Festool Miter Saw Vs Dewalt Miter Saw

Comparison Review: Festool Miter Saw vs DeWalt Miter Saw



A miter saw is a special kind of power saw that lets you cut at different angles. This type of saw has a large circular blade that is mounted on a swing arm which pivots from left to right to create angled cuts. With a miter saw, you can create crown molding, door frames, picture frames, window casings, door frames and so many more.

When you are shopping for the best miter saw, there are a few brands to check out. Two of the most popular is the Festool miter saw and the DeWalt Miter Saw. These powerful saws can make precise cuts and have good features with great designs. Choosing between these two could be difficult and this comparison review will help you out.

The latest Festool miter saw has a rail forward design that improves precision in every cut. This saw is compact and can prevent cutting mistakes by easily aligning from left or right with a dual laser. This updated Festool miter saw has a micro-adjustable bevel angle that has easily accessible rotary knobs, fine pointers, and a large bevel scale so you can easily set the saw to make fine angles. This comes with a number of great features that you can use for your projects at home or at the worksite.

On the other hand, the DeWalt miter saw is another powerful cutting tool to behold.  This will give you precision with its tough 15-amp motor and improved power and durability. This comes with a unique back fence design that will let you handle up to 2 x 16 inches dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2 x 12 inches at 45 degrees. This saw is so powerful it can take a variety of materials and will be a good saw to use for different woodworking tasks and projects.

Festool Miter Saw vs DeWalt Miter Saw

ProductFestool Miter SawDeWalt Miter Saw
Product Dimensions29.5 x 22.8 x 20 inches2 x 23 x 18.5 inches
Weight57.4 pounds67 pounds
Motor Power120 volts120 volts
AccessoriesAngle transfer device, 60-tooth carbide blade, hold down clamp and wrenchCarbide blade and blade wrench
Ratings4 out of 54.5 out of 5
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buying Guide

If you are shopping for miter saws you must insist on buying the best and the most suitable tool for your needs. Here are some of the most important product parameters so you could find the right type of miter saw. Indeed, every power tool is a small investment so your take and keep in mind these pointers:

The size of the miter saw you need for your projects

Miter saws are available in 10 or 12-inch models. These are the sizes of the circular blades. Choose the right size according to the material and the projects that you are going to undertake. If you are new to using a miter saw then you must start with a 10-inch saw. A 10-inch power saw has fewer teeth and because of the smaller radius and less weight, these blades tend to spin faster. Faster spinning blades require less electricity to operate and therefore you can save on power when using a smaller 10-inch saw.

A 12-inch saw is larger, heavier and will spin slower. This large blade requires a tougher and more powerful motor and therefore could cost more electricity to operate. A miter saw with a large blade is mostly used to cut larger or thicker materials to build decks and flooring.

The two types of miter saws

There are two types of miter saws available: a sliding miter saw and a compound miter saw. For angled cuts in two planes like when you want to make cuts for picture frames or crown molding then you must use a compound miter saw. A compound miter saw can pivot left to right and can create a compound cut with just one pass of the sharp saw blades. Meanwhile, a sliding miter saw has the ability to move forward and backward so you can increase the length of a cut. A sliding miter saw is perfect for cutting large pieces like logs, lumber or boards for flooring or decks.

Miter saws with laser guides

A laser guide will help you make more accurate cuts especially when you are making projects that require precision. A laser beam is reflected on the material where the blades will move as the miter saw is lowered. This special feature will reduce errors in making cuts and also prevents wastage of materials.

Buy miter saws with complete accessories

A tool with complete accessories let you use the tool as soon as you get home. You won’t have to buy any accessory anymore because everything you need is already in the kit. The most common accessories included are bevel or miter guides, blades, wrenches, guards and a bag or carrying case.

How do we compare Festool Miter Saw with the DeWalt Miter Saw?


You can count on top quality miter saws for different projects and applications. You will recognize quality in a tool when you check its many parameters.

The most updated Festool miter saw is the Kapex miter saw which comes with Festool’s 60-tooth carbide blade which can cut through wood and plastic. It comes with an angle transfer device, a hold-down clamp to secure materials that need to be cut and a wrench for accurate adjustments. This is a compact and lightweight miter saw model weighing only 47 pounds. This has a magnesium alloy base which is one of the most rigid and durable yet very light.

On the other hand, the latest DeWalt miter saw is a 12-inch compound miter saw that has Cutline Blade Positioning System for adjustment-free cut line indication. You can easily use this to cut different materials and components using its dual horizontal steel rails with a clamping system with linear ball bearings. This comes with an improved back fence design to cut larger pieces of material.

Blade Size

The Festool miter saw and the DeWalt miter saw use a 12-inch blade. Both circulars saw blades will be able to cut different materials including wood, wood panels, metal, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, and tile. These blades are completely replaceable. You can buy new blades from online shops like Amazon or from local stores that sell Festool and DeWalt miter saws.


The Festool miter saw weighs 57 pounds but it still is used as a portable miter saw for worksite use. The DeWalt miter saw is heavier at 67 pounds and therefore this may be limited to the worksite. These miter saws are very heavy due to their cast iron bases. The base of a miter saw should be heavy so you can make precise cuts for any application.

Festool Miter Saw

The Festool miter saw is for people who need precise and clean cuts to be used for a variety of applications. This is a professional power cutting tool for carpenters, contractors, woodworkers, and framers. 

Short Review

The latest Festool miter saw is the Kapex miter saw. This uses Festool’s 60-tooth carbide blade for cutting wood and plastic. It uses an angle transfer device, a hold-down clamp, and a wrench to make very accurate adjustments. The Kapex is a compact and lightweight miter saw which weighs only 47 pounds. Other top features that you will benefit from including a fine adjustment knob to easily adjust angles, dual lasers for improved tool alignment, rail forward design, trenching capabilities and a variable speed motor with MMC electronics. This comes with a magnesium alloy base making it strong but light.

Main Features

  • With a rail forward design
  • With a compact footprint
  • With dual lasers
  • With micro-adjustable bevel angle with an up-front rotary knob
  • With large bevel scale and fine pointers
  • With dust extraction up to 91% dust removed, with cut dust hood and pivoting 36 mm hose
  • Lightweight at 47 pounds and portable
  • With the 12-inch circular saw
  • With trenching capabilities
  • With an angle transfer device
  • With variable speed motor equipped with MMC electronics
  • Power consumption at 1600 watts

Q & As

Can you purchase accessories for this Festool miter saw?

You can purchase accessories for this miter saw from online shopping sites as well as from actual local stores that sell Festool power saws.

How do you maintain this Festool miter saw?

Check manufacturer’s information on how to maintain this Festool miter saw. Use a soft brush or a soft clean and dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Can you use this saw on all types of materials?

You can use this saw for cutting wood, wooden panels, acrylic, masonry or tile.


  • With dual laser design
  • With precise miter and bevel scales
  • With MMC electronics and a direct-drive motor
  • With dust extraction features for a cleaner and safer working surface.


  • Too loud to use
  • Very heavy to transport  to the worksite

DeWalt Miter Saw

The latest DeWalt miter saw offers you outstanding cutting power. This miter saw is for professionals who want to make accurate cuts for different projects. This is for carpenters, contractors, and woodworkers who want cutting precision for all projects.

Short Review

The latest DeWalt is a 12-inch compound miter saw with unique features to give you impressive precision for all projects. It has a Cutline Blade Positioning System for adjustment-free cut line indication. You can easily use this saw to cut different materials with its dual horizontal steel rails with a clamping system and linear ball bearings. This miter saw has an improved back fence design which is useful if you want to cut large materials and for different applications. It can remove dust that accumulates as you work with a dust collection system which can suck up 75% of dust and dirt. This DeWalt is covered with a3-year limited warranty. All these make the DeWalt miter saw a good choice for home use or for contractor use.

Main Features

Here are the features of the latest DeWalt miter saw:

  • With a powerful 15-amp motor at 3800 rpm
  • With Back Fence Designs which cuts up to 2 x 16 inches lumber at 90 degrees and 2 x 12 inches at 45 degrees
  • With dust collection system that clears up to 75% dust
  • Can cut through a variety of materials and  different applications
  • With a 3-year limited warranty

Q & As

Where do you take a broken DeWalt miter saw for repairs?

If your saw is under warranty, take it along with its receipt to the nearest authorized repair center. Check the nearest from the DeWalt website. You must also take a saw that is no longer under warranty to an authorized service center for professional service.

How do you clean the blades and saw the body of a DeWalt?

First of all, check the manufacturer’s information on how to maintain this type of saw. Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to remove dust and dirt off the blades and saw the body. Keep the blade sharp and clean for your next cutting project.

Where do you buy accessories and blades?

For the DeWalt miter saw, purchase blades and accessories from online shopping sites like Amazon or from local dealers near you.


  • With an efficient dust collection system
  • Gives precision and clean cuts all the time
  • With a 3-year limited warranty for repairs and parts replacement.


  • Very heavy to take to the worksite
  • No extra blades

The Final Cut

When it comes to a miter saw with great features for making precision cuts, the Festool miter saw is considered the best power tool. Not only does the Festool great in cutting all types of material but it can also create a variety of angles. It has a durable motor, tough design and usability features that you won’t find from any other power saw. The Festool miter saw could be a good addition to your power tool collection at home or at the worksite.