Milwaukee Miter Saw Vs Bosch Miter Saw

Comparison Review: Milwaukee Miter Saw vs Bosch Miter Saw



Of all the equipment and tools you have in your workshop, one of the few that you stand to get the most out of is your miter saw. There are few tools that are better workhorses than this, and if you invest in the right one, you should be able to do plenty of jobs of varying types for many years.

Two of the most popular brands of miter saws are Bosch and Milwaukee. They have been competitors for a long time and continue to put out numerous tools year after year. Let us see what they have in store as far as miter saws are concerned.

Milwaukee Miter Saw vs. Bosch Miter Saw

 Bosch Miter SawMilwaukee Miter Saw
Year founded18861924
Miter SawsYes (3)Yes (4)
Miter saw kitsNoYes (2)
Single bevelYesNo
Dual bevelYesYes

What to Look for in Miter Saws – Buying Guide

Carbon brushes

Some miter saw motors have carbon brushes. They are called brushed tools. Some models, called brushless tools, do not have these and are considered to be a lot more efficient than brushed ones. Naturally, though, they are also generally more expensive.


You can find corded and cordless miter saws, and your choice between the two should depend on what you will be using the saw for. If you work in a lot of remote areas and with difficult workpieces, you may want to go for cordless models. However, corded ones are still considered more stable and reliable in terms of power. If you are a full-time contractor, for example, and have the funds, why not get both?


The next thing to think about after deciding on getting cordless miter saws is the battery platform. You can mainly classify these into their voltages. Professional-grade miter saws typically have 24V and 36V motors. 12V and 18V are very common, and you can find some 14.4V ones every now and then.


Miter saw motors are commonly grouped by amperage. Most miter saws have 10 or 15 amp motors. Sometimes, these motors are also classified by whether they are belt- or direct-driven.


If you work with a lot of different materials and on various projects, you will almost certainly need to buy different kinds of blades and replace the blade on your miter saw. So, it is important that you find models with features that allow for easy blade changes.

Laser guide

You can increase the precision of your cuts by going for a good miter saw with a laser guide system. This feature is often still considered a luxury, but we imagine it should become the norm in the near future.

Dust collector

Dust can be a serious problem in the workshop. If they get to the inner parts of your miter saw (and other tools for that matter), the saw will become increasingly vulnerable to wear and tear, so the lifespan will be affected.

Safety features

Miter saws are dangerous by nature, so pay attention to the safety measures that manufacturers put in place. Common safety features include electric brakes and fence guards.

How do we compare Bosch Miter Saw with the Milwaukee Miter Saw?

Brand recall

Founded in the late 1880s, Bosch is older than Milwaukee by several decades. However, today, they are more or less equally known among power tool users. More importantly, the ages of these companies indicate that they have earned the trust of several generations. This says a lot about the quality of their products.


Another important parameter we looked at was variety. Miter saws are versatile and can handle anything from general cutting jobs to more intricate projects, but it still helps to have many options to choose from when shopping for a miter saw. Milwaukee wins here in terms of a number of models available, but we think Bosch should get the credit for variety in saw types and features.


Bosch and Milwaukee miter saws are not too different in terms of price. Their respective price ranges vary by only about $100, and that includes the kits as well. In comparison with miter saws from other brands, those by Milwaukee and Bosch are on the expensive end, and we think that is well justified, considering the track record of these manufacturers.

Customer opinion

For us, consumer reviews are a trustworthy indicator of the quality of a company’s products. In this regard, we have to give it to Bosch again but merely because they have more reviews. It does not necessarily mean that Milwaukee miter saws are negatively seen by customers.

Bosch Miter Saws

On e-commerce site Amazon, you can choose among 3 miter saws from Bosch. The models GCM12SD and CM10GD are dual-bevel axial-glide miter saws, and CM8S is a single-bevel sliding compound miter saw.

These saws run on Bosch’s so-called axial-glide technology, which is patented by the company. They all run on 120 V and come with power cords measuring 6 feet long each. The CM8S, GCM12SD, and CM10GD models have blades measuring 8, 10, and 12 inches, respectively.

We like the variety of Bosch’s miter saws because it really goes to show that the manufacturer wants to reach as many power tool users as possible. A single miter saw can have many applications, but variety is still important because there are projects that do require special features and different users have different preferences.

Main Features

  • Bosch axial-glide technology (patented)
  • Compact miter saw the option
  • Form-fitting ambidextrous handle
  • Dust collection chute with vacuum adapter
  • Quick-release fence
  • Adjustable front stabilizing foot
  • Integrated expanding base extensions
  • Miter detent override


How much do Bosch miter saws cost?

  • Their miter saws are priced between $400 to a bit less than $700.

What kinds of miter saws does Bosch have available?

  • Bosch’s miter saws come in regular and compact, sliding and non-sliding, single- and dual-bevel models.


  • Many positive reviews
  • Varied saw features
  • Compact model available


  • Expensive

Milwaukee Miter Saws

On Amazon, there are presently 4 Milwaukee miter saws and 2 miter saw kits. The individual saws are models 6955-20, 2734-21HD, 2733-20, and 2734-21. The saw kits contain models 2734-21HDP and 2733-21. Save for 6955-20, which is a dual-bevel sliding miter saw, all models are dual-bevel sliding compound miter saws.

Milwaukee has more models available, but the differences between these are not that considerable. Even the prices do not differ a lot. What we do like is that they have miter saw kits. This is good news to tool users who prefer to just buy related tools in one go or are looking for something suitable for general cutting work.

The reviews that these models have garnered so far are not bad either. They are not as numerous as those for the Bosch miter saws, but we are seeing a lot of positive comments.

Main Features

  • Long run time
  • Fast charging
  • Digital readout of the miter angle
  • Added cutting width for sliding model
  • Integral dust channel
  • Lights illuminating both blade sides
  • Adjustable stainless steel detent plate


How much are Milwaukee miter saws?

  • Their miter saws and saw kits will set you back by under $400 to $600 and between $400 and $650, respectively.

What is included in their miter saw kits?

  • The miter saw kit containing the model 2733-21 has a multi-voltage charger (M18 and M12), a 5.0 Ah battery with extended capacity, a blade wrench, a clamp, a blade with carbide tip, and a dust bag. The kit with the model 2734-21HDP comes with 2 batteries (9.0 Ah lithium-ion), an anti-tip support bar, a blade wrench, handles, a material clamp, a dual-voltage rapid charger (M18 and M12), and a saw blade.


  • Good reviews
  • Plenty of models available
  • Sells kits


  • Less known than Bosch miter saws

The Final Cut

We are choosing the Bosch miter saws over the Milwaukee ones for now, and we recommend these Bosch products to anyone willing to invest in good and “safe” miter saw models.

Bosch’s miter saws come in full-size and compact models and can be sliding or non-sliding and dual- or single-bevel. You should not have a hard time choosing one that suits that current project you are working on.

Furthermore, these are backed by hundreds of predominantly positive customer reviews, so we think they are definitely safe to try out if you have the funds.