

Dremel Saw Max

RotoZip SS355 High Speed Spiral Saw System

Product Dimensions

17.5 x 4.2 x 9.2 inches

10 x 5 x 4 inches


6.4 pounds

3.1 pounds

Motor Power

Battery-powered 120 volts

Corded-electric 120 volts


With a variety of saw blades

Drywall guide point Ziplifts, multipurpose Ziplifts & a variety of collets


8 out of 10

8 out of 10


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Buyer's Guide

How to pick the right product

When you are in the market for a portable cutting tool, you need to watch out quality over anything else. You must check the following important features to be able to find the best portable power tool that’s right for your needs.

  • Select power tools with good cutting capacity, cutting depth and bevels

You must choose a power saw with a good cutting capacity because this determines if the tool can cut the material that you want to work on. The power saw’s maximum cutting depth should be 0”. This is how deep the saw can cut when it is not cutting a bevel. The base plate should be adjustable to cut bevels easily. The saw must also be able to make the most adjustments for every cut from 45 to 90 degrees.

  • Check for the tool’s accessories

Portable cutting saws are mostly sold in kits or sets but there are also some that are sold as bare tools. Power saws sold in kits or sets are a good way to save money. There are bare tools as well but in the end, you will only spend a lot of money on accessories and parts. The most common accessories included in portable power saw sets are blades, wrenches, guards and a bag so you can take the saw to the worksite or to where you need to work.

  • Choose a power tool with a powerful motor

A power tool is only as good as its motor. This is why you must look for a portable cutting saw with a high motor rating. The higher the motor rating, the more efficient it can cut a variety of materials and can work on different projects. A motor that has 1500 watt power will spin the blades faster which increases the RPM. Higher rpms will be able to boost tool performance which means it can cut materials that are thicker, tougher and more complicated.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

A top quality power saw gives you more value for your money. The Dremel Saw Max has quality features to make it an efficient saw to cut on a variety of materials with its powerful 6-amp motor. The most popular feature for this saw is its worm drive gear that makes the saw durable and efficient. It can be used for almost all kinds of construction and building materials from wood to metal sheets. It can be used as a plunge saw, cut-out saw, hole cutting saw and for freehand cutting.

On the other hand, the RotoZip has many fine qualities. It can zip through wood, drywall, sheet metal, laminate flooring, solid surfaces, plexiglass, granite, ceramic and cement boards. This portable and compact saw is a spiral saw that can give you a variety of cuts. It is powered by a 5.5 motor at 30,000 rpm with a bump switch for safety and dual grip zones to let you hold the tool safely and more efficiently.

  • Price

The Dremel Saw Max costs around $120 online while the RotoZip costs less than $75 The RotoZip is cheaper than the Dremel because it is a mere DIY tool. The Dremel Saw Max is a DIY saw as well as a versatile power saw for construction and woodworking use.

  • Blade Size

The Dremel Saw Max and the RotoZip use 10-inch circular blades that can cut through almost all kinds of materials. The blades are completely replaceable and replacement blades are available from local shopping stores and distributors and also from online shopping sites.

  • Weight

TheRotoZip is just 3.1 pounds while the Dremel Saw Max is heavier at 6.4 pounds. These two saws are both lightweight, compact and transportable and are therefore great to use to the worksite.

1) Dremel Saw Max

Why Use the Dremel Saw Max and Who Is It For?

The Dremel Saw Max is for people who need a compact and lightweight tool for different materials without compromising motor power. It is for people who want to DIY projects at home and also for professionals like carpenters, contractors, and woodworkers.


The Dremel Saw Max is a handy power saw that is lightweight and compact. It looks like a smaller and more compact circular saw that will allow you to cut different materials without straining your hands or arms. The Dremel Saw Max will work on different materials such as wood, plastic, tile, metal, masonry and so much more. You may also use this for plunge cutting and flush cutting.

This saw has two cutting wheel positions which can help you make straight, plunge and flush cuts. It comes with a 6 amp motor for precise and strong cuts for a variety of applications. It has andAdjustable Depth Control to improve control on the material as you cut, it has a cutting guide and dust port adapter. The Saw Max comes with accessories like a carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multiple-purpose flush cut carbide wheel. All these different kinds of wheels will let you work on different types of projects.

Main Features

  • Used for straight cutting lines
  • With a compact ergonomic design
  • For straight cutting, plunge cutting, and flush cutting
  • With a versatile cutting system
  • With two cutting wheel positions
  • With a powerful 6 amp motor
  • With adjustable depth control for ultimate precision and control
  • Can be used in one hand
  • Can cut through wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry and more
  • Comes with a cutting guide and dust port adapter
  • Comes with a variety of blades (multi-purpose carbide wheel, metal cut-off wheel, tile diamond wheel and a multi-purpose flush cut carbide wheel)
  • Comes with a hand carry case
  • Battery operated


Can you buy accessories for the Dremel Saw Max from a local distributor?

You can purchase accessories for the Saw Max from online shops that sell genuine Dremel tools as well as from online sites. The most common accessories are the different blades with varying sizes.

Can you use the Saw Max for any material?

You can cut a number of materials with the Dremel Saw Max. You will be able to cut through materials like wood, tile, metal, aluminum acrylic, masonry and more. You must choose the blade that matches the kind of material that you will cut to get the best results.

How do you maintain the Dremel Saw Max?

After every use cleans the Saw Max to make sure that it works perfectly the next time. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on maintaining this power saw to keep it in tip-top shape.


  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • This can cut a variety of materials.
  • It runs on a rechargeable battery.
  • This has a dust port adapter.
  • This comes with a variety of blades.
  • This can be used with one hand.


  • This is battery operated and will limit your ability to work nonstop.
  • This may have limited capabilities than a powered power saw.

2) RotoZip SS355 High Speed Spiral Saw System

Why Use the RotoZip and Who is It For?

The RotoZip is a power saw that is lightweight and compact. It is for people who want to cut different materials without using a heavy and complicated tool. This has a rotating head that works for a variety of materials and different applications. It is for DIY lovers, woodworkers and for contractors as well.


The RotoZip is a portable power saw that will work with a number of materials including wood, drywall, sheet metal, laminate flooring, solid surfaces, plexiglass, granite, ceramic and cement boards. This is a spiral saw with a 5.5 motor at 30,000 rpm. It has safety features as well as a bump switch for safety, dual grip zones for improving handling and exhaust vents to reduce building heat in the tool as it is used continuously. You can use this power saw on different projects and applications at the worksite or at your workshop.

Main Features

  • Spiral saw
  • Can work with a variety of materials
  • Can create different cuts: plunge, freehand, hole, and cut-outs
  • With a Circle Cutter Guide
  • With different accessories and attachment
  • With a 5.5 amp motor at 3000 RPM
  • With exhaust vents


I have a broken saw, where can you take the RotoZip for servicing?

You can take this power tool for repairs to any accredited service center near you. If your tool is still under warranty, bring your warranty card and receipt to avail of free repairs and servicing. If your tool is not under warranty, still take it to an accredited service center to get the most efficient service and genuine parts if saw parts need to be replaced.

Can you use water and soap to clean the RotoZip?

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and maintain this saw. Use a dry and clean cloth to wipe the blade and the saw body. You must never use water or soap, especially on the blades because this can corrode your blades and ruin your tool.

Where do you buy blades and accessories for the RotoZip?

You can buy accessories for the RotoZip from a local store or from a local shop that sells RotoZipand accessories. You can also purchase blades and accessories from an online shopping site like Amazon.


  • This is easy to use and is lightweight and compact
  • This can make different cuts for a variety of projects and applications.
  • This comes with accessories and collets


  • This will not work on bulky or thick materials.
  • This is not battery operated and you need a power cord to take it outdoors.

The Final Cut

The Dremel Saw Max is a handy and compact power cutting tool which can cut any kind of material. It can be used at home for DIY projects and minimal construction work but it can also be a good tool for the worksite.

But when you want a lighter saw which can cut through different materials then a RotoZip power saw is for you. It is lighter and simpler than the Dremel Saw Max and will work for general home DIY use.