Hitachi Miter Saw Vs Ryobi Miter Saw

Comparison Review: Hitachi Miter Saw vs. Ryobi Miter Saw



In general, a miter saw is a type of woodworking tool that is used in making accurate miters and crosscuts. This is done by pulling a large mounted circular saw blade or backsaw blade onto a board in a speedy motion. Just like abrasive cut off saws, a miter saw is often referred to as a chop saw. As these miter saws are dedicated to cutting cross cuts, they cannot produce long rip cuts.

In the power tools industry, there are a lot of brands offering their own miter saw models. Two of them are Hitachi and Ryobi. Are you planning to purchase one for your needs? Let us compare these two brands and make a wise decision in the end.

Hitachi Miter Saw vs. Ryobi Miter Saw

 Hitachi Miter SawRyobi Miter Saw
Year Founded19101943
PriceDepending on the modelDepending on the model
Types of Scroll SawSliding Compound Miter Saw; Single Bevel Compound Miter SawCompound Miter Saw; with Laser Line

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a miter saw for your personal working projects, take note of the following factors in consideration:

Clear scale marks

Bevel and miter scales need to be aligned properly and easy to read for cutting accuracy. The most precise scales usually come with a scale marked in fractions of a degree or a digital display.

Reliable fence support

The fence should be adjustable enough and offer extra support when working on the large stock. Experts recommend fences that are at least 4-inches in height, and squarely perpendicular to the table.

Solid angle presets

Choose a saw that comes with a solid miter lock, as it is effective in holding the saw right in place; at least five-meter detents, as well as a detent override, allowing you to choose custom angles.

Safe blade guard

The blade guard needs to protect you against the spinning blade while the blade is in its full range of motion. Still, you need to be able to lift it out of the way manually as required in order to get a better view of the task or to keep it from disturbing the cut.

How do we compare Hitachi miter Saw vs Ryobi Miter Saw?


In terms of quality, the Hitachi miter saw offers intense power, making it ideal for the toughest cutting jobs. For instance, the C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw comes with 15 amp motor, and a 0-52 degree miter angle range, to the left and right for increased flexibility. It is also known for portability and maneuverability.

On the other hand, the Ryobi miter saw usually include laser in its features. For example, the Ryobi TSS102L miter saw features nine positive miter stops with detent action and ball for precision cuts. This saw comes with an EXACTLINETM laser, offering a guideline for a good cutting task.


The actual price of a miter saw depends on the model and the features that are included. However, generally, Ryobi miter saws are more affordable compared to Hitachi miter saws, even though the price difference is not that huge.

Additional Features

Aside from the usual features of these different miter saws, these models come with additional features that make them stand out from the rest. For example, Ryobi miter saws come with an electric brake that stops the blade in just a few seconds. Hitachi miter saws, on the other hand, comes with thumb actuated positive stops, which makes it possible for fast miter adjustments.

Hitachi Miter Saw

A Hitachi miter saw is ideal for woodworkers, serious enthusiasts, or DIY fanatics who are interested in seeing intense power to complete even the toughest cutting jobs. It is also quite easy to use as it comes with a horizontal handle with soft vibration, adding control and comfort.

Main Features

  • Intense power for tough cutting jobs
  • Horizontal handle
  • 0-52 degree miter angle range
  • 0-45 degree bevel range
  • Large extended flip fence
  • Large table
  • Thumb actuated positive stops


What is included in the box?

Hitachi compound miter saw, extended fence, 10-inch 24-tooth TCT saw blade, vise assembly, dust bag, box wrench.

What is the highest lumber size that can me ‘mitered’ at a 45-degrees angle?

You can work up to 6 inches in width.

Does this model come with a detent override?

Yes it does. You can notice a plastic knob sticking out on the front. This is used in tightening at specific angles.


  • Quick miter adjustments (using thumb actuated positive stops)
  • Better material support using a large table
  • Large extended flip fence
  • Comfort and control using the horizontal handle
  • Adjustable bevel stops


  • Does not come with laser

Ryobi Miter Saw

The main difference between the model from Hitachi and Ryobi is that the latter comes with a laser line. Therefore, if you prefer a model of the miter saw that has a laser for easier cutting, you can choose this model from Ryobi.

Main Features

  • Electric brake
  • Dual view bevel scale
  • Integrated laser
  • Heavy-duty motor up to 5,000 RPM
  • Horizontal D-handle


Can this miter saw bevel cuts?

Yes, it can.

What is the material used for its base?

The base of this miter saw is made of metal.

Is this model capable of cutting angles?

Yes, it is designed to cut through angles with efficiency and accuracy.


  • Comfortable handle
  • A clear line of sight (dual-view bevel scale)
  • Electric brake stops the blade in seconds
  • Enhanced cutting accuracy
  • Heavy duty motor


  • Laser guide is quite dim

The Final Cut

In the battle between Hitachi and Ryobi, there is no clear single winner. After all, the model that fits your needs depends on the actual purpose of use. While each brand comes with their own set of features, advantages, and disadvantages, determining which model to choose lies in you. In order to pinpoint which model is fit for your needs, it is recommended to list down the features that you want to see in a miter saw, and start comparing from there. For example, one point of comparison is the use of laser in cutting. If you prefer to see the laser feature for enhanced cutting accuracy, then the Ryobi miter saw is a better option for you.